Just ahead of his groin operation, Jamaal Lascelles has talked about the problems he has faced in the past six months.

The Newcastle Captain saying that last Autumn he began to feel a problem in his groin and that because of this he could only ‘train at about 50%’ of his normal level.

When it was explained to him that the problem couldn’t get any worse, Lascelles decided to persevere and put up with the pain, in order to help see the club through to promotion.

To help him on a day to day basis, he was given a gym programme to help him manage the problem until he could have the operation.

The club have already confirmed that there shouldn’t be any problem with Jamaal Lascelles being ready for pre-season training in early July.

Jamaal Lascelles speaking to the official club website:

“Five or six months ago, I started feeling my groin. I thought it was a bit of tightness, or whatever, but I was really struggling with it.

“Every day in training, I’d probably train at about 50% – I couldn’t really run, or use my left foot.

“I spoke to the medical staff, and the manager, and it’s not something that can get worse – if you grit your teeth and manage the pain, you can get through it.

“I just thought, ‘We’re in a position here where we can get promoted’, and obviously – being the captain – I wanted to be involved. The manager trusts me and he wants me to play.

“I’ve had a gym programme for four or five months now – you can’t heal it, but you can manage it by doing that. I’ve focused on that every day.

“I’ve probably not helped myself this season, in some areas, but that’s the sacrifice you make, and I’m willing to make it. It’s helped the team, and now I can get this sorted in time for pre-season.

“It has been tough – there have been times where I have had head loss because of how painful it’s been.

“Sometimes, it hasn’t done me any justice because you play how you train. If I’m in training, and I’m just jogging about, it can show on the pitch on a matchday.

“Hernias can be different for different people. I think Alan Shearer once had a hernia and he managed to play nine days later. One of the young boys, Jamie Sterry, has had one and he took it really well – he trained again after four weeks.

“It’s the end of the season and I can rest over the summer a little bit. The first couple of weeks, I’ll just be walking and doing a few different movements, I can’t imagine I’ll be doing anything mad.

“If we weren’t already up, I’d still be trying to get through it and trying to play, but the job has been done, and now I can look after myself and better myself for next season.”

  • Polarboy

    It’s heartening to hear that his dip in form for the second half of the season was likely due to this injury. I thought he was in really promising form before that dip, so hopefully he can continue to develop next season.

  • Scottpaige

    Fair play to the lad he’s took some stick from fans including me.

    Hopefully he recovers quickly.

  • Alex

    Form-wise, he’s had a season of two halves, and none of us could figure why.

    Now we know – hats off to the lad for plugging away.

  • Albert Stubbins

    Now we all know why Rafa has him as his captain!!! Top man Jamaal- not many players would have gone through that level of pain for their club. A natural leader.

  • Soldier

    well all i can say is that if he`s had the problem since the autumn why wasn`t it addressed in January by bringing in another central defender & send the lad for an Op. what is up with Rafa playing an injured player for that length of time. Lascelles is a good lad the managers a fool

    • Cuh736

      Just shut up

      • Carlo Ancelotti


    • Scottpaige

      Just be quiet

      • Carlo Ancelotti

        you my friend are a f##king idiot

  • Jimblag23

    What a warrior! Gone up in my estimation cos although his form dipped he still managed to do just enough most games.
    That’s why he’s captain, mental strength.

  • Andy Mac

    I’m sorry for Lascelles but why didnt he address the issue “five or six months ago” ? Some will think he’s a warrior for playing through the pain barrier others will think he’s found an excuse to paper over his shocking performances in the past ten games or so ?

    Me ? I think if you know you’re underperfoming it’s your duty to your team mates, manager and club to let them know you’re not 100%. After all 50% displays have cost us a few points !

    • steve

      The fact that he’s been on an individual training regime is a fair indication that the club was well aware.

    • Polarboy

      They were well aware ya plum.

      • Andy Mac

        Yet you write “It’s heartening to hear that his dip in form for the second half of the season was likely due to this injury” So pesumably you werent aware ? Ya Plum ?

