With Sunderland relegated ahead of schedule, Newcastle fans have hung a banner up at the Stadium of Light.

The banner (see below) features Ant and Dec, along with the wording ‘Mackems Get Ready To Crumble’.

This initiative has been paid for by Darren Curry and his mates.

They are the Newcastle fans who also started fundraising for a plane banner to fly over the Stadium of Light but which has ended up turning into a real charity fundraiser.

Donations quickly went way past the £960 needed to do the plane banner idea and all money raised on top of that will go to charitable causes.

That total has now passed £4,300 and the surplus is to be divided between Frankie Sherwood, Hope Feeney and Bradley Lowery, three brave local kids who are all battling cancer.

Last month writing on The Mag, Darren Curry explained:

“There were 20 or 30 of us originally involved but thanks to social media it has gone a little bit crazy and after seeing the number of people donating, we then decided to make it so the banner will be voted for online with a few options.

Maybe celebrating our promotion or a fighting against Cancer themed one (‘Cancer has no colours’ etc), which I’ve agreed to talk to the parents of the children about nearer the time .

The final choice of ideas to vote on will be publicised in due course.

Without the banner we probably would have raised very little money but now we’ve collected so much, the banner seems almost irrelevant, but will still go ahead.


It’s a bit of fun without trouble and Sunderland fans as well as Boro supporters have donated – as I have a lot of my mates who work offshore.

A lot of people are seemingly against the idea of a banner but we are saying that without the banner there is no donation to the kids, as the banner was solely the reason people originally donated money.

We are having a laugh and also now the banner is long ago paid for, we are generating some cash that will help in some small way the three kids named above.

If any Newcastle fans did want to top up that amount for the kids, then the link is PayPal [email protected] and I can be mailed on this to arrange payment methods.”

You can also visit Darren’s Facebook page HERE, there you will find further details & the chance to vote on which banner to fly over the Stadium of Light AND how to donate.

(All contributions from Newcastle fans welcome, send articles (as well as ideas/suggestions) to [email protected])

  • Paul Patterson

    Purely Belter!

  • MadMag83

    “Let’s get ready to crumble..” would have been snappier

    • disqus_GFJ5SSXQ7o

      Surely would have made more sense, think the creators are a bit limited

  • toonterrier

    Those two are about as entertaining as the mackems.

  • disqus_GFJ5SSXQ7o

    Awful, who are these attention seekers? if you are going to do it, do it well.

  • Mrkgw

    Sorry but I just don’t see this as ‘quality’ or, even funny for that matter. Petty yes but funny, no. It just shows our supporters to be no better than their lot with the round of pathetic antics last season. Best thing that we could have done was to ignore and rise above it. The black and white shirt on the angel was good – this just makes me momentarily ashamed to be a Newcastle supporter.

    • Toon Wolf

      Stop being so sanctimonious. Why not have a bit of fun with a banner or whatever.

    • Albert Stubbins

      we’re not any better- human beings that are biased towards their own football team- shock horror!!

  • Whickhamrobbie

    what does Prutton think ?

    Are Villa even Bothered ?

    Surely its Dummetts fault ?

    Come on Mag we NEED to know .

  • Albert Stubbins

    SMB would have been better IMO.