There have been many, many occasions when the collective fans of Newcastle United have come to St James Park and endured a testing or miserable experience. On the other hand, there are days like this, which go some way to making it all worthwhile.

The scene was set out in comprehensive detail. To add the Championship title cherry to the top of the promotion cake, we needed to better Brighton’s result at Villa in any way, shape or form. If they won, it didn’t matter what we did.

The only focus Rafa and the players could possibly have, was on their own job of beating Barnsley and ensuring that only a Brighton victory would deny them the silverware. With Gallowgate flags putting on another fine display and the crowd pumped up to a season-high volume, the setting was very much in place for a carnival atmosphere.

There was some concern as Barnsley looked a little difficult to break down early on (it’s always a possibility that a team may just roll over on a final day, whatever blether is spewed forth about integrity etc) but United looked keen going forward. Atsu had a terrific first half, as you’d expect from a man seeking a permanent deal, with a pair of vicious drives bringing excellent saves from Tykes goalie Adam Davies, who had an impressively busy afternoon.

Atsu had already made a key contribution by the time he tried his luck, playing in the overlapping Yedlin to square the ball to Perez, who cheekily dinked it inside the far post with the inside of his heel in a near exact recreation of his Goal of the Month effort at West Brom a few seasons back. Absolute bedlam as the lead meant we were champions as it stood.

Early on in the match Isaac Hayden had received an obvious blow to the head, thankfully not serious as he emerged post-match to join in the celebrations. The stoppage from this created five minutes of first-half injury time – but alarmingly a similar occurrence at Villa meant their game went on even longer.

With United looking increasingly dominant more and more eyes were turning to events in the Midlands, creating mass phone usage and rendering it tricky to get an accurate reception. This meant that the false rumour that circulated of Brighton falling behind was given a few minutes of credence before the 4G caught up with itself.

With our rivals still scoreless, it was vital the game was put to bed second-half.

The whole situation took on a different perspective on the hour mark as emotions began to shift. First, United made it 2-0, a lead that Barnsley surely didn’t fancy chasing down. Shelvey’s free kick came straight back off the wall but Colback tidied up brilliantly and put Perez in behind the defence. His drive was parried by Davies but only as far as the unmarked Chancel Mbemba, who had ample time to lash into the unguarded net. More bedlam, but relatively short-lived as it quickly emerged that Brighton had a penalty. Again the phone reception was the enemy but it was ultimately confirmed that Glenn Murray had given Albion the lead from the spot and Villa defender Nathan Baker was off into the bargain.

This brought about a muted twenty minutes or so. I’d written earlier in the week that it would be spiteful to begrudge Brighton the title but there was a fair old inquest among my mates as to exactly how many soft penalties the Seagulls had required to top this table. This was also the prompt for a degree of acceptance that promotion was the ultimate goal and it had been a fine showing overall that was not to be undermined.

However, it did seem a bit anti-climactic after spending an hour as champions-elect, to be set to receive the slightly underwhelming runners-up trophy. Meanwhile, Shelvey hit the post after a mazy run, but the game was starting to have an air of second fiddle about it as people hoped against the odds for a favour from Villa. Barnsley broke and were denied by a fine stop from Elliot but still many had to tear their eyes from hand-held devices to see it.

In the dying embers of the game, a big boot forward from Elliot set in motion a truly unforgettable couple of minutes.

A Barnsley defender misjudged the bounce, allowing Mitrovic to nod on for substitute Dwight Gayle to slot in his 23rd of the season. Gayle celebrated with the “going up, going down” dance, a nice little moment on which to end the season. Then suddenly it happened.

As the cheers of celebration were dying down to warm applause, there was a second wave of explosion. Too big, too widespread to be the stuff of mischief or fantasy, it quickly caught the coat-tails of the goal celebration and the stadium erupted to another level. Villa had scored. The magnificently honourable Jack Grealish had continued to press until the final whistle and his 89th minute effort had handed Newcastle the title in brilliantly dramatic fashion.

Scream, shout, cheer, cry. Somehow in the midst of it all we had surpassed 90 minutes. No one sat down afterwards. Our game ended, another raucous cheer, but still they played at Villa. The team congregated by the dug out, huddled and waiting, as anxiety spread for what seemed like ages, then Boom! Pockets of further eruption illustrated beautifully by the wild celebrations of the clustered players. The seemingly impossible mountain of seven points had been negotiated and in the final reckoning sat at one delicious fat point in our favour. Newcastle were the champions.

I have great memories of the previous two presentation days against Ipswich and Leicester, as the already-crowned Champions paraded the trophy and celebrated their achievement. This one was the best. The ups and downs of the day culminating in an incredible minute of sheer elation gave an edge of unforgettable excitement, and even a hint that Newcastle United’s luck might just be changing.

Incredibly, the population of anti-Newcastle trolls swiftly changed their rhetoric yet again at this development, with spiteful gripes of how it took us until the last-minute of the season to win the league in spite of perceived fortunes splurged (£40 million transfer profit ya mugs). This was the latest incarnation after “aren’t even going up as champions”, “Rafa can’t manage at that level” and “Benitez won’t stay with you in the Championship”. In the case of our near neighbours some kind of dignified silence may be advisable as they contemplate their odds of trying to claim our trophy next season.

It seems some of the (Barnsley) away rabble today are part of this crew, as news of Brighton’s equaliser brought massive cheers and even saw one muppet set a flare off, for which he was swiftly ejected. His mates soon joined him outside though, with only a smattering of Yorkshire folk staying around for the presentation. I assume they must have thought it would cost money.

