There are claims that the new Newcastle home shirt has been leaked.

An image (see below) is now circulating which is allegedly the new design.

In April, Newcastle United confirmed that a special 125 year badge would be part of the new look kit for the 2017/18 season, celebrating the formation of the club as we know it in 1892.

The shirt design below includes that badge, plus potentially the identity of the new club sponsor.

The Chronicle recently claimed that they knew that replacing Wonga was going to be a Chinese betting company and that is what is also shown on this circulated image.

With no league sponsor now, Premier League clubs are also allowed to have a separate brand on the sleeve as well as the main sponsor on the front of the shirt.

Though of course clubs can choose to sell the whole package just to one sponsor.

newcastle home shirt

On this Dwight Gayle image you can’t see if there is indeed a sleeve sponsor as well, though it would be a surprise if the new kit doesn’t include this extra sponsorship/advertising.

News of a  potential sleeve sponsor if/when back in the top tier, had already seen some Newcastle fans worrying that this will be Mike Ashley’s first route into putting Sports Direct branding on the NUFC kit.

Official Club Statement 13 April 2017:

Newcastle United has revealed the commemorative crest that will be used to honour the club’s 125th anniversary season.

The gold and silver design is based on the Magpies’ existing crest – itself based on the Newcastle upon Tyne coat of arms – and a golden adornment has been added to mark the milestone year.

The new variation will appear on the club’s classic black and white stripes during the 2017/18 season and will also feature on away and third kits throughout the club’s anniversary campaign.

Newcastle United was formed in the summer of 1892 when Newcastle East End absorbed the assets of city rivals Newcastle West End, including the lease of St. James’ Park.

A new name for this stronger, unified club was chosen and ‘Newcastle United’ was officially recognised that same year on 9th December.’

Previous media reports have claimed that the new home kit will be released in June.

  • Paul Patterson

    Can’t see a sleeve sponsor like..

    • Scottpaige

      It’s only a cobbled up image of shirt and sponsor. Take it with a pinch of salt

  • Martin

    Just when you think a you couldn’t possibly get a sponsor as ugly looking as wonga…

    The shirt itself is quite nice, but the sponsor makes it look hideous.

  • 1957

    I’m sure Fun88 have sponsored PL teams before, Spurs and someone else. Spurs still have some link with them which was announced last summer.

    • Steve Smith

      Were they not also programme sponsors a few seasons back when Pardew was around?

      Sure I remember seeing them as “official match day gambling partners” or something to that effect.

  • Kev-82

    That does look a bit hideous. The sponsor takes up too much of the shirt.

  • MadMag83

    The design of the actual shirt is quite nice.

    • Jezza

      Yes, quite traditional especially with a black stripe in the middle. I like it too. Just a pity about the hideous advertising logo.

      • MadMag83

        Yeah its a pity they didn’t see fit to drop the shirt sponsor for the season. I think some Spanish clubs have done that before on special edition shirts.

  • lukegte

    Wouldn’t actually be so bad were it not so lop-sided. If it just said FUN88 in one straight line, it’d good. The shirt design itself is great

  • Viking21

    Would look so much better if the logo was black, outlined in white (or vice versa) the blue just seems lazy to be honest… That said – the shirt itself is nice and I can see this growing on me…

  • Desree

    Best look8ng puma shirt yet

  • Alex

    I’ve no problem at all with S….. D….. being on the shirt – just as long as they pay the going rate. You know, “every last penny” and all that.

    • Leazes Ender


  • Looney Toon

    I don’t think that’s the actual kit sponsor. Or at the least it’s a mock-up and not the real deal. The left side doesn’t come close to lining up with the stripes. The whole thing is also angled up and to Gayle’s left. I’d be surprised if this is actually what it looks like. I do like the shirt itself.

  • mactoon

    Burnley are sponsored by FUN88 and the logo is very similar in size. Again it’s just a mock up but I don’t care if SD are on the sleeves as long as they pay like their head office said they were going to in the last accounts

    • wowski13

      Burnley are sponsored by Dafabet these days, think they might have been FUN88 last time in the Premier League though, logo is similar

      • mactoon

        corrected :)

  • Grahame Johnson

    No sponsors on kids tops again, I need to lose 10 stone any diet tips must include pies

  • Phildene

    It looks quite nice and wouldn’t mind getting one, especially if it’s a commemorative strip

    • Leazes Ender


  • Leazes Ender

    乐天堂 走开