Looking ahead to the new season, Ayoze Perez says ‘it will be difficult’.

The midfielder/striker says that with quality players attracted to the Premier League each season and every club improving, competition is going to be fierce back in the Premier League.

Despite this, the Spaniard thinks it is going to be a ‘great year’ for Newcastle United.

When it comes to Ayoze Perez himself, ‘difficult’ is the perfect word when trying to describe how he fits in at St James Park and also, in terms of evaluating whether his attributes are good enough for this Premier League return.

Due to a lack of proper investment in the squad, Perez found himself going straight from the Spanish second tier and into the Premier League when arriving in summer 2014.

Unlike so many foreign players thrown in straight away (far too early) at Newcastle, the then 21 year old did pretty well in the circumstances.

Featuring in 36 of the 38 Premier League matches, Ayoze Perez helped Newcastle just about manage safety with 39 points, picking up seven goals (no assists) in 25 starts and 11 appearances from the bench.

Another poor summer of recruitment (albeit more money spent) and another relegation fight in 2015/16. Once again Perez featured in most (34) PL games, starting 22 and 12 from the bench.

The team relegated this time (2015/16) and Ayoze Perez registering six goals and two assists. The number of matches started and the goals/assists suggested he hadn’t really kicked on after a promising debut season, though in a relegation team it is a bit harder to judge.


Ayoze Perez league record at Newcastle so far:

2014/15 – 7 goals and 0 assists (25 starts and 11 from bench)

2015/16 – 6 goals and 2 assists (22 starts and 12 from bench)

2016/17 – 9 goals and 6 assists (25 starts and 11 from bench)

Ayoze Perez:

“It will be difficult…I say this because every year the Premier League is getting better.

“There’s a lot of quality players coming to the division and it happens year after year.

“Every team improves their squad and spends a lot of money, so we have to be ready.

“We have to think about what we have to do and I think it is going to be a great year for us.

“We are promoted – let’s enjoy it a little bit.

“We have lots of time to think about the Premier League and what we can do as players is make sure that we are ready for it.”

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  • Sing in the Leazes

    There came a point somewhere in Jan/Feb for me, after watching him spurn our best chance of the game, again, where it dawned on me that he is never going to come good. He misses too many sitters. He may have flashes of brilliance but he’s not brilliant. He’s not daft mind. There’s a bright lad in there but I reckon that’s why he looks so down half the time. He’s painfully aware of his own shortcomings.
    He ended the season in his best form but for 40 games he wasn’t contributing nearly enough. And he should know better by now.
    Love to see him grow into the player he should be but we know he won’t.
    Agree 100% with the article that he represents a level we need to be better than next season.

    • steve

      He just isn’t a lone striker, his strength lies in his link up and bringing those around him into play, a few times this season he completely turned the game around when brought on alongside someone else (Norwich in particular), for that reason he’s never going to come good under Rafa.

  • HappyToons

    He isn’t good enough for the premiership. Compare him say to sausage factory Chris Waddle signed from Tow Law at the age of 20, or pit man Alan Shoulder from Blyth Spartans at the age of 25, I would take the latter two.

    Also Mitro will be 23 just after the season kicks off and it will be his make or break season., if he is still here.

    We can’t have passengers in the Premiership. We need to have players who can perform consistently. That is the difference between a relegation fight and top 8, for starters strikers who can score those sitters.