Newcastle are making a ‘shock move’ for Andy Carroll according to media reports in recent days.

Rafa Benitez sees the West Ham striker as ideal to give his team that extra quality as they return to the Premier League…or so the story goes.

The reality is of course, that the only ‘shock’ thing about this story, is that it would be a massive shock if Newcastle weren’t linked with Andy Carroll.

In pretty much every transfer window since he flew away from Tyneside six and a half years ago, there have been media exclusives that the striker is on his way back to St James Park.

The truth of course is that there must be zero interest for Rafa in signing the former Newcastle striker.

A quick look at his stats will tell you that, with the usual refrain being ‘if only he could stay fit…’.

Bottom line is that in six and a half seasons after Newcastle sold him for £35m, Andy Carroll has only scored 36 Premier League goals – in his final 15 months at NUFC he scored 28 league goals (Championship & Premier League).

To get those 36 goals, Carroll has only managed to start exactly 100 league matches, with another 42 appearances off the bench.

So Carroll’s post-Newcastle career sees him averaging around 15 league starts per season and a shade under six goals each year.

This season he once again has flattered to deceive, scoring some very good PL goals and managing seven in 15 starts (plus three off the bench) but injuries are once again making him into a liability overall.

To sum it up, Andy Carroll is once again out injured as this current season comes to an end (he has two years left on his contract after signing a six year deal in 2013).

Just have a look at this injury record (dates are when first out with that particular injury) in just the last three years.

So just as it is a foregone conclusion that we will be linked with Andy Carroll this summer, you can take it just as much for granted that we won’t be seeing him back in a Newcastle shirt.

Andy Carroll’s injuries in past three years:

Groin Strain (April 2017)

Groin Strain (February 2017)

Groin/Pelvis Injury (January 2017)

Neck Injury (January 2017)

Knee Injury (August 2017)

Groin Strain (February 2016)

Hamstring (January 2016)

Thigh Muscle Strain (December 2015)

Ankle/Foot Injury (September 2015)

MCL Knee Ligament Injury (February 2015)

Knee Injury (January 2015)

Ankle Ligaments (July 2014)

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  • rob taplin

    I can’t think of a player that has left a club with a hero status and then come back and carried on where they left off. Just leave it and move on.

    • Jezza

      Two words: Peter Beardsley.

      • Whickhamrobbie

        another two kevin keegan
        or sami amiobi ?
        Seriously when fully fit he is unplayable but sadly most of the time he is just unplayable through injury

        • Scott wood


      • Wor Lad

        He was no hero when he ditched us for Liverpool.
        I can only surmise you were to young in 1987 to understand what us diehards think of him.

        • Jezza

          No you are wrong. I am not too young to remember. In fact that was the period when I never missed a match home or away even though I was living up in Edinburgh at the time. I am well aware of the controversy surrounding Beardsley’s departure, probably more aware than most Newcastle fans. I will never forget Beardsley missing the final few games of a relegation battle with a supposed hamstring injury only to run rings round the Brazil national team for England three days after the season ended.

          • Leicester Mag

            Point is we had zero ambition at that time Beardsley merely followed Waddle out the door as did Gazza later. Makes you weep to think what could have been with all three playing together.

          • Jezza

            You’ve got a point. Think of the way Gazza played for us in the 87/88 season and imagine Waddle and Beardsley in the same team. The mind boggles at the thought of what we could have achieved.

        • paul mclaughlan

          Surely you mean “thought of him”? He was welcomed back with open arms when he resigned back in 93. I know not one person who still held a grudge when he came home.

          • Wor Lad

            Apologies I should of typed still before think.

  • Jezza

    There was a time when I would have welcomed him back with open arms. The thing is that it has become apparent he has never been the same player since he left Newcastle and injuries have probably been a big part of that. I was surprised to find out he’d just scored the 50th Premiership goal of his career. I am absolutely stunned that a striker of his ability had to wait till the age of 27 to reach such a landmark. I haven’t looked at any statistics but I’m sure Alan Shearer must have clocked up 50 top flight goals by the age of 20 or 21. Bringing back Andy Carroll would be a nice idea in theory but I’m not sure how well it would work out in practice.

    • Toonrobbybobson

      Nice way to look at it.

      Even Shola got 43 Prem goals for us!

      • Alex

        But, those goals were spread over about 176 seasons!

    • Scottpaige

      On his day class. But them days are very very rare.

  • Gallowgate1982

    We need to sign players who do not have bad injury records and can be relied upon to play at least 30 premier league games as we will not be able to buy strength in depth in 1 transfer window. Andy Carroll lives in bars and nightclubs and doesn’t look after himself and that is why his body cannot take the strain..he is no good to us at all and would be a waste of 20 million plus wages.

    • Geordie-7676

      more like 8 million!

  • Paul Patterson

    Won’t happen..

  • 1957

    The shock isn’t being linked with him, that happens every transfer window, it would be if we signed him. Firstly is him the right player for Benitez tactical system and more importantly surely the club have learnt their lesson signing players with injury problems over the last few years. I’m pretty sure little Michael had a better record than Carroll before we signed him.

  • Peter Robson

    I think the biggest shock is the fact that this story has surfaced so early after the end of (our) season !!!

  • DubaiExpat

    Not happening – next.

  • MadMag83

    I’d have him back if A- the price is low. And B- he isn’t the only striker we sign. He would be a good option to have when fit but with his and Gayle’s injury record we would need another prolific striker on the books.

  • Worjackie

    This story goes around every season r yous not sick ov it yet

  • Porciestreet

    The only shock in this is that it’s re-hashed yet again. He’s the only player in the Prem that has his own treatment table,

  • Tino11

    I’d have him back but only on a ‘Pay as you play’ basis, I wouldn’t mind if it was fairly lucrative as it might give him the motivation to look after himself more.

  • Albert Stubbins

    makes Siem De Jong seem like superman!! no thanks

  • Mike

    knackered no thanks we robbed liverpool ha ha