Newcastle United have just confirmed in an official statement that Jamaal Lascelles will go under the knife tonight.

The injury to the United Captain was initially made public in a newspaper exclusive this morning (see below).

That claimed that the player needed a double hernia operation and had been playing in ‘agony’ for the past four months to help the team towards their promotion goal.

This official statement confirms that Lascelles should be ok  for next season and will be ready for pre-season training at the beginning of July.

Newcastle United Official Statement:

“Newcastle United can confirm that Jamaal Lascelles is set to undergo a groin operation on Tuesday evening that will see him ruled out of Sunday’s season-closer at home to Barnsley.

“The defender, who has captained United to Premier League promotion this term, missed Friday night’s victory away to Cardiff City in preparation for his operation and is now due to return for pre-season training at the start of July.”

The Mag – Earlier today (Tuesday 2 May 2017):

Tuesday morning brings an exclusive that says Jamaal Lascelles is to have immediate surgery to cure a longstanding problem.

The Newcastle Captain is reported to be having a double hernia operation today (Tuesday) and so will obviously miss the final game of the season.

Ahead of the Cardiff game, Rafa Benitez named (see below) Jamaal Lascelles as one of six players who were going to be missing.

The United boss saying that Lascelles was one of a number of players who had been playing with ‘little problems’.

In typical style, The Sun add into their report of the operation that Jamaal Lascelles has been playing in ‘agony’ for four months.

They claim Rafa Benitez had insisted on the injury being kept secret with only he and his medical staff being aware of it.

However, after playing in the 4-1 victory over Preston eight days ago, Jamaal Lascelles went to see a specialist who said that the player should have immediate surgery.

The report concludes that Rafa Benitez has been assured that if his Captain has surgery now, he should be ready for when the Premier League kicks off in August.

Grant Hanley was also one of those players said to have a ‘little problem’ when missing Cardiff and Chancel Mbemba & Ciaran Clark were given a rare opportunity to play together, keeping a clean sheet and doing pretty well. Sunday against Barnsley looks as if it will give their partnership another chance.

How much the injury has impacted on Jamaal Lascelles is impossible to say but certainly his second-half of the season has been far weaker than the opening half – though you could say that about most members of the team/squad.

Not the quickest player anyway, at times in the last couple of months Jamaal Lascelles has looked really limited in his mobility and so this hernia problem could certainly have been a big factor in that.

Like almost every other position in the team though, we wait to see what Rafa’s intentions/priorities are in the transfer market this summer.

Rafa Benitez – Thursday 27 April:

“In terms of injuries, we have some players who were playing with little problems – Lascelles, Ritchie, Hanley, Anita. Also, Gamez has a problem and Gayle is still not available.

“So with these players, we will try to fix their problems now because we have more time.

“They will not be in the squad (for Cardiff).

“If everything is fine, they will be ready as soon as possible, not for this game but maybe for the next game (final day v Barnsley).”

  • Wor Monga

    It’s a pity for the lad after the solid part he’s played as captain in our promotion campaign…but hopefully he’ll be wheeled in to lift the Championship Trophy, next Sunday, at SJP!!!

  • Paul Smith

    Maybe the people who have been constantly slagging him off will give the lad a break now they know that he’s been playing through the pain barrier for the last few months. Not suprising his form went away from him is it…

    He was flavour of the month at the end of last season and the 1st half of this season. Even got linked with a big money move to Chelsea. Everyone on forums like this one was getting VERY nervous we could lose him. Then his form dipped and apparently he was useless and not even good enough to be in our team in the Championship let alone move to a top 6 premier league team…

    • Damon Horner

      agreed. The fickle nature of the football experts among us. Fans have their views on him as a player but for me, he is a good enough player and he can get better too and for an inexperienced player to lead this particular team is impressive in itself and not easy. The very least the lad deserves is a break.

      • MichaelMaximusMoose

        the fans wouldnt be fickle if they weren`t lied to, it`s an ongoing habit at Nufc

        • Damon Horner

          “Lascelles has a big injury but we’re playing him anyway over Hanley/Mbemba”.

          I doubt that truth would have gone down well with fans. We should be backing our own a bit more unconditionally unless they’re pi$$ takers.

          • Soldier

            Rafa shouldnt have played the lad, end of

          • Damon Horner

            “End of”?. Does that mean you’re medically qualified and assessed him yourself?

            It depends how bad this injury was, not beyond The Sun to over dramatise it.

            Last point is our fanbase doesn’t react well to the truth. Just need to look at the Jan Transfer window for proof of that

          • Soldier

            go away stupid, you must be about 13

          • Damon Horner

            Alright mate, you must be right. I’m stupid for not doubting the judgement of the manager and clubs medical professionals when I have little fact.

  • Burt Humperdink

    Its odd but I noticed he seemed a bit off in his facial expressions at the end of games we had won he seemed a bit gutted. Makes sense that he was actually in pain.

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    He shoiuldn`t have played if injured, it`s a simple as that there`s to much of it going on & we had 2 perfectly fit replacements for him who when they have played haven`t let the team down
    you could tell he wasn`t right for 3 months, fans thought his form was gone but the club knew the real reason & to play him borders on sheer stupidity

  • Soldier

    A manger playing an injured player for nearly 3 months, disgusting

  • Cuh736

    Pardew did not play Gutierrez while he was ill, fans bickered. Rafa played Lascelles while he was ill, fans bickered. Bellamy was right about some of you

  • Cuh736

    Quite disgusting to see how a lot of you, and especially the writer chose to respond to news of the captain’s injury, and his sacrifice. You should go read up about hernia, get educated. Maybe then you’ll know how huge his sacrifice was.

    Also, world class manager picks Lascelles with a hernia over Mbemba and Hanley. Huge statement. Ponder on that

    • Soldier

      shake your head stupid, you think it`s wise to play an injured player, if so you are an idiot

      • Cuh736

        When that injured player is your best option, and feels he can carry on, then yes. It is wise. It has been done numerous times in football. NUMEROUS TIMES. Robben, Rooney, Messi, Ronaldo, Terry, cocu, Ronaldinho. Same in basketball, and many other sports

    • Damon Horner

      Little point mate in trying mate. If you don’t jump to negative conclusions when given little fact you get called childish stuff.

      Obviously a fickle fanbase has better judgement on the outside than Rafa, Lascelles and the medical team all on the inside.