You can always trust The FA and other football authorities to come up with some worthless idea, whilst ignoring very real problems that need solving.

Basically, refusing to tackle real issues and coming up with other stuff to justify their existence and pay/expenses.

BBC Sport report that the latest nonsensical idea is that The FA have now introduced ‘sin bins’.

These will be trialled next (2017/18) season in the lower leagues of English football – at step seven and below.

The FA will have ‘temporary dismissals’, with players sent off the pitch for 10 minutes.

However, this will only apply to players who are given a yellow card for dissent.

This just seems a pointless trial, with 10 minutes neither here nor there when playing with 10 men in the middle of a match and all you will have is the weakened team wasting time as much as possible until their player is back on the pitch. This is exactly what happens now when a player is getting treatment off the pitch and one side is temporarily missing a man.

The last thing football needs is more stoppages and no doubt the offending player won’t hurry off the pitch when sent off for 10 minutes, plus what happens to somebody sent off temporarily in the final seconds – does his 10 minutes carry over?

I’m all for the authorities introducing more powers to discipline players and stop them embarrassing themselves like so many do now…which leads me on to what is a real problem that needs sorting ASAP.

Sunday saw two games that could end up being pivotal to both which clubs end up in the Champions League AND in deciding who is relegated to the Championship.

Manchester United were struggling against Swansea until Rashford blatantly cheated to win a penalty, Rooney put Man Utd in the lead and the match eventually ended 1-1.

Manchester City were also struggling and a goal down at Middlesbrough, only for City’s Sane to do the same as Rashford, a blatant piece of cheating to get a penalty, City scored to equalise – their match also ending up as a draw (2-2).

When I say the two examples of cheating were blatant, well they were to every single person watching the games on TV but not the three match officials.

On Match of The Day 2, all the pundits were shaking their heads and saying that this situation can’t continue, with no video ref allowed, it encourages cheats like Rashford and Sane.

I still think under the present rules players doing that kind of thing should retrospectively get 10 match bans, as a yellow card is a laughable/no deterrent if the referee does catch them at it, not when weighed against potentially meaning the difference between your team qualifying for the Champions League or not, or staying up v relegated.

Fair enough you couldn’t have video refs in every league but at the top it should be a no-brainer.

They already have a fourth official at every Premier League game so why not have him watching on a screen and alerting the referee to any major issue that needs a helping hand, rather than them seemingly only there to tell the two managers off when they take a step out of their technical area?

At the minute you have a ridiculous scenario, whereby one team can score a goal at one end of the pitch and thanks to the introduction of goal-line technology that goal is given, only for then the opposition to go up the other end and score a perfectly good goal that is then disallowed for offside because a linesman blunders and doesn’t see a player who is playing the goalscorer onside by 10 yards.

Change will happen because there is surely no alternative.

However, sadly it will only happen when one of the influential clubs gets a massive decision going against them that directly impacts on their fortunes – whether it is winning/losing a league or indeed qualifying for the Champions League.

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  • Rich Lawson

    Rashford’s penalty was a disgrace,he no longer had the ball and thru himself into the defender,watching on MOTD they showed his face in close up as he sat on the pitch afta going down and his expression looked one of shame rather than delight,he should now be banned,why have retrospective bans for fouls the ref’ has missed but not cheating ? Ffs this could cost Swansea their place in the prem’ after they had done so well to try and play Man Utd at Old Trafford ?

  • Paul Busby

    Video technology for the viewers has advanced to such a level that we can say with close to 100% certainty on every contentious issue, what should have been the correct decision.

    Without also allowing referees that same option/capability, their hands are tied when it comes to those who try and fool them by cheating.
    its inevitable refs will always come under the greatest criticism and command the least respect after the fact without giving them the same options that we have at home.

    In the time it takes for referees to explain the diecision to the captains and all the other angry players, Sky have already shown the replay from 4 different angles.
    Its going to happen eventually, it has to, so why bother wasting time?

    • Paul Patterson

      I still can’t get over a referee giving a free kick to the opposition when someone encroached during a penalty kick. Then going to not one, not two, but three assistants and STILL getting the decision wrong.
      Referee’s doing that can’t be helped . .

      • Paul Busby

        Agreed, but that really was an exception. A referee not knowing the rules is inexcusable.
        In most cases the issue is simply that the referee can only see the issue from a single perspective, with perhaps judgement from the linesman who has another perspective.

  • Wor Lass

    Spot on, John.
    PS – say hello to the Swedish House mafia for me!

  • Wor Lass

    Spot on, John.
    PS – say hello to the Swedish House Mafia for me!

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      you popping pills ?

      • MichaelMaximusMoose

        you popping pills ?

      • Wor Lass

        No more than usual – mainly for blood pressure during the footy season!

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    I`m having flashbacks everytime i see the words no brainer up pops
    Geordie John Carver

  • Lord

    I don’t see the problem with sin bins if it helps dissuade unseemly behaviour unbecoming of fine young gentlemen.

    • Paul Patterson

      F*****g load of s***e if you ask me . .

  • Leicester Mag

    Interesting that Rugby a professional game for only 20 years has successfully integrated both sin bins and new technology, in many eyes leading to a betterment of the game. Remarkable that cheating is an accepted part of the fabric of football. Struggling to name another professional sport where this applies

  • Giraffes

    Tennis and American Football have three “challenges”, where the Referee reviews the video, why can’t top level football.

    • Viru leckworth

      That could be a workable solution, but would the FA ever buy it?

  • Leazes Ender

    When are they going to do something about ‘simulation’ and ‘winning penalties’…. that does me heed in like….

  • ToonTony

    how about when someone blatantly cheats like that, then the 3 pts are retrospectively given to the aggrieved team, irregardless of the result?

    • Peter Robson

      The German FA did that a few years ago !!! A player caused an opposition player t o be unfairly sent off and from the resulting free kick they scored a goal which got the losing team relegated, after examining the video evidence the guilty player was hammered and the 3 points were stripped then awarded to the wronged team !!! The ref escaped punishment because sometimes he just couldnĀ“t see things like that !!!
      Makes you wonder how often cheats actually get away with it !!!

  • Viru leckworth

    I think such blatant cheating as those quoted should be punished by a smacked bottom. That would teach them.

  • MadMag83

    I don’t think retrospective bans are the answer, imagine you have a team that needs a goal in a big game, so a player ‘takes one for the team’ and dives to get his side a penalty. His team score and he gets a ban afterwards but will he really care? He’s still won his side the game and will probably get a pat on the back from his team mates etc.

    The way forward has to be to have a 4th official watching it all live with slow motion replays. That way if a player is deemed to have dived he can be punished there and then, when it matters. Unfortunately though, the officials are human so mistakes will still be made.

  • Albert Stubbins

    why don’t we have done with it and just let the players pick the ball up and run with it when the occasion present itself. For goodness sakes this magic weekend lark is having a bigger effect on English football than people are letting on!! Sin Bins- OMG- at this rate they’ll be awarding 2 goals for a goal over thirty yards out- actually thats not a bad idea- anyone got the number for the F.A?

  • Steve Smith

    Everybody seems to miss the actual issue.

    The rules in place are already sufficient to ensure a clean game. The issue comes with enforcing the rules. Teams like Man U will always get the decisions at the expense of teams like Swansea. That isn’t a problem that a change of rules or retrospective bans will fix.

    Teams showed bias in games will be teams who also get showed bias outside of games.