Mehdi Abeid could be coming back to Newcastle United…or maybe not.

We are seeing some pretty deep barrels being scraped at the moment by the media, desperate for clicks and attention as the football world goes into a lull.

No action football being played and the transfer window doesn’t even open for another 5 weeks+, so they have to ‘earn’ their money somehow.

Surely the very deepest barrel though, must be when the newspapers can’t even be bothered to come up with a new name linked to a particular club.

Although there is also the very very deepest one, where rather than even repeat a previous transfer story involving another club’s player, they instead simply recycle one of their past transfer tales involving a player who used to play for Newcastle.

We have had it with Yohan Cabaye.

We had it with Mathieu Debuchy.

We have repeatedly had it with Hatem Ben Arfa.

We even had it with Moussa Sissoko!!

None of these players were ever ever going to come back to Newcastle United.

Three of them forced moves away, whilst Ben Arfa ended up being paid off early from his contract with Newcastle not receiving a penny of a transfer fee. Yes, I can certainly see Mike Ashley agreeing to that one!

Andy Carroll of course is the ultimate, leaving Newcastle six and a half years ago, not a transfer window goes by without him ‘coming home’. Another one that is most definitely not going to happen.

Mehdi Abeid is arguably the strangest one though.

Only starting seven league games for Newcastle he maybe had one and a half decent matches in the Premier League before being allowed to head off to the weak Greek league for a nominal fee two years ago, yet he repeatedly is linked with a return to St James Park.

He turns 25 before the start of next season and has done nothing to suggest he is anywhere near the quality Newcastle will need this season, he had one stand out season when on loan to Panathinaikos in that Greek pub league on loan from NUFC – but you have accept the very poor quality he was up against.

This past season he has played for Dijon in a relegation battle in Ligue 1, a competition where there are only a handful of decent teams and plenty chance to stand out, yet Abeid has only managed three goals and two assists in the league as they narrowly avoided the drop.

Even looking at the four deserters Newcastle banked around £80m for last summer, even if there was any chance of them coming back, I wouldn’t want any of Janmaat, Wijnaldum, Townsend and Sissoko back.

The fact they were so desperate to get away rather than help Newcastle back into the Premier League tells you all about their characters anyway. Whilst even just on ability/output, I think only Wijnaldum has shown himself to be a decent player but is somebody who needs quality around him, as he’s found to an extent at Liverpool.

The success rate from the newspapers is embarrassing anyway on transfers but when it comes to players returning to Newcastle this summer, I think the chances are non-existent.

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  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    i wish the Rafalution would hurry up & start, the chron is now running a Rafarendum, Oh dear

  • wowski13

    Don’t get why you wouldn’t take Townsend back. He was our best player during his brief stay and I completely understood his leaving (perhaps not his choice of club though). If Roy Hodgson hadn’t have left England Townsend would have stayed. It’s no coincidence that as soon as Hodgson got the boot, Townsend all of a sudden changed his tune to I want to leave. He will have had assurances that he’d still be considered for England by Hodgson, there would have been no such guarantee from Allardyce. He’s a lad from London with aspirations of playing for his country, why would he stay at Newcastle in the second tier?

    • Down Under Mag

      I don’t think many NUFC fans are too bitter…a few will make some remarks but in general he was one of the few who actually put effort in and performed his best to try and keep us up. I guess some would have liked to see him stay since we rescued him from his exile at Spurs and gave him a chance to shine again that’s all. I think if some of the transfers in and out had been done before his move then he may have been convinced to stay BUT it was a huge ask to stay with that dross that he got relegated alongside. I just think the fact he literally wasted ZERO time in jumping ship was a bit harsh and irked a few, personally I think he did what he could and if the club really wanted him to stay they should never have agreed to the release clause inthe first place!

      • wowski13

        I don’t know anyone personally who wouldn’t take him back but there does seem to be a vocal minority online who are bitter at him leaving. I also don’t understand the animosity towards Wijnaldum. His performances deteriorated towards the end of the season but that is typical for foreign players in their first year in the Premier League. He was Dutch player of the year when we signed him, he had a solid first year in England, did anyone seriously expect him to stay and play in the second tier? I hate Liverpool but I can see the allure of going to play for a guy like Jurgen Klopp at a club with a good history. I’m embarrased that “F off Wijnaldum” is still in Rafa’s song. Hoping our usually inventive fans can insert another players name in place of that next season.