Frank Acheampong is a transfer target according to media reports on Monday morning.

The Ghanaian winger is a is former teammate of Chancel Mbemba and Aleksandar Mitrovic at Anderlecht.

The 23 year old has scored six goals and got five assists in all competitions this past season, making 47 appearances in total.

With the Europa League in particular seeing him register three of those goals and three assists in 14 matches.

Belgian media outlet DHnet say that as well as Newcastle, Bournemouth and Watford are also interested in a player who when selected, is an international teammate of Christian Atsu.

Frank Acheampong turns 24 in October and has two years left on his Anderlecht deal and despite them winning the title which guarantees Champions League football, the player would be keen on a move.

Frank Acheampong:

“English clubs have made contact (with me) and the Premier League is my dream and my goal.

“But I can’t reveal the names of the teams that follow me.”

I must say that this is certainly one that I find hard to see any credibility in whatsoever, certainly in terms of why Newcastle would be interested.

This past season in the weak Belgian league, he has only managed three goals and two assists.

Anderlecht have already picked Newcastle’s pocket to the tune of £25m for two players who Rafa Benitez clearly doesn’t rate and Mitrovic & Mbemba were two of the stars of the Anderlecht team.

When you really look at Frank Acheampong’s career, the winger hasn’t even convinced Anderlecht that he should be a first team no-brainer.

His four seasons in Belgium as an Anderlecht player, have seen him start only 68 league matches, whilst he has sat on the bench 61 times.

The season just ended saw him start just 16 league matches and sit on the bench 13 times.

How there is any credibility in suggesting the player could step up to the Premier League is beyond me, no wonder Frank Acheampong says it is his dream to play here and he can’t name the clubs that allegedly want him!

  • Damon Horner

    Why have you even printed this article if you think it’s a non-story? there’ll be loads of transfer links.

    • Martin

      Click bait.

      • Damon Horner

        true, but they should use a better known player like recycling the Fernando Torres link!

        • Martin

          Fernando Torres will be tomorrow’s article.

          • Albert Stubbins

            or the “next” Fernando Torres.

  • Kneebotherm8

    Rafa, get on and sign the players we need and quickly please,I’m sick of this transfer window drivel from the media. Hopefully he’ll get them on board a helluva lot quicker than penfold & co,who normally keep us waiting till the the last seconds of the transfer window and,invariably, fail to sign anyone after hundreds have been linked.

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Fake News

  • Rich Lawson

    These journalists presumably have to produce something every day to get paid ? I’m a much more imanugitve liar than this and I could do with a few extra quid if your watching ?

  • 5floorshigh

    its been a few days since Andy Carrol got a mention !!!