Relegation for Newcastle fans meant leaving the likes of Paul Merson, Michael Owen and Mark Lawrenson behind.

Difficult to decide just which of the trio is the most annoying, maybe that is just personal taste…

However, you do really have to question just how Mark Lawrenson has kept his job so long, whilst being truly embarrassing a lot of the time.

The fact that we actually have no choice when it comes to contributing to his wages (via the TV license) make sit even worse.

Lawrenson does predictions for all Premier League matches for BBC Sport and we highlighted the other day that after 36 predictions, he had forecast a certain club never to have been beaten.

I think you can all guess who that team might be, as he doesn’t even try to hide his bias when covering the Premier League.

It is one thing to want your club to win but he should at least show some professionalism in his day job.

Mark Lawrenson has now made his predictions for Sunday, the final day of the Premier League, and sure enough Liverpool stand proudly top of the (his) Premier League, unbeaten in all 38 matches. Lawrenson predicting a 2-0 win over Middlesbrough at Anfield.

His final league table of predictions show Liverpool sharing the title with Chelsea but I’m sure if you went back over his predictions, you would find the scousers winning it on goal difference.

mark lawrenson

With 27 wins and 11 draws in over nine months of football, it is hilarious that the former Liverpool player just can’t bring himself to predict a defeat for his team.

I’m going to get in touch with BBC Sport and suggest the perfect replacement, I know just the man who will show the same kind of professionalism as Lawrenson.

Step forward Jack Clark, my six year old son, I am confident he will lead Newcastle to their first top division (predictions) title in 91 years, the first team ever to win all 38 (predicted) matches!

(Maybe Sunderland are Lawrenson’s secret second team…the clueless pundit had them in comfortable lower mid-table, rather than one of the very worst Premier League rock bottom of the table teams we have seen for some time.)

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    Utd in 6 th all season long after spending over 200m in one window. …600 m in the last 4 windows.. Whats really surprising is no one is looking into their finances.. Over inflated books ..500m in debt.. under handed payments to agents.

    • justchampion

      Which UTD is that then?

    • Geordiegiants

      We haven’t spent any thing like £600 million ever! 6th????
      Think you are on the wrong page mate.

      • BRENDAN

        150 ..200..100..200 is 650m in last 4 summer windows.. In 6th for 15 weeks

        • Geordiegiants

          What are you talking about you said £600m in one window above?

  • Alex


    Have you not got any ironing to do, Jane?

    • Jimblag23

      Dumb a$$

    • Stephen Paylor

      dissappointing comment alex, was a good article. No fish you should be out catching?

  • Dennis Tate

    Would love to hear his comments with him sitting next to Shearer if Newcastle won a game against Liverpool next season.

  • Wor Lass

    Admittedly, the liverpool thing is just plain silly – there`s being partisan and there`s being blindly stupid – but overall he`s probably done as well as anyone would. Just imagine if he`d been asked to predict Rafa`s starting 11 every week, though!

  • tonytoon

    What’s the betting Moyes is one of Lawrenson’s drinking partners. Can’t think of any other reason why he would predict Sunderland to be so high.

    • Burt Humperdink

      Wow if i walked into a bar with Moyes and Lawrenson sat there I would walk straight out. What a couple of fun boys those to are, like Droopy hanging out with Eeyore.

  • TheFatController

    I always remember a few years ago Lawro always saying ‘randy lerner and mike Ashley probably think “why spend huge amounts on players when it won’t get us into the top 4?” ‘ thus ‘expertly’ condoning their ‘minimum investment’ policies

    The irony of both teams’ relegations last year was not lost on me, but sadly no-one takes pundits to task these days on their completely inept ‘knowledge’ of the modern game…

  • Rich Lawson

    He doesn’t help himself by never cracking a smile,love it if Boro’ got a win or a draw on the last day for Arsenal to edge them out the top 4 !

  • Stephen Paylor

    i don’t mind Paul Merson. Michael Owen has zero personality but Lawrenson really grates on me.