Jose Mourinho has called out Graeme Souness on his managerial record at Newcastle United and Liverpool.

A top quality player in his day, Souness won numerous First Division titles and European Cups when at Anfield, but as a Manager it was a different story.

The top achievement of the Graeme Souness managerial career, being to win the FA Cup with Liverpool in 1992 against a hopeless Sunderland side which finished 18th in Division Two that season.

For Newcastle United it was even worse.

Graeme Souness tore apart the Sir Bobby Robson team and wasted a fortune on rubbish like Owen, Luque and Boumsong, before eventually being sacked.

On Sunday, Jose Mourinho decided to point his shortcomings, after the former Newcastle boss had criticised the Manchester United Manager in midweek.

Graeme Souness had said that Jose Mourinho was making too many unfounded excuses for his players, saying that by claiming his players were tired due to the number of games they had to play, he was letting them off the hook.

Ahead of today’s 2-0 win against Palace, Mourinho used his programme notes to have a go back.

Jose Mourinho accusing (not naming him but it being obvious it was who he was referring to) Graeme Souness of sour grapes because his ‘managerial career was very poor’, as well as being biased against Man Utd because he had played for Liverpool.

Graeme Souness talking to Sky Sports on 17 May 2017:

“It’s the price on the ticket if you’re winning trophies. If you get to the later stages of European cups, you have to deal with it – it is nothing new in football.

“The last thing I would want is a manager who is continuously telling me I’m tired.

“You are handing an excuse to your players to not play well.

“I do talk from experience – people say that the game has changed but has it changed that much?”

Jose Mourinho programme notes 21 May 2017 (Man U v Palace):

“I have seen in the football media that certain pundits cannot understand why our players are tired.

“A pundit is not honest if they cannot forget their colours, or if they try to hide the truth from their audience.

“It is not my fault if their managerial career was very poor.”

  • Lord

    Love it – Souness was our worst appointed manager of the PL league era (I don’t count Carver).

    • Alex

      Bar two, Fatty has provided Souness with some stiff competition for that honour, though.

    • Porciestreet


    • Pelican

      It has to be Dalglish. Got rid of Les Ferdinand, Ginola, Asprilla etc. Brought in the likes of Andreas Anderson, Ian Rush et al. I remember that summer he ripped Keegan’s side apart. Horrible times. Nobody could understand what was going on.

      • Big Al 1967

        Dalglish, Gullitt, Souness, Fat Sam, Kinnear, Pardew, McClaren, jesus the list is endless!!

      • Mrkgw

        Yes, Dalglish slaughtered what was an otherwise exceptional squad of players. As you rightly mention, in favour of what? Terrible, I agree.

      • 1957

        For me Souness was worse than Dalglish.

        Kenny had to manage on a budget selling to buy, admittedly not well though.

        Freddie made money available to Souness and it was squandered on supposedly top players, while at the same time Souness disposed of good players because they didn’t / wouldn’t fall in line with his management style. Some managers would have tried to work around problems not Sourface.

      • Lord

        Dalgish was bad, but didn’t he also bring in Given, Nobby, Duncan Ferguson, Gary Speed, Hamaan? My memory might be fading. Selling Ferdinand and the Shearer getting injured almost immediately didn’t help him but he wasn’t as bad as the arrogant Souness.

        I seem to have wiped the Gullit year out of my memory, I think I might have a particular grudge against the Souness era as he was such a step down from Sir Bobby and didn’t seem to respect the team that he had inherited from the great man.

      • Geordiegiants

        It was his remit, without trying to sound like Bobbi Fleckmen. He had to sell these players the club needed to pay off debt and bring in cheaper players on smaller contracts, hence Des Hamilton, Carl Serrant, Rush, Barnesd etc etc.

  • Albert Stubbins

    Souness won a lot with Rangers and Galatasarey – granted he didnt win owt with us but not many do to be fair. Mouriniho is becoming boring- hope they get done by Ajax!!

  • MadMag83

    The tiredness thing is a bit of a myth given the fitness levels of players. Souness is still a tosser though.

  • Big Al 1967

    I hate Souness with a passion but lets knock this ‘He signed Owen’ garbage on the head. This is the only thing I will defend the scumbag on as he wanted to sign Anelka and yet Fat Freddie went out and bought that waster Owen instead.

  • Xeltron245

    Regardless of Souness’s managing qualities, he was however part of a Liverpool side that were in European competition most seasons and so has had experience of playing 50+ games a season on numerous occasions. Attacking his managing career is beside the point. His playing career is what gave him the experience to be able to make that point and he was right. Players don’t play as many games now as they did years ago and yet we are told the players are fitter than they have ever been. In Souness’s day some of the stuff the players ate was ridiculous for a sportsman but they still managed to play the games. I do think modern footballers use far too many excuses and sometimes if you tell someone they are tired enough, they will think they are or use it as an excuse. Football is a mental game as much as anything. Mourinho is a guy I admire but sometimes he drives me bonkers with comments that are just made either to get attention for himself or deflect it from his team’s poor performances. I’m sure most players would want to be playing to win three/four trophies in a season. That sort of stuff makes history. Or would he rather they just go for one trophy every season? I know what the fans would want.

    • Jimblag23

      They train more these days.