Mick Quinn thinks it could be a long time before Newcastle United experience the delights of a derby game.

Sunderland and Middlesbrough are now guaranteed to go down in last and second last place respectively and neither look likely to come straight back up.

After takings seven seasons to get back up, Boro have looked relegation certainties for some time, whilst Sunderland have proved to be one  of the all-time worst Premier League teams.

The final 13 matches have seen the Mackems score in only two of the games and win only one, losing 10 and drawing two.

David Moyes even having to agree with Alan Shearer this week, that his players weren’t trying against Swansea on Saturday.

Mick Quinn was looking forward to the possibility of derbies next season but thinks Sunderland are now a club in ‘a complete mess’ and that even if Moyes stays ‘he is on a hiding to nothing’.

The Sunderland fans clearly don’t won’t the Manager to stay and whether he stays or not, Mick Quinn thinks there won’t be the right backing for any Sunderland boss this summer.

Rafa Benitez performed his magic last summer, creating a Championship winning team/squad but at the same time delivering a £40m transfer profit.

However, with the exception of their goalkeeper, the Mackems look to have very few, if any, saleable assets.

Personally, I can live without derby matches (that is games against Sunderland by the way, Middlesbrough don’t count!) for a few years but eventually I wouldn’t mind them coming back to the top tier, especially if Rafa Benitez has been allowed the time, freedom and money to get on with his Newcastle United ‘project’.

Derby matches are great BUT only in the aftermath AND if you have won!

Mick Quinn talking to the Chronicle:

“As a player I always wanted to beat the Mackems. I wanted to hammer them…but I didn’t want to do it just once – I wanted to do it over and over again.

“I wanted to keep beating them, I wanted that rivalry to continue.

“North East football needs three clubs in the Premier League, but worryingly though, I don’t see any of the three teams going down coming back up.

“Boro have the best chance, but they’ll need to get rid of Steve Agnew – because he isn’t the answer.

“If David Moyes stays at Sunderland I’ll take my hat off to him and give him credit…but I think he’s on a hiding to nothing.

“That club is in a complete mess and I can’t see them backing him like he needs.

“Unfortunately, I fear we won’t see any North East derbies for a while, it’s a good job Newcastle are flying the flag for the region.”

  • Jonnyfandango

    Who cares? Quinn is boring and rarely says anything thought provoking.

  • Alex

    Moyes’ reputation is now in tatters – Man Ure, Sociedad, and now Mackems have seen to that. If he leaves, it won’t be because he’s been ‘headhunted’.

  • TubbyMunky

    Anyone remember the game where Quinny tripped the mackems keeper, allowing us to score? The SMB’s threw a proper fit when the ref didn’t see it..

  • 1957

    Why is this of interest to us…if you can’t find anything NUFC related to copy from the Chronicle don’t bother Jackie.

    • gallowgate26

      Another day, another spiteful article on the mag about another club.(Boro & Villa have had their turn)

  • Mrkgw

    Haha brilliant. But yes, we won’t be seeing our neighbours in the Premiership for a long time. Just as well as their football has been dire this season.

  • HarryHype59

    Moyes should resign if he had a scrap of integrity.

    • Rich Lawson

      Agree,he looks bitter and defeated and still has the tribunal to come for offering to slap the lass ! He is being openly critical of the Defoe free and looking to lose anything remotely like any other decent (lol) players he might have and unlikely to receive a decent transfer budget in the next window,He should show some class and walk at the end of the season giving them time to find another mug to take over.It’s not like he will be short of money and it’s hard to see anyone in the top two divisions wanting him now.The Sky couch beckons ?

  • Saiful Izann

    Sunderland is the new Blackburn. They’re going to League 1, where they truly belong

  • Geordiegiants

    You gotta love Quinny, what a striker he was for us. He makes that Akinwende look like a lean machine, but boy did he know how to score goals. If John Gallagher had stayed fit those he would of ripped up the second division top scorer records.