Who was your player of the season?

The case for Dwight Gayle.

How important was the striker last season?

Everyone knows his goals were the best in the division for goals per minute (one every 93) on the pitch and if it was not for injury, he would have been added to his 23 goals and been top scorer in the Championship.

I did some statistical analysis on how many games Newcastle gained points from on the back of his goals. I acknowledge there would be different ways to calculate this but I kept it simple.

Newcastle gained 36 points because of Gayle’s goals last season, 17 more than Ritchie’s goals, using the same analysis. Ritchie assisting in 7 Newcastle goals to Gayle’s 2.

Matt Ritchie appears to have won most Newcastle fans’ player of the season quite resoundingly, his contribution was awesome, but I get the impression Gayle’s contribution has been lost a bit since he spent a lot of  the second half of the season injured?

Without these two lads we would not be promoted, as simple as that.

Should Gayle have received more plaudits for his outstanding contribution?

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  • Rich Lawson

    Ritchie was there for almost the whole season and seemed to be able to up his game when required,be interested to know how many Gayle goals came from his assists ? Gayle has been great in this division and maybe deserves a chance in the prem’ but I do think he might just be one to let go now and bring in a stronger option if we can ?

    • NUFCDan

      I can’t think of many stronger options we could realistically buy – we’re not exactly going to go out and buy Lukaku or Sanchez are we? His goal record is pretty good at Palace despite being played out of position on the wing a lot of the time. He deserves a shot in the PL.

      • Rich Lawson

        He does,but I worry about his fitness and would love him go up a level with us and prove me wrong.Look at that post about Abraham tho ?

      • Alex

        Wayne Rooney.

        And before many scoff at this, reflect on Shearer.

        Both his Man Ure and England career now seem to be over. He’s still only 31. Roughly the same as Shearer when he decided to concentrate on club football.

        Personally, I think the demise of Rooney has been as much down to him moving into midfield as for any other reason. When he’s been up front occasionally, he’s usually deliver still.

        Getting 3 seasons out of Rooney would be a great move for him and Newcastle. I hope it’s given serious thought within SJP.

        • NUFCDan

          I’ve no doubt he could do a job for us still but his wage demand would be ridiculous. Anyway I’ve no doubt he’d rather take a mega mucks move to America or China then try and reprove himself in the PL at 31, especially no his international career is seemingly over.

          • Alex

            America maybe, but with a busy wife and family, it won’t be China.

            To be honest, his daft days are well behind him, he seems a bit of a home bird these days, and wages won’t be vital to him. Certainly, it won’t be cheap but I hope they explore this option. The amount recouped in image and other peripheral stuff would be significant.

        • Scottpaige

          Wages would be ridiculous.

          And no don’t want him

    • Damon Horner

      it’s the “if we can” that is the key part. I think he has deserved his shot but it would be naïve not to target some form of goalscoring insurance, be it a set piece specialist or otherwise.

      • Rich Lawson


  • Gary P.

    My player of the season was Ciaron Clarke.

  • nevfur

    It’s a tough choice, I think Clark also a candidate and all 3 were massive for us in different ways. I would pick Ritchie but it’s close. A fuller season and Gayle may well have scored 30+ and probably would have got the vote

  • Simon Ritter

    Shrek has stated today he will not move to another Premier League club unless that club is Everton. So a switch to SJP is about as likely now as it was when we were allegedly trying to buy him 12 or 13 years ago.

  • Down Under Mag

    Agree with those calling for Clark. He was by far our most influential player. Gayle would have romped it had he stayed fit and he definitely scored the goals needed to get us promoted, but Clark was a revelation in the back line and was a big factor in our miserly defence!