Now though, such matters of the Championship are behind us, and the delight at full-time was tinged with a bit of relief that we have now exited this division. The next matter of concern is the summer ahead.

Crucially, Rafa has made a point of stressing the need for patience and unity in the coming year, perhaps acknowledging that some will find a season of mid-table consolidation unpalatable, whereas it may be necessary as part of the grander long-term plan. It seems he remains convinced he can get Mike Ashley onside too, with the owner pictured post-match looking all smug with Rafa and the cup (maybe the plan was to get a few scoops in him then discuss budget?). If our manager can do that, he truly is a miracle worker.

To take the evidence of the turnaround of the past 12 months at the club from top to bottom, I’ve got faith that if anyone can do it, he can.

Thanks Rafa. We had a great day.

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Stats from BBC Sport:

Newcastle 3 Barnsley 0


Newcastle: Perez 23, Mbemba 59, Gayle 90

Possession was Barnsley 44% Newcastle 56%

Total shots were  Barnsley 8 Newcastle 15

Shots on target were Barnsley 3 Newcastle 8

Corners were  Barnsley 4 Newcastle 10

Referee: James Linington

Newcastle United:

Elliot, Yedlin, Mbemba, Hayden (Haidara 13), Dummett, Gouffran, Colback, Shelvey (Diame 72), Atsu, Perez, Mitrovic (Gayle 80)

Unused Subs:

Darlow, Lazaar, Anita, Murphy

Crowd: 52,276 (2,789 Barnsley)

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  • Andy Mac

    Nicely written Jamie.

    Strange how many fans of other teams get this club so wrong ? I put it down to jealousy as there cannot be any other excuse for their pathetic sniping. Now it’s up to us to ensure that Fatman does the decent thing and awards Rafa the keys to the club to let him get on with it !

    • hetonmag

      Andy, opposition fans tend to believe some of the rubbish written and spoken by certain journalist’s and pundit’s, you never see the southern press having a go at Arsenal fans for hounding Wenger out. So sod them all because only NUFC matters.

    • Steve Smith

      It is jealousy pure and simple.

      Jealousy of the local talent that has represented the counutey coming from the area, jealousy of the league’s top scorer being ours, jealousy of the packed stadium despite the lack of trophies for half a century, jealousy that we don’t take ourselves THAT seriously, jealousy of our seeming constant relevance to everybody.

      The media and the public will rarely talk about teams like Stoke or Everton. And even Man U are now only ever mentioned when it has something to do with them breaking a trasnfer record or how much money they have made in the last year. We’re always talked about though!

  • Grahame Johnson

    I think the hit of pure unexpected emotion caught many a mag out as a mate who is 63 said I was shaking and have never felt that way at a match before, we all loved that moment and no words or actions by anyone can take that away or diminish it

  • Leazes Ender

    Ashley is NOT a fit and proper person to own a football club!

    • Geordiegiants

      Charnley is not a fit and proper person to run a football club!

    • Oooh bobbi fleckman

      Oh give it a rest, enjoy the football for a day or so and stop the pathetic whining.

  • nevfur

    Yeah it was only the Championship Trophy but for sheer occasion, tension and sudden euphoria it was up there with one of my best matches ever and I am coming up to 56 having been there since the Fairs Cup days.
    Sad that the most noise from Barnsley was when Brighton scored and made it even more special at the end.
    Still buzzing now and it’s Tuesday morning. Thanks Rafa.

  • Mark Scott

    Was a weird feeling, expecting nothing or the bare minimum of success and getting everything was a feeling long since forgotten. Was great and the article the other day summed it up – what a boost for the younger generation to have that feeling and see exactly WHY we support the club the way we do.

    Assuming Ashley doesn’t drop one of his usual clangers (he has a habit of making these types of scenarios into a massive fustercluck) then this could be the start of getting the fans and club back on the road to what used to be. It gives everyone a reminder of the better times and the hope of more to come.
    I think we are all realistic enough to know that a large squad change is still needed and that next season is all about survival, but if Rafa stays and gets sufficient backing then our longer term future looks brighter.

    I actually just hope that it doesn’t adversely effect Brighton and they push on as well, didn’t begrudge then the title, pleased we are both going up and hope we both do well next season.

    • Andy Mac

      “Was great and the article the other day summed it up – what a boost for
      the younger generation to have that feeling and see exactly WHY we
      support the club the way we do”

      Yet thinking back to PR (Pre Rafa) days, this club and the fans were almost diametrically opposed ?

  • Wor Monga

    A very good account of the occasion Jamie…

    …I missed the 55 cup year by a few months (coming up to 10yrs old), but I’ve been at just about the lot since, including the successful 69 fairs cup…and the euphoria afterwards, but for me there’s never been anything to match the feeling, on Sunday when Villa equalised and the 52,000 lifted the lid… wildly as one…real storybook stuff, and really well deserved…

    …with a perfect ending!!!

  • Wor Lass

    Another good post, Jamie – keep it up in the PL, m8! Don`t be too hard on the trolls – we need the controversy they bring to keep the websites interesting when things are going well. Hopefully, that means we`ll be needing them for a long time to come!

  • Berkshire Mag

    Was it just me but was Sky desperately trying NOT to give us any credit or coverage? All relegation coverage and barely a mention of our dramatic title win, I get the feeling if Brighton had done it Sky would have been all over it. Difficult as an exile to get to games, bad enough Sky can’t be arsed. Thanks Jamie for helping me feel the days elation I could only replicate by screaming YES at the top of my voice several times and running round the living room like a madman!!

    • Christopher Rannigan

      And if we had lost a 7 point lead. Sky would have been all over it.

      • Berkshire Mag