David Moyes is looking on the positive side and believes that after relegation he will be able to bring in the right players.

His reasoning for this is due to his declaration that ‘Sunderland will be the biggest club in the Championship’ next season.

Already I can hear Aston Villa and Leeds fans grinding their teeth.

If you feel the need to make a public announcement that you are the ‘biggest club’, it kind of weakens your case, because surely you can just leave that to neutrals to talk about…if indeed you are the biggest club.

Funnily enough, only a month ago Steve Bruce stated that one of the biggest problems Aston Villa faced was that they were the biggest club in the second tier. This meaning that they were the ‘big scalp’ that other teams were desperate to perform when playing in front of thousands of empty seats at Villa Park.

Steve Bruce April 2017:

“It’s never going to be easy because of who we are.

“Aston Villa are the big scalp in this division. Everyone wants to turn us over.

“All the teams that come to Villa Park want to perform on the big stage and in the big arena.”

Aston Villa spent a massive £70m last season, the best part of £20m more than Newcastle, and Tony Xia looks sure to give it another good go this time as they desperately need to return to the Premier League ASAP.

When it comes to signing players, David Moyes doesn’t quite seem to have thought his argument quite through – because the then goes on to say that all his current players will be taking a wage cut as it is in their contracts if relegated, plus the ‘wage bill is big and it will be a problem next year too because it will affect what we are able to do’.

Players may well see Sunderland as the ‘biggest club in the Championship’ next season but players won’t come for half the wages that say Villa (or Middlesbrough, Swansea, Hull etc?) will pay, nor will clubs sell/loan players at a special discount to the Mackems, just because they are ‘so big’.

I have a feeling that next season’s Championship could be VERY entertaining…

David Moyes – 11 May 2017:

Sunderland will be the biggest club in the Championship and that should help us attract players.

“There are different parts to it – if you buy youngsters, there are no guarantees; if you buy senior players they help you initially but you don’t get resale value – all these things are part of it.

“We have to look and see what is the best way to do it.

“The club’s position over the last few years has meant that sometimes we have not been able to get the top player off the shelf.

“The wage bill is big and it will be a problem next year too because it will affect what we are able to do.

“You need players who give you value for money by playing Saturday-Wednesday-Saturday-Wednesday nearly every week.

“Getting the wage bill down is something that will happen because everybody has that in their contract anyway.

“But it will still mean that our wage bill is high for the division, so that will need to be kept down as well.”

  • Jimblag23

    Villa with that world class star Greilish are clearly the biggest now.

  • Lee.D

    Why is this blog or whatever it is so obsessed with Sunderland? That’s all I see from you?
    You’ve just won the championship and have been promoted yet you’re still talking about Sunderland. Very odd.

    • paulo

      A little bit like last year when you ‘won’ your regular 17th spot but continued to be overly excited about newcastle united for a change.

      • Lee.D

        We hadn’t just won the Championship and been promoted love.

        • TheMagicHat

          The difference is anything less than champions would’ve been a failure for us… you lot are just hoping to make the play offs. Or put another way, Rafa > Moyes

          • Lee.D

            You’re not making sense with regard to my original point.

          • TheMagicHat

            OK, which begs the question why are you commenting on an NUFC blog if you pay us no attention?

          • Lee.D

            It comes up on my SAFC feed as we’re always getting talked about by you lot.

    • Albert Stubbins

      because you are our biggest rival ffs. well maybe its boro for you lot now eh? pot calling kettle btw.

  • MadMag83

    Villa have probably already signed most of the Championships better players. It will be tough for them to have a clear out and rebuild in one season, that’s where Villa have struggled to an extent, and where Rafa and the team have done a good job with such a quick turnaround.

