Manchester United paid around £90m for Paul Pogba last summer, a new World Record transfer fee.

That has helped them to a guaranteed sixth place in the Premier League with one game to go, 24 points behind champions Chelsea.

If you want to go for a really impressive figure, the two Manchester clubs have spent well over £1billlion between them in the past four years.

Manchester United £157m (2016/17), £133m (15/16), £166m (14/15), £66m (13/14) and Manchester City £181m (2016/17), £180m (15/16), £75m (14/15) and £99m (13/14) – (all figures via

That level of spending is of course beyond Newcastle United, even if they had an owner who wanted to add extra investment in the transfer market.

Figures such as Pogba’s crazy transfer fee for a player who usually looks little more than quite good, has led some Newcastle fans to go in the other direction, with claims Rafa Benitez will be able to find all bargains (under £10m) to significantly improve his Championship squad.

The fact that the Newcastle Manager felt the need to bring in £13m Matt Ritchie and £10m Dwight Gayle to get out of the Championship (to go with £14m signing Jonjo Shelvey etc), tells you that this budget ‘plan’ isn’t realistic.

Basically, Rafa Benitez needs to be given an open shopping trolley rather than an open cheque book, the freedom to shop around at different levels with a certain budget to spend as he sees fit.

This summer, all being well, we can envisage everything from loan signings and even out of contract signings, right through to £20m+ players bought in.

Alan Shearer proved over 20 years ago that spending £15m, even back then, could also be a bargain.

When bringing players in, it simply has to be all about what value they can give to the team/squad next season and potentially moving forward. A bit like buying a house to live in, rather than simply treading water before you hope to sell at a profit.

Football of course is a team sport before anything else and it is all about getting 11 players coming together as a unit, as a far greater priority than feeling the need to pay £xxx for a player.

However, not spending realistic money would take Newcastle United on a road to nowhere.

Rafa Benitez is on a longer-term project, allowed to bring in his own players who knows where we can end up.

  • Andy Mac

    “If you want to go for a really impressive figure, the two Manchester
    clubs have spent well over £1billlion between them in the past four
    years”. Money well spent on winning 1 PL title, an FA Cup and a League Cup between them ?

    • Desree

      We need more speed and mobility. Look what kante, mahrez did for leicester. It isn’t about skill it is about speed and stamina.

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    lets hope it`s spent on 5 class players who are fit for purpose in the premiership & not a load of stop gap shyte

  • Burt Humperdink

    I do think it will be a mix and match of fees from Rafa with maybe 1-2 15-20m deals, at least one free transfer and one loan player and everything in between. If it is true that he has 70m to spend, which considering how much Mclaren had to spend isn’t nuts, then he should be able to afford this easily. I threw some figures together to get a feel for how it could go.

    Cairney 20M AM
    Striker 20m
    Maguire 8m + Hanley CB
    Delph – 10m AM/RW
    Mooy – 10m CM
    Atsu – 6.2m RW/LW
    Plus 1 loan (Ake etc) plus 1 free (Zabaleta, Defoe etc)

    Total £74.2

    We could then get back some if not lots of money for at least Lazaar, Selz, Diame, Murphy, Krul, De Jong.

  • Rich Lawson

    Best part of the Pogba transfer is that they had already had him and let him go for a pittance,something they may now have to repeat with Michael Keane ?

    • Down Under Mag

      Don’t they have a sell-on clause though so they actually get 25% of their transfer fee back anyway which is why the fee is mor ethan it should be??

      • Rich Lawson

        Your right,I hadn’t considered that,still think they look a bit daft buying players back that they have let go in the not to distant past tho’ ?

  • Down Under Mag

    You can’t judge fee’s based on the big spenders…clubs know they are rich and have money to burn so automatically hike the price. Add to that they are buying proven performers (at least players in form) and often from clubs who don’t need to sell on the cheap. We are not in that bracket and for us and Rafa it is all about finding players who can do the job asked of them and that could well include some untested players or certainly some bargains. Then it is up to Rafa to do what he did at Liverpool and find some gems and get the most out of the rough diamonds as well.

  • Leazes Ender

    Like I said …. we’ve just won promotion from the ‘Third’ tier of football to the second… will Benitez stay with a club that will position itself tenth….. year after year…. No!