Jamaal Lascelles helped see Newcastle through to promotion and then was taken out of the firing line so he could have his operation.

It turned out he had been playing half the season with a groin problem but he is set to be ready now for pre-season training.

The Newcastle Captain describes the Championship year as having been ‘tough…a lot of ups and downs’ and until you actually experience it (as a fan) you don’t realise how crazy it is.

Playing weekends and most midweeks for a couple of months, then a two week international break, then repeat that process…

Jamaal Lascelles thinks that the way the title was won on the last day, couldn’t have been done better.

Certainly nothing beats a crucial 89th minute goal, even if it is happening two hundred miles away!

Luckily Newcastle aren’t in the Champions League final (held as late as 3 June) this time…so the players (who don’t have international commitments) can rest up now, though even then pre-season training starts in only around six weeks time.

A job well done all round, you can’t finish higher than top, but the real test will be the weekend of 12 August when Newcastle will be back in Premier League action.

As Jamaal Lascelles says, until then we can ‘chill’.

Jamaal Lascelles speaking to NUFC TV:

“Hands down, it was the best moment of my career, lifting that trophy.

“It has been a tough season, a lot of ups and downs….but that’s football for you.

“We got the job done, we know we have to work hard for next season and we will sort that out as well.

“We’ll chill for a bit and see our families because it has been relentless.

“We have trained every day, worked hard, we have carried knocks, injuries, so we will chill, but we will be ready for pre-season.

“We couldn’t have done it (won Championship title) a better way.

“We played excellent, then came the late equaliser down at Villa…the roar we heard was unbelievable.

“I want to say thank you to the fans.

“They stuck with us all season and I am glad we could give them back what they deserve.”

  • Leazes Ender

    I see that Forest have been bought by a Greek crook….. time for the law to change on football club ownership

    • Soldier

      would that be for them all to be crooks or vice versa ?

    • Wor Lass

      Yeah – at least our crook`s British!

    • Rich Lawson

      Totally agree,to many of these people have sanctions against them in the past but keep coming back,there seems to be a question mark also over how much of the purchase price is up front ? Any of them should be compelled to wipe out existing debt and commit to a figure they are prepared to spend on player accuisitions before they are taking over ?

  • Wor Lass

    It`ll be interesting to see if, now his groin problem has been fixed, he can kick on and develop in the PL. He didn`t seem out of place there the season before last. Good luck to him – and Mbemba.