  • Toon fan

    “The wage bill is big and it will be a problem next year too because it will affect what we are able to do.”
    Was there not an article lately stating that they will lose a whole team this summer due to loans, end of contracts, relegation clauses, necessity to sell because of being skint and needing to re-build?
    Anyway you look at it they are a big club and will get the biggests attendances in the championship next season if they get off to a decent start. What is evident is that the Championship is a very tough division to get out of and they will be lucky to achieve that next season. The other relegated teams, the play-off losers, Norwich, Leeds, Villa, Derby and maybe a surprise package like Sheffield United will be ready for that league while the Mackems are not.
    The difference between us and them is Rafa and money. The feel-good factor, even though we got relegated, was already there before the season kicked off.
    Whatever players they can get in the summer will determine their potential success, at this stage I can not see them top 6.

    • Albert Stubbins

      an other big difference is we are a big club in comparison- i.e trophys and attendances over the last 100 years!! Sunderlands average attendance when they last won the championship was 37,000 for goodness sakes- there’s no comparison!!

  • 1957

    I’m more than happy for them to fight over that title, we have a PL season to look forward to, how about concentrating on that rather than the delusions of second tier clubs

  • Grahame Johnson

    Now the championship has ended everyone is just confirming how well Newcastle united did, villa and Newcastle played 3 games in a week but not 3 normal games more like 3 cup finals at times, as our 3 games v Brighton, Huddersfield and reading proved the traveling and 3 heavy pitches 2 of them used for rugby games takes so much out of a squad our next home game a canny Fulham side ripped us apart, tough championship a head again!!

  • Wor Monga

    Well at least Moyes got one of those 2 statements correct…that they’re in the Championship, and that’s where they’ll be for the foreseeable future…

    …simply because they won’t get enough good and properly experienced players willing to flog their guts out to get them out of it… and unlike Rafa, Moyes won’t be able to either attract or afford them if he could!!!

  • Andy Mac

    That is not a picture to be proud of 😉

    • Jezza

      I saw Davie Moyes playing for Celtic under 18’s in 1980 when he looked exactly like that.

      • Andy Mac

        I’m trying to think of the character he reminds me of most and Sid from the Ice Age series of films springs to mind ?

        • grantham mag

          Plug from the bash street kids, Beano or dandy comic for me.

  • Rich Lawson

    If only he had bigged it up when he took over instead of telling his team they were in for a relegation struggle,what man management ? They will be big in this league only because of the size of the home crowd and away support. The owner wants out,poisonous.Mid table at best ?

  • Jimblag23

    Sunderland will be alright but I think it’ll take 2 years, next year may be like villas this year (depending on signings).
    Villa will get in the playoffs this year and Fulham will win it.

  • Viru leckworth

    That’s a picture only a mother could love.

    • benton mag

      no david beckham is he

  • Jezza

    Sunderland v Aston Villa for the title of biggest club in the Championship. Let’s hope that’s a contest that will continue for years to come.

  • Taz

    The headline should read “Moyes talking utter $hite again”

  • Albert Stubbins

    Sunderland arn’t even the biggest club in Sunderland!! The womens team is – in every sense of the word!!

  • HappyToons

    Deluded Mackems always say they are bigger than us as they won a trophy last in 1973 (cough, nearly half a century). Those of us who were alive and can still picture proper ‘Geordie’ Bob Stokoe wearing a daft red track suit and hearing aid coloured mac, and trilby, will recall that the media called it a GIANT KILLING, that SAFC in the second division had beaten mighty Leeds (fair enough Leeds were a huge club then).

    As SAFC never progressed much from 1973 and even though Leeds went into decline in recent years, the mackems can’t be a bigger club than Leeds!

    My memory is that SAFC beating Leeds was a bigger giant killing than Hereford beating us, so how big a club does that make Sunderland, even in the Championship. The GIANT KILLERS … you have to laugh. You win a trophy like the FA CUP and you are …

  • Kneebotherm8

    We were publicly branded as the biggest club in the championship,last year,by football fans and pundits alike,who were saying we should be winning the league at a canter. I don’t think that’s gonna happen with the mackems. Moyes’s self proclamation is laughable.