The average attendances of European clubs this season sees two countries dominate.

The top 30 best supported clubs include 11 German sides and eight from England.

The other 11 spots are divided between:  Spain (3), Holland (2), France (1), Portugal (2), Scotland (2) and Italy (1).

Borussia Dortmund are at the very top with a cracking home average of 79,653 for home league matches, with Barcelona in second (77,944).

However, with 51,106, Newcastle United are easily the best supported second tier club in any country.

Only 14 clubs in the whole of Europe attracted more supporters per game, all the more noteworthy due to Newcastle playing far more home matches (23) in the English second tier, than the likes of Germany (17) and Spain (19).

2016/17 top European average attendances as compiled by Talksport:

79,653 Borussia Dortmund

77,944 Barcelona

75,289 Manchester United

75,000 Bayern Munich

69,170 Real Madrid

60,703 Schalke

59,956 Arsenal

56,970 West Ham

55,994 Benfica

55,882 Celtic

54,018 Manchester City

53,039 Liverpool

52,341 Hamburg

51,494 Borussia Moenchengladbach

51,106 Newcastle United

50,515 Stuttgart

50,267 Hertha Berlin

49,571 Cologne

49,551 Ajax

49,088 Eintracht Frankfurt

48,573 Rangers

47,500 Feyenoord

47,172  Inter

45,317 PSG

44,719 Atletico Madrid

42,772 Sporting Lisbon

41,454 Leipzig

41,507 Chelsea

41,286 Sunderland

40,881 Werder Bremen

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    And that`s where we`ll stay as the Fat [email protected]@ka along with the bent council are going to build in the only area that Newcastle can extend the ground, it seems our council are as greedy as the Pie Man

    • Mrkgw

      Quite. And because of that terrible sell off by the club, in order to compete with the new era of stadium we ,would need to move elsewhere and rebuild. I can still see a relocation from St James and onto the town moor ATM some point in the future.

      • Davey drape

        agree totally

  • Andy Mac

    There’s average attendances and then there’s average ST’s sold. Two different things arent they Arsene ?

  • NUFCDan

    mackems at over 41k – that must include all the seasons ticket holders that never turn up and all the free tickets they give away (which people don’t turn up for) as stadium look half empty most the time.

    • Toon fan

      7/8ths empty by half time

      • Tony Mann

        8/8ths empty on the pitch – from kick off !!!

  • wheyayeman

    Sadly we can’t really better this attendance. Appreciate​ it comes up for discussion regularly but sadly it seems to have now a closed, end of, finality about it with fatso selling the last hopes of a Gallowgate renewal to student digs for rich kids. Our Stadium is fantastic I just wish we could have added the full wrap around height at the Gallowgate to add another 6-8 thousand seats. With a carefully thought through transformation of the older Millburn, or a digging down maybe we can add something to what’s there but I doubt it’s worth doing as it’d take so long to make the money back. Maybe some fans here have some ideas as to how the present stadium could be increased. I doubt anything can happen on that front any more but it’s fun to speculate with some insight as to what is possible. What is true though is the incredible loyalty of our fans. If we ever get a team on the field which matches it we will light up the league and the trophy drought will be over. HWTL!

  • Sing in the Leazes

    I wonder what the capacity would be if we had significant portions of the ground given over to standing?

    Instead of spending £100,000,000 on growing the stadium 50 yds down Gallowgate hill and enhancing the existing stands so people can sit even further away from the action, or £400,000,000 taking SJP down altogether and ripping up half of the Town Moor… why not just remove 20,000 seats (hey, you could even sell ’em) and let 40,000 people stand? You’d be in profit immediately.
    One little piece of outdated legislation is all that needs to change. And you know how much fat Mike, the PL administration and the current government all love profit so why wouldn’t they?
    We could be seeing gates of 70K by Christmas!