Below I have shown the average attendances at Newcastle United this season, compared to the average crowds in Spain, France and Italy’s top divisions.

Newcastle United (Rafa Benitez!) have attracted a remarkable 51,108 on average every week this season.

Plus, remember there are far more games in the Championship than in these leagues on the continent, so Newcastle’s average is over 23 home matches, whilst in Ligue 1, Serie A and La Liga, they have only 19 home games to attend.

So here are the top four average attendances from each of La Liga, Serie A and Ligue 1, compared to Newcastle United’s in 2016/17 (figures taken from

78,111 Barcelona

69,321 Real Madrid

51,108 Newcastle United

47,463 Inter Milan

45,306 PSG

44,297 Atletico Madrid

40,252 AC Milan

39,499 Juventus

39,049 Marseille

38,565 Lyon

35,888 Napoli

33,172 Valencia

29,548 Lille

It is a remarkable achievement that Newcastle United have had bigger crowds in the English second tier, than every club in Italy – including Inter and AC, every club in France – including PSG and Marseille, plus every club in Spain with the obvious exceptions of Barca and Real Madrid.

Newcastle fans should be proud of this and be aware that football fans in Europe are very aware of our club and its incredible support, as well as the potential it has of competing at the top.

It is just a desperate shame that despite filling St James Park in the Championship, Mike Ashley is determined to press ahead with his development of student flats, hotels and offices on land (the lease on which was part of what he bought when purchasing Newcastle United) opposite the Gallowgate End, which will only benefit him financially and means no realistic chance of ever expanding St James Park in the future.

The potential of our club is there for anybody to see and in Rafa Benitez we have somebody who could just, if he gets the right backing, fulfil some of that potential.

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  • Leazes Ender

    ….astonishing that the owner positions the club for a tenth place finish…..

  • NUFC9

    Interesting and impressive but also selective. The top 6 or 8 teams in the Bundesliga all have averages around 50K or above. Dortmund. Bayern, Schalke, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Moenchengladbach, Hertha Berlin, Koln.

    • 1957

      A piece of meaningless research unless you look at where we stand against all leagues. Your right about the Bundesliga it is well attended, did Dortmund not exceeded 80k this year, Benfica’s average in Portugal was about 56k I think and Celtic were somewhere near that mark.

      The other thing to think about in Sam’s stats, Madrid and Milan have each have two major clubs

  • Ash

    I was previously told we couldn’t develop St James Gallowgate End or East Stand due to the Metro tunnels and Grade 2 listed building respectively?

  • Gallowgate1982

    The German teams are well supported and as we have similar earnings as people to the average wage for a German it is even more remarkable considering the cost of a season ticket in Germany is way below what we pay here…..this means that Newcastle’s attendance is comparable or even better based on if the fans had to pay as much in Germany they would not continue to attend at the levels we do. Add to that if they played second tier football they would also lose significant amounts of support so again Toon is comparible if not better than Germans

  • Leazes Ender

    Well said Sam…..That is why the owner of the club should be from Newcastle… this guy doesn’t have the City at heart as well as the club….. The Halls never did have the Club at heart and I don’t think that Shepherd would have allowed competitors top steal a march on us by boxing the club in with a development.

    This City is to football what Cardiff is to Rugby and should have a fully built stadium to recognise that fact.

    If we as Tyneside taxpayers can help pay for the new £15 billion London Crossrail link, the London Stadium and the Channel tunnel, why can’t we have some money back to pay for our civic amenities here?