Friday morning saw Chris Coleman slating Paul Dummett.

The Welsh manager saying the Newcastle defender had got his agent to call and tell Coleman that the Geordie defender didn’t want to play for his country.

However, Newcastle United have released an official statement on Friday afternoon clarifying the true position.

The club stating Paul Dummett has NOT retired from international football and instead didn’t want to make himself available until he is fully fit.

Newcastle United Official Statement:

‘Paul Dummett has decided to withdraw himself from international duty with Wales to concentrate on his club career until he is back to full fitness.

The left-back won’t be involved in next month’s World Cup qualifier in Serbia, having missed Wales’ last game against Republic of Ireland in March due to injury – but has not retired from international football altogether.

Dummett played more minutes than anybody else as Newcastle lifted the Sky Bet Championship title last season but has appeared just once for his country since making his debut against the Netherlands in June 2014.

After a gruelling campaign with the Magpies, in which he played through the pain barrier on several occasions, 25-year-old Dummett is keen to recharge his batteries and spend time with his family and friends in order to ensure he is at peak form and fitness for his hometown team’s return to the Premier League and what promises to be a big campaign for both him and the club.

He has been supported in his decision by Newcastle boss Rafa Benítez.

However, Dummett – who has represented his country from youth level all the way to the senior team – has not closed the door on his international career and hopes to represent the Dragons again in the future.’

Chris Coleman:

“Paul Dummett doesn’t want to play international football, which is a disappointment from our point of view.

“But he has made that decision and we have to abide by that.

“We will get on with the squad of players, the squad who want to play and represent Wales.

“There’s nothing we can do with Paul who’s decided that international football is not the path he wants to go down.

“Sometimes you have to be patient, especially because the team we have at the moment has been hugely successful.

“It is a shame because he’s a good player.

“I haven’t spoken to Paul. His agent rang me up to give me the news.

“I was disappointed but if he doesn’t want to persevere with it then that’s his choice. We’ve got to look after the players who want to play for us”.

  • Paul Patterson

    Coleman obviously being a k**b.

  • Simon Ritter

    Perhaps a call from the player to Coleman rather than a call from Dummett’s agent would have avoided all this nonsense.

    • Steve Smith

      We can only speculate on the relationship they have. It may well be that they aren’t on best terms to begin with and that getting his agent to notify Coleman was seen as the least inflammatory way.

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    he may not have retired but he wont be selected again whilst Coleman is manager & as below, is Dummett incapable of phoning his Nation teams manager, i think not

    • Wor Lass

      These agenta have to do something for their money – you don`t have a dog and bark yourself, as I say to the missus when I order a cold beer during the match (that`s just before it hits my head!).

  • 1957

    I suspect Coleman hasn’t taken well to Dummett’s use of his agent to pass on the news. As a national team manager its not unreasonable to expect a phone call from the player.
    For me the club statement is b####cks, aimed at some damage limitation. The truth is written between the lines of the final paragraph, he hopes to represent the Dragons again in future…in other words when Coleman is gone.

    • Damon Horner

      You don’t know if he had reasons for going through his agent or even if there was any (or many) attempts to contact Coleman though?

      Unless you do of course…?

      Find it strange you immediately assume Coleman has acted proper and the club and Dummett are the ones lacking respect and just covering themselves,.

      • 1957

        I don’t know what Dummett gets up to and neither do you, or maybe you do…

        I will say in these days of mobile phones it’s not hard to get in touch with someone from anywhere in the world and if they don’t answer their phone, you could leave a message and ask them to ring back. Did Dummett do that, it seems not, its not mentioned in either press release. His agent though amazingly managed to get through to Coleman…if Dummett had tried the club statement would have surely said so.

        Coleman could have handled it differently, by not commenting, but it does seem that something was lost in translation between the agent and Coleman, there is a clear difference between international football not being the path he wants to go down and has not closed the door on his international career.

    • Jimblag23

      What do Newcastle have to gain? They’re supporting their player.

    • Paul Busby

      I don’t know why you would look for conspiracies when the information provided is entirely reasonable.

  • Jimblag23

    I back Dummet, if Coleman appreciated him he’d of at least rotated his squad in friendlies.
    It’s a long to travel to watch from the bench.

  • Mayor Vaughn

    International football is a waste of time, good on him. Newcastle should come first, second and third.

  • Cuh736

    If this is how NUFC will operate from now, i love it. Standing up for one of our own, class.

  • MadMag83

    Perhaps he hopes to establish himself as a Premier League player in order to move up the pecking order in the Welsh team.

    The England squad is pretty weak these days, he could probably get in it if he hadn’t chosen Wales.

  • Geordiegiants

    Can’t believe the comment’s giving Dummett a hard time. He is going to be our main left back in the prem, he is choosing club over country. By the sounds of things there is a personal difference of opinion between the 2 of them, that happens in life. Agents are part of football these days, they wipe their ass, pick their nose etc etc.

  • GeordieZebra

    Coleman is a clown and is out of order going public without the right info.

    Well done Newcastle, stick up for our own (regardless of views on his ability, that’s irrelevant).