        • Polarboy

          “your team mates, manager and club”

          Lol, mate how much of plum do you want to look. Clearly I was referring to the above from your comment, as in not the fans. You’re a plum for blundering in with the falsehood that people at the club didn’t know about the injury, when the article couldn’t have been clearer that they did.

          • Carlo Ancelotti


          • Polarboy

            Wow you really dissected my comment there, clever stuff. Why don’t you use another one of your many accounts to agree with yourself some more ; )

          • Andy Mac

            Ha ha ha just because two people think youre a mook you assume they’re one and the same ? Sorry to disappoint but we obviously both think you’re a prize plum 😂

          • Polarboy

            It’s a fact that Carlo is one of a few accounts owned by the same person, whether you are another one of those accounts is neither here nor there. As for whose the idiot, you’re the plum who either didn’t even give the article a cursory glance, or are just that thick so as to not see he clearly states he told the club about the injury, before talking utter shyte about it. Jog on Andy you plum ; )

    • Burt Humperdink

      well to be fair to him it worked, he scored a few goals and kept clean sheets during this period. Had Clarky not also been injured he might have done I guess.

  • steve

    Much respect to the lad but as soon as MBemba was back from the AFCON the decision should have been taken out of his hands.

  • gallowgate26

    Say what you like about his dip in form and his defending on the ground, he’s definitely one to keep for next season. Good at dealing with aerial teams and a real trier.

  • grumpyoldmag

    If anyone wondered why Rafa backs him so much now you know – and even second half of the season he put in some huge performances in the big games at Brighton and huddersfield – he struggled on the turn against some teams and in possession, now we know why

  • Cuh736

    I think Rafa, the coaches, and medical staff all choosing to let Lascelles play on just shows how highly they rate him. He came up with some really vital goals too, and that skillful assist to mitro

    • Carlo Ancelotti

      it show you how stupid they are to field an injured player for nearly 4 months

    • Hughie_Gallacher

      Maybe it also shows how little they rate Mbemba and Hanley.

  • Carlo Ancelotti

    the managers an idiot to play an injured player for 4 months, points lost in a raft of matches since January through lascelles lack of mobility & you idiots think thats fine
    oh dear

    • Albert Stubbins

      so Terry Butcher wasnt a hero either that night?? Bert Trautman played with a broken neck ffs- give your heed a shake.

    • Jimblag23

      What experience do you have in top level sports management?
      You do know they have consultants, doctors and physios employed by the club to give advice.
      But of course some gimp on the internet knows more.

    • Andy Mac

      Double hernia’s are obviously no laughing matter. Yet according to this they can be treated quickly and relatively simply.

      It would not be advisable to just sit on a painful hernia. A hernia is a protrusion of either fat or an organ or tissue through an abnormal opening in the body that usually presents as a lump in the abdomen or groin, that is generally more prominent during standing.

      A hernia will not get better on its own and is treated with surgery.
      Patients often choose not to treat a hernia because of perceptions
      regarding surgery. However, there are safe, simple and quick outpatient
      procedures, often using local anesthesia, in less than an hour that can
      allow you to return back to your daily activities in very little time,
      and often even the same afternoon. Repairing a hernia is routine for
      general surgery.

      The main reason for surgical treatment is the fact that if bowel gets
      stuck within the hernia, it can lose its blood supply and get
      strangulated. This can be life threatening and requires emergent
      surgery. In order to prevent this life threatening complication, it is
      safer to repair hernias on an elective basis.

      • bobbi fleckman

        Hernia problems are often put off until the end of the season. They are painful and restricting but although surgery is simple and to the average chap in a sedentary type of job, “you to return back to your daily activities in very little time” for a professional athlete, it will still require significant recovery time and then training to get back into shape.

        Athletes are more susceptible to these injuries and that is why professional athletes will often have them in the off-season or get it sorted along with another injury and kill two birds with one stone