Can we rely on referees and linesmen, or is it time for a video referee in the stand?

‘Little’ things this past season, such as a horrendous referee decision, could have cost Newcastle United the title, or even promotion.

Just like the abomination that is Trelford Mills all those years ago (12 January 1983 – FA Cup 3rd round replay v Brighton at St James Park), this past season we have had…

The bewildering Matt Richie ‘disallowed penalty’.

The ‘Keith Stroud’ incompetence incident v Burton at St James Park.

What about the idiot who was ref against Forest away?

Or the extra six minutes added at the end of the Leeds game?

Those are just four examples of decisions made against Newcastle United that were so so bad just this season.

These are just obvious instances that spring to mind in recent months, not to mention the numerous other incidents, not only this season but countless others in previous seasons.

Man Ure got away with so much down the years and there are many other examples of similar favouritism.

So, the traditionalists will say no to a video referee no doubt but what is the excuse?

I argue there aren’t any. What if we had missed out on promotion on the back of one of these stupid decisions?

There is far too much resting on decisions, too much cash resting on what the referee decides.

A wrong, or right, decision can totally change the outlook for a club, potentially for years and years to come.

Promotion to, or staying in, the Premier League, being two obvious examples.

Even if a game is delayed, so what?

Howay ladies and gentlemen, tell me what you think.

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  • Darren Wilkinson

    we earned our promotion,it wasn’t given too us unlike Brighton who seemed to get everything apart from the title which they bottled.All we need know is for TFC to do one, get a proper backer in and let Rafa get on with re-building our club.

  • Waxi

    It used to bug me as the season went on that the press, pundits and other fans were knocking us saying we should have walked the division. We would have walked it by a mile if you look at the refs naff decisions we had to put up with during the season. both Middlesbrough and the great unwashed are welcome to the EFL pool of inept referees next season. Mind you next year clowns like Kevin Friend who is only a friend if you are a top six team will be refereeing our games for gods sake.

  • Kneebotherm8

    The traditionalists are against any form of technology to help refs. Just look at goal line technology,it’s actually speeded the game up with not a single decision being questioned by players during a game. It’s time offside technology was brought in too,because there’s a lot of incorrect calls being made by linesmen who only get one look at situations and invariably get it wrong. We all want the correct decision made at the end of the day. Man U were the biggest exponents of pressurising officials into making decisions in their favour so let’s just get the the decisions inarguably correct with the help of any technology that’s available.

  • Scottpaige

    I’d point to the penalty call given to Luton Town in playoff second leg against Blackpool. Ref conned into giving it. Could have put Luton on way to Wembley

  • Paul Busby

    I’ve recently been working at UEFA… its on its way gents :)

    • Rich Lawson

      Ladies on this site as well !

      • Paul Busby

        Haha, fair enough… editted