It must be strange being a Middlesbrough fan.

Supporting a club that nobody else is the slightest bit bothered about.

Not many people have even really noticed they were in the Premier League this season, never mind the fact they finally slipped out of it last night.

Monday seeing a regulation 3-0 win for Chelsea, all but confirming their title win, just as it is all but mathematically certain that Middlesbrough will be one of the two very worst teams in this season’s top tier.

Their 36 matches have produced 26 goals and 28 points – the only purpose they have served is to take all six points off Sunderland.

When ignoring the matches against the Mackems, in the other 34 games Middlesbrough have registered only three wins all season and scored only 23 goals. In fact they have won less games overall than a quite dreadful Sunderland (six victories) and scored less goals – quite an achievement.

When it comes to the Middlesbrough fans, they have a hardcore, but it is a very small one.

Steve Gibson’s extravagant spending and recruiting the likes of Ravanelli, Emerson, and Juninho, brought in a a lot of people who just wanted to watch Premier League football back in the day.

Similarly, Middlesbrough have gone from a home average of 15,748 in 2013/14 and 19,562 in 2014/15.

To averaging 24,627 in their 2015/16 promotion season and now 30,574 in their one season Premier League stay.

A bit like the team and club overall, they will simply now melt away again.

The only good thing you can say about their existence is that in 26 Premier League matches, Middlesbrough have beaten Newcastle only three times.

There certainly won’t be many/any Newcastle supporters gutted that they won’t be able to make the unwelcoming trip to the Riverside next season.

With no natural rival, Middlesbrough fans have to latch on to Newcastle and Sunderland, or Leeds, if in the same division.

Many Boro supporters took great delight in swapping places with Newcastle 12 months ago, today hardly any Newcastle fans will give the reverse a second (or first) though – that says it all really.

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  • DZA

    They will always be north yorkshire to me, just head to York and boro is still classed as North Yorkshire on the maps there.

  • csh

    Can’t argue with any of this piece, however it’s hard not to feel some sympathy for Steve Gibson who in my opinion is one of the best chairmen in any league.

    • Paul Smith

      I hear that repeated a lot. But what exactly is it based on ? What is so special about his chairmanship ? They seem to have spent an awful lot of time outside of the prem.

  • Geordiegiants

    They are a North Yorkshire club, I would say Hull are their biggest rivals. I have to say as a kid going to ayresome park it was full of hatred towards us. The Marietta Higgs situation didn’t help, it’s was and still is, like the hills have eyes down there.
    Forgotten again for another ten years, then they will stick their ugly head up again in another few years.
    I have to say Steve Gibson wants the club to be successful, unlike our owner that just wants MORE money.

    • Jezza

      Ha ha, yes, it was always a hostile place to go to in the 80’s. If the locals caught a hint of a Tyneside accent as you walked down Linthorpe Road you were in big trouble.

      • Geordiegiants

        I remember coming off the A19 down to the round about, there was a big 6ft wall. All of a sudden the coach got bricked from behind it. I must of only been about 19 I was on my own as my M8 had to work last minute, I was bricking it. It was definelty worse hatred than from the Scum. Everyone had hazmat suites and gas masks on. 😀

    • gallowgate26

      I lived in Hull for over 2 years. They are not really bothered about ‘boro. It is half rugby league and half football in Hull. Leeds (from recent years) are by far their biggest rivals. Partly because people from Hull used to support Leeds when they were in the premiership and Hull were in the lower leagues. A bit like the Scottish fans who get the train to toon for the PL footie! More recently Hull have been the higher team and they just don’t like each other as it is West Yorkshire / East Riding. (They call them the white sh#;te) So to summarise and agree with the author, ‘boro don’t have any real ‘rivals’ and their fans have to make ones up.

  • Yaseen Parker

    Would love to have Adama Traoure at Newcastle next season….explosive pace, trickery and stamina.

    • SH.ER

      & SH*T end product

  • Jezza

    I was disappointed to see Middlesborough go down. I always like to see as many smaller clubs as possible in the Premiership. Not only does it pi$$ off the football plundering parasites at Sky Sports but it genuinely makes the league more interesting in my opinion.

