Is the Premier League as quality football-wise as people make out?

Or are we being sold a but of a dummy?

Now we all know about the riches and excitement (sometimes) that the English top-flight has on offer…but Newcastle United are already being branded potential relegation candidates by so-called experts/pundits

The same with the fans of other clubs, claiming that if Newcastle United do not invest heavily in Premier League class players, we could/should be doomed.

One video I was watching the other day, the ‘social club’ on youtube, was especially arrogant when it came to one or two on the show from the North-West.

For instance, the Everton fan reckons Newcastle must spend heavily to stay up and went on to say we have no chance of getting to Everton’s standard – I wonder how many times he has seen Newcastle play this season? The lad is entitled to his opinion I suppose, and he is right we do need new players, but as for being as good as Everton? Surely, we can be, especially if/when Lukaku buggers off.

To my point(s)….

Not to sound disrespectful or arrogant but let us take Swansea as a gauge. Looking at their squad, how many players would you want to sign from them? How many are what could be described as Premier League ‘class’?

Or what about Burnley, same question. In fact most of the teams from 8th to 17th. Yes 8th place, a whole seven points ahead of Swansea in 17th.

Seven points separates 10 clubs, so just how dynamic is this league really?

How much quality do you really need to get in the top 10?

Two more wins or so than the club that has just managed to avoid relegation?

Sky and the media overall, do a great job bigging-up the Premier League but isn’t it just two leagues in one? Even the likes of Hull, Boro and the Mackems had to play ever so badly to manage relegation.

When we were in that league before last season, some decent investment in the team with someone who knew what they were doing, would have been enough to keep us there. After all, we did it every year with a rubbish manager since 2010.

Ladies and gentlemen, I say we are being sold a dummy when it comes to what it takes to:

A – Survive in the Premier League and..

B – The quality needed to get in the top 10 (WBA quality?).

Rafa will sign good players and improve the playing staff but to fret about the ‘quality’ of teams in that league, belongs with the likes of Graeme ‘the expert’ Souness, squeaky-voiced Carragher or Jamie ‘I am on here because I am pretty, not because I really achieved anything’ Redknapp. Not to mention Jermaine Jenas, well ok I just have. Jeez!

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  • Rich Lawson

    Agree about Jenas,he offers nothing as a pundit ,(still waiting for him to pull a hamstring walking on camera),the guys on Final Score are much funnier and more insciteful.

  • Paul Patterson

    Great points.
    I’m in between on what we can do next season. It obviously depends on who we sign, but it’s imperative that we aim for 40 points as soon as possible, then plan from there.
    The reason why pundits say that promoted teams will struggle is simple, they SHOULD struggle, but that doesn’t mean that they will. Look at Leicester, who would’ve predicted their title win, or their subsequent relegation battle?
    There is quite a bit of dross in that league, as evident by how poor S********d, Boro and Hull have been (Bournemouth are 10th!!!).
    With a few good signings (Shawcross, Townsend, Cairney and Hart for me) we should be quietly confident of having a decent first season back in the Premier League without getting too far ahead of ourselves.

  • Leazes Ender

    Recipe for Survival in the Premiership

    A: There is one way to survive in the Premiership…. it was discovered long ago by clubs like Liverpool and Arsenal…. its called ambition…. having a purpose other than survival…. having a goal.

    B:They do this by keeping their good players and getting shot of the poorer ones.

    Mike Ashley is just pretending he doesn’t know this and is in the process of learning each and every year he has been here…. he started as a novice in football club ownership, and sometime he may tell the world he had grasped the points ‘A’ and ‘B’…..

    Some media writers and pundits such as Ryder and Ed Harrison are at odds with this notion and think Ashleys process of learning his trade is ongoing or in transition. There is a name for these writers….


    • Toon fan

      Ed Harrison? haha,

    • Wor Monga

      Pure rubbish, and just another lame attempt by you to get your usual digs in at people who have upset you in the past, and name calling…

      …Ambition is not the be all and end all, and without limitless funds to back them up the ambitions always end up back in failure (where are Leicester now)…we had ‘ambitions’ of our own 20 odd years ago when it was possible to buy players more competitively with the top clubs, but then when the Russian billionaires bought in and then the Arabs the level playing field changed, and they all but sealed off the big money coming in from the PL and CL and it will stay that way now for clubs like us for the foreseeable future…

      …however the top 10 is still wide open, and we can crack that level in the short term with Rafa in charge, and then possibly make further attempts in Europe…

      …Rafa is an ambitious manager, and he’s being backed…so why not just come down from your soapbox, and stop chuntering rubbish about ambitions!!!

      • MichaelMaximusMoose

        without ambition what is the point of it all ???????????
        Rafa may be ambitious, Fatso isn`t

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Fatso`s favourite numbers are 10 & 3.
    10th in the league and out of the Cups in the 3rd round

    • Toon fan

      10th is more than doable. But that isn’t a massive achievement. Top 7 would be

  • SH.ER

    as i said before I would be very very very happy with 15th & a long run in one of the cups for our first season after promotion

  • Andy Mac

    Sooner or later and I’m hopeful it’ll be the former, the world will realise that the PL isnt the best league in the world any more. With the obscene amount of money available to clubs for just hanging in there every season its no wonder teams like West Brom, Stoke, West Ham and Watford are more concerned about getting to 40 points than making a bid for the top.

    Last Sunday’s Bundesliga showed that other leagues can deliver goals, quality players and entertainment so maybe the parasite Scudamore should be looking towards the money pile and get clubs to do more for their “hard earned” dosh every season ?

  • Tony Mann

    Is the premier league quality? Err… no. It’s rich that’s all – bigged up by Sky who basically pay for the damned thing. Would I be happy with survival ? Err…no. I’ve spent too many weekends in a dark depression after we have been tw*tted by four, five or even six goals. Why do we even have to look back down to the championship – it was an unpleasant but deserved reminder of what happens when we’re mis-managed and don’t have a team who pull together. We’ve been promoted and it is our right to enjoy it and expect a modicum of success for next season. We now have a premier class manager who will sign players with a pedigree of achievement and not the scum who just turn up for their massive paycheques. Bring it on – If Leicester can do it, why can’t we?

    • Andy Mac

      Agreed what turned Leicester around was not a new manager but the introduction of an under the radar “wold class” player plus some creativity in Mahrez and solidity at the back in Huth.

      • Sing in the Leazes




        Team Spirit

        last but not least… the Element of Surprise!

        5 ingredients. We already have the last 3.

        Down to Rafa to find us a couple of cheap worldies and we can finish in the top 8, possibly higher.

  • 1957

    The quality in depth argument about the PL clubs is a myth, just as is the notion that the Championship is anything other than a league with predominantly poor teams.

    From what I’ve seen on tv this year the top two are streets ahead of the rest of the PL in terms of playing style and organisation, they are followed by 4 teams who have a couple of stand out players each, after that it much of a muchness

  • HarryHype59

    The performance of English teams in the champions league over the past few years, proves that having more money is no measure of quality.