The media claims that Sunderland could be interested in Alan Pardew to replace David Moyes, have produced a very wide range of emotions amongst the Mackems.

Sunderland fans still relieved that Moyes has exited but now faced with the challenge of welcoming his replacement.

A bit like Nile Ranger, isn’t it great as a Newcastle fan when Alan Pardew is now somebody else’s problem, or rather, is going to be shortly.

Will it be Sunderland? Very unlikely.

However, have a read through the following and just sense the fear that oozes from so many of them at the mention of Alan Pardew…

Comments from Sunderland fans via their main message board Ready To Go:

‘Would be funny if he was a massive success here….imagine how much the mags would hate him!

Ha ha ah could be amazing!’

‘The bloke is a despicable person. Its difficult to refute as well. How many other prem managers have nutted a player or called the opposition manager ‘an old c…’?’

‘Look people. We are in a mess.

We can ill-afford starting to reject managers because have a personal dislike of him.

He is good. He has a proven track record. He will annoy the mags if he starts winning. Good enough for me.’

‘I’d be gutted if we appointed him.’

‘No he isn’t good, he doesn’t have a proven track record.’

‘Seems some Sunderland fans are wanting Pardew just because Newcastle don’t like him.

He’s horrendous, plays rubbish football, ruins players, blames everyone but himself, he’s the smuggest man in the world, and he has everybody convinced he’s half decent. His record is absolutely terrible.’

‘Not a likable man but would no doubt (for a season at least) do really well with us. Tailor made for him really.’

‘He normally does start well….was he not the LMA manager of the year in his first year at the mags?’

‘Took over December 2010, then won the manager of the year for 11/12.

Lost a minimum 19 games a season thereafter.’

‘I’ve a very bad feeling about this.’

‘Although I’d be against it, the meltdown from the Mags would be comedy gold.’

‘There’d be no mag meltdown.

More like laughter and jubilation.’

‘Wouldn’t be a bad choice.’

‘I’ve renewed but won’t be going if this was to happen

Short surely knows fan morale is already on the floor. he’d never get away with this.’

‘Rather have moyes back.’

‘I’d have him here tomorrow personally.

Some of the comments on here are embarrassing.

‘If this happened, I’d probably just pack in supporting the club altogether and look to set up a new club, Sunderland Albion. This would be the biggest kick in the face they could possibly give us.’

Moyes is a busted flush and finished as a manager. Pardew is a horrible hateful human being.’

‘He’s got absolutely no class or respect for anyone else. That puts me off more than him being ex Newcastle manager – the headbutting and swearing at other managers.’

‘Tin hat on….

He’s passionate.

Seems to be able to get players playing for him.

And can convince players to come to the club he’s at….’

‘I’m pretty much done with Football as it is, this would be the final nail.’

‘Eh, I thought anyone would be a better option than Moyes?’

  • Steve Smith

    Pleeeeeeeease make it happen Ellis!

  • MadMag83

    League One for the unwashed!

  • TheFatController

    Why not get him in? Ellis Short treats managers like the loans market.
    ‘Come and see if you can resurrect your career with a year in our hot seat…’
    Next year, John Carver.

  • Polarboy

    His interviews would be comedy gold. He’d instantly turn into the biggest mackem who mackemed. He’d likely try to turn our hatred of him into a us versus them thing if he were to take over. So yes, please make it happen, I don’t even mind if they get promoted given he usually has a decent start to jobs. It will make it all the sweeter when he inevitably takes them down again, with a few drubbings from us along the way.

  • Toon fan

    He won’t get the Mackems job. They are not that daft are they?

  • Jimblag23

    I love the way lots of fans, some of these included think we have this irrational hatred of him.
    For reasons such as he’s from London etc.
    He’s a terrible, terrible manager (plus a smug [email protected] with no dignity) full stop.
    I’d absolutely love him to go to SAFC.

  • Paul Busby

    What a confused bunch they are.

  • 1957

    It will never happen…he’s available, Woodman has just quit his job, Geordie John is out of work, but they would have no one to hold the door open for the players, that essential member of the dream team, Stone, is Managing Director of Norwich City now.

    • Jimblag23

      Classic 👍

    • Horses Heed

      Thats a different Steve Stone you bullet

      • 1957

        I stand corrected…and so does Wikipedia’s Norwich City site, it has our former star coach listed as being in the job. Our Steve Stone it seems is able to live part of the year in Dubai these days.

        Would he come back to help the boy’s out, probably. I’m sure another pay out when they were sacked for doing a c##p job.

  • Jezza

    “He has a proven track record”

    Well you can’t argue with that can you. He’s been a proven failure in every job he’s had.

  • 5floorshigh

    a match made in geordie heaven

  • Toon Army AZ

    Adding an egotistical manager to a team suffering from self-inflicted financial limitations is not a recipe for success. Like pouring gasoline on a fire.

    Makes me appreciate what Rafa has done at NUFC even more.

  • Alreet

    He has a track record of losing the most games in a row. Nutting a player. Calling a manager a Lunt. And now for the cherry being presented as the gaffer for the scum.

    In the words of our favourite manager i would love it. Down with the villa by xmas

  • Jezza

    It was inevitable that Pardew was going to be linked with the Sunderland job. I just can’t see it actually happening though but.

  • Munich Mag

    He’s desperate for a job and the makkems need all the help they can get. The chronny would love it.

  • Rich Lawson

    Unlikely,and yet he needs a job and has shown he is happy to work with no money and lay the blame elsewhere,usually gets an initial bounce before plummeting,did two parties ever deserve each other as much as this ?

  • NUFCDan

    I’ve no doubt he’d be excellent for the mackems. He seems to rile all the players up and get them to play out of their skin for 6 – 12 months and then as soon as the initial bounce is over he’s found out as being useless tactically, rotten in the transfer market and a terrible man manager. I’ve no doubt our hatred towards him would spur him on take the job and feed his ego.

  • Albert Stubbins

    in the words of King Kev- I’d love it, just love it.