    The other thing to consider is that if Hull go down too, then Newcastle will be a real football outpost next season. The only Premiership club north of Manchester. That can’t be a good thing. We need more northern clubs doing well.

  • MadMag83

    “All but mathematically certain..” Aren’t they 7 points from safety with 6 points available?

  • HappyToons

    Tough for The Brough.

    Ayersome Park … they always attacked any stragglers coming out of the station probably 100 onto 15, but when the numbers were evened up they got more than they bargained for. The year David Mills I think scored a hat trick for them (midweek) the Newcastle mob set the hamburger stall on fire inside the gates (I think they had us in two separate corners to keep us under control), so the Police had to let us out. Straight into The Brough disabling a few of their bike chains which for some strange reason they were whizzing around their heads.

    To be fair their support isn’t bad for the size of the area, but Middlesbrough still looks like a place set in 1972. I see in the Chron’ Super Mac’s ’70’s clothes shop is pictured…flares and kipper ties. If he opened one in Boro now selling exactly the same gear he’d make a fortune! Geordies get on with Boro lads far better than we do with Mackems, so I would have liked to have seen them stay up. Admire Steve Gibson and his relative CB!

  • Rich Lawson

    Your right,don’t care about Boro’ at all,but gutted for Hartlepool who looked to have stayed up until the last minute,hope they don’t finish up like Darla’ and hope they and Gateshead come back up next season.

    • Jezza

      It really is an awful situation with Hartlepool and Darlington both out of the football league now. Darlington’s demise in recent years has been nothing short of tragic.

      • Tim Boddy

        Yep, my parents are from Darlo. Went to Feethams a few times as a kid. Horrible what’s happened to them.

        • Jezza

          Yes I often went to Feethams in the mid 90’s when I was living in North Yorkshire. Darlo had a great team in those days, playing some wonderful football under David Hodgson.

      • Tony Mann

        What happened at Hartlepool? I thought they were relatively safe a few weeks before season end and then Jeff Stelling goes on one on live TV and they get relegated.

      • gallowgate26

        As a ‘heed fan I can’t wait for a trip to Victoria Park next season though!

  • Paul Busby

    I live pretty close to Boro and most of the fans I know hate the Geordies (including some of my best mates) for some bizarre reason, but I honestly quite like the club. Plucky underdog in the North East with a loyal fanbase.
    I think its also because I used to go to the computer fairs in Riverside with my Dad and Uncle. :D
    I’m kinda hoping they will do the same as Burnley, invest wisely and come back up but stronger. The North east needs teams in the premiership, and Id prefer Boro over Sunderland.

  • Tim Boddy

    Hardly surprising that ‘Boro fans dislike Newcastle fans if Newcastle fans write stuff like this about them, is it?

    “It must be strange being a Middlesbrough fan. Supporting a club that nobody else is the slightest bit bothered about.”

    Personally, I’ve nothing at all against ‘Boro.

  • Blackburn1066

    I was sad to see the Boro go down I am a Toon fan and it would have been good to have them in the Prem with us and not down with the Unwashed.

  • Paul Smith

    I don’t even consider the game against them to be a derby. I wouldn’t be any more disappointed losing to them or anymore excited by beating them than I would be doing the same against a team like Wet Brom, Watford or Bournemouth.

  • grantham mag

    WHO !!!!!!!

  • Mayor Vaughn

    Boro are an irrelevance, i have no feeling about them either way. I suppose thats the point of the article i dislike them no more than any team that Newcastle might play.
    I should qualify that by saying i dislike every team Newcastle might play i just detest certain teams. Middlesbrough despite being fairly close geographically are not one of them.

    • Jezza

      I’ve got nothing against them either. They are not our local rivals, they’re just a team loosely in the same region as us, no different to Darlington, Hartlepool or Carlisle.

  • gallowgate26

    It would have been nice to have a couple of games against them. Swapping leagues for a season like that, means that we never get to play them. They are nowhere near as relevant as the Tyne/Wear derby but I was still gutted whenever they beat us. For that reason, I disagree that they are irrelevant and their fans celebrated like they’d won a cup when they beat us because Hartlepool is probably more their level. ;)