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Newcastle United and the Rafalution – Is it possible whilst Mike Ashley is still in charge?

4 years ago

‘When does the Rafalution start ?’ Is a question which has been asked on The Mag.

Arguably it is only a media-coined phrase which relates to Rafa’s influence on the fortunes of Newcastle United Football Club. However, it has been jumped on and used a lot by Newcastle United fans for over a year.

Obviously ‘Rafalution’ is a play on words linking Rafa and Revolution and there seems to lie a problem with some due to the hideous influence of Mr. Ashley for the last decade.

Definition(s) of Revolution via the Oxford English Dictionary:

‘A forcible overthrow of a government or social order, in favour of a new system.’


‘A dramatic and wide-reaching change in conditions, attitudes, or operation.’

There appears to be a problem with a section of Newcastle fans thinking Rafa is not influencing anything at all whilst Ashley remains the owner of the club, therefore controlling the purse strings and business plan of NUFC. This can be genuinely argued; however, others think the sun shines out of Rafa’s backside.

One way to judge the ‘Rafa affect’ is to decide if Newcastle United is in a better place now than it was 18 months ago.

Back 18 months ago, we had not been relegated yet and of course we could have survived under McClaren (or Rafa, if we had gotten him earlier) – however unlikely that may seem.

We had a poor Premier League team but they were still a Premier League team.

We now have a Championship team and some would argue (Alan Shearer etc) that loads of money needs spent to make us a Premier League team.

So, if Rafa spends and recruits well before August’s kick off, will this mean Rafa has positively influenced NUFC officially – therefore putting us in a better place than before he came here?

Or even then will it depend on results?

It seems like a no-brainer to me and thousands of others that think Rafa has already had a positive effect but it seems others do not…yet.

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