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These comments from Arsenal fans after Arsene Wenger stay extended are just unbelievable…

5 years ago

Whilst Newcastle supporters have been celebrating 62 years without a domestic trophy, Arsenal fans have been unleashing their fury after winning the FA Cup for the third time in four years.

You truly couldn’t make it up.

Then factoring in the small statistic that this season is the first in 20 years he hasn’t delivered Champions League football…you have to really feel sorry for the ‘long suffering’ Gooners.

Fair enough they were nowhere near winning the title BUT this ‘disastrous’ season which has seen them finish ‘only’ fifth, saw Arsene Wenger accumulate 75 points, which in 19 of the previous 21 seasons would have ensured a top four finish (and Champions League football for the 20th season in a row) and indeed taking into account their goal difference (+33) as well, would have seen them pip Manchester United (75 points and +32 GD) in the 1996/97 Premier League (Newcastle finished runners-up).

Actually, never mind the trophies, just look at the football Arsenal fans watch season after season, must be shocking for them!

Yes you can understand disappointment because they haven’t won the title for a mammoth 13 years or reached a Champions League final since 2006 BUT the self pity and billion% over the top drama queen reaction to their ‘failure’ is enough to make you reach for the sick bucket.

Arsene Wenger has delivered a third (10) of the trophies (30) Arsenal have won in their entire history and that doesn’t include numerous charity shields etc.

Tuesday brought the news that Arsene Wenger has agreed to extend his stay at the Emirates by another two years and this has been the reaction of Arsenal fans on their various leading message boards:


‘The board’s silence and Wenger’s own puzzling answers created unnecessary issues. It’s as if they collectively wanted to destroy our season.’

‘LOL at people blaming the fans for being upset for years of failure.’

‘It’s pathetic. Just another way to deflect the blame from Arsene Wenger and the board. Some people will go to any lengths to avoid facing up to the reality of a manager who can’t really hack it over 38 league games anymore.’

‘I wanted us to lose (FA Cup final) as everyone and their dog knew if we won the old fart would stay.’

‘I want him out because i think we won’t ever win the league with him and i’m bored of the annual feb/march/april falling apart. If my goal was to have better seasons than Spurs and Liverpool than of course there’d be no reason to get rid of him, because that’s what he does most of the time.’

‘A belief that Wenger will not bring us forward which is the cornerstone of the Wenger Out belief and also a commonly enough held belief in mainstream media.’

‘Yeah, felt all along the rumours of his departure were way too good to be true. Another 2 years of utter rubbish. Thanks Arsenal.

Count that money, Monsieur!’

‘I’m not overly happy he is staying like a lot of people but you have to apply some logic. Our board aint got a Scooby.’

‘Totally sick, I’ll probably be dead before he leaves the job

61 years a supporter clinging on to life to try and see a new era.’

‘Winning the FA cup it merely papers over the cracks over what has been an utterly dire season, Wenger would’ve made a very good decorator.

Make no mistake he is still past it.’

‘Very disappointing. Two more years of mediocrity and underperforming. He’s had two good opportunities to go out on a relative high, and he’s missed them both.’

‘In the last two decades he’s failed to reach the CL just once. If the objective is to be in the top 4, which lets face it it is by the board, then theoretically it’ll be harsh to sack him because of one season.

It doesnt matter what the fans want, its what the board wants. When us mere peasants start realising that we can be at peace with ourselves.’

‘I don’t believe the notion that all Wenger cares about is what’s best for the club, he simply loves the power he has coupled with the coin he makes.’

‘I’m just not going to get angry about it as I knew what was coming.’

‘Club’s an embarrassment.

Any other club he would be gone.’

‘It’s about the dough which is fair enough but it makes him a leech.’

‘The blame for this one is on Stan Kroenke for offering the deluded old man another one.’

‘I could do with a good drink.’

‘Any morons who renew their season tickets deserve all they get next season – which will be very little.’

‘We have entered Cloughie and Forest territory here. Next season, we will finish 7th and the season after, we’ll be down to 8th or 9th. I’m done now. I’m done with this.’‘Wenger saying the fans do not know what is right for their own club when he does.

Wenger is a freak and so is Kroenke. Both are very strange people that Arsenal have somehow got lumbered with until God knows when.’

‘Sad, sad times.’

‘Wonga wants to break Fergies record, not of trophies won but of hanging around collecting wads for being a specialist in failure.

Won’t be returning to home games until he’s gone, unless there is a massive “direct action” campaign to get rid of him. I mean proper continental Ultra style protests.

Respect to those that have tried to oust Wonga, the fight to rid Arsenal FC of both Wenger & Kroenke must continue.’

‘Arsenal FC 1886-2017


‘The next two years are gonna be awful.’


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