An interesting situation played out on Sunday where Aston Villa fans were concerned.

Newcastle United had spent their Championship season with Brighton as easily their biggest challenger on the pitch, whilst when it came to rivalry/name calling off it, Aston Villa were comfortably the biggest irritant.

With Newcastle expected to comfortably beat Barnsley, which they did, it meant the destination of the Championship trophy was always going to be down to how much of a game Villa gave Brighton.

In the event, the match/day was full of incident and twists & turns, this is how it played out in the eyes of Aston Villa fans.

Very entertaining.

Comments from Aston Villa fans via their top message board Villa Talk:

During Sunday’s matches:

‘Newcastle winning, Brighton need a goal or will finish second.’

‘Good thing about all this injury time is that Newcastle can celebrate winning the league for 10 minutes until we concede a stoppage time goal handing it back to Brighton and making the geordies cry some more.’

‘Now how is that a red?’ (Villa player sent off and Brighton score penalty)

‘So Brighton try to break our players legs, hack a player down in their area and nothing happens. As soon as we commit a little offence the ref has amazing vision. Hope the ref crashes his car on the way home.’

‘On the bright side it takes the title away from the barcodes so, swings and roundabouts.’

‘Grealish hands Toon the title.’ (Villa equalise in 89th minute)

‘Good, Brighton have tried to kick lumps out of us all game and clearly paid off the ref!’

After the final whistle:

‘Newcastle can stop hating us now.

It was a decent performance.

Finishing 13th is an abomination!’

‘Much as i don’t want the barcodes to win the title, we so deserved something out of that game, they kicked us all over the park and got one yellow card.

much better performance all round, just hope Hogan isn’t crocked again.

worse ref i have ever seen.’

‘Well done to Brighton, their fans are resolutely nice, the type of people that put their change in the charity box at McDonalds and hold doors for you, they won’t worry too much, the big prize was already won.

I felt a bit bad about laughing my head off at our late equaliser, which we deserved but didn’t deserve to go in, even though I also felt a little sad that it meant Newcastle were champions, even though actually Newcastle’s fans have always been alright or at least were until they started hating us, which maybe now they’ll stop.

It’s that sort of day, I’m not sure if I’m looking at clouds or silver linings. That sort of season.’

‘Hourihane looked good, and the midfield seemed to push forward a bit more today and we looked stronger for it. 

They had good spells but their goal only came from an almight Baker cock-up, for which he arguably shouldn’t have been sent off.  I’m not sure about the specifics of the rule change but I thought they only sent players off in those circumstances now when it’s a professional foul?’

‘What a dirty team Brighton are. That and having the ref in their pocket. Shameful.

Glad they didn’t win the title because of that.’

‘Thank…..another season is over.

I thought football was meant to be enjoyable?’

‘Horrible season overall.

Bruce out.’

‘One of the best performances I’ve seen this season, I bet the ref must be gutted, he clearly wanted the visitors to win.’

‘The referee was awful today. Their penalty was harsh, the player had already had his shot saved when Baker made minimal contact. A red and a penalty was extremely harsh. Then Davies gets dragged down at the other end and the ref doesn’t care.

I quite enjoyed spoiling their party, their keeper did well up until our goal and you can see how gutted he was.

A lot of work to do now to be ready for next season.’

‘We were the better team for 90 minutes, despite going down to 10 men. THis is against the best team in the league (arguably) who were playing for the league title.’

‘I was shocked at how poor Brighton were. They deserved nothing out of the game not even the draw and judging by how their players collapsed at the end of the game they wanted it for sure.

We were miles better and we were not very good.’

‘How Brighton got promoted is beyond me based on seeing them today, they will struggle big time in the PL.’

‘We’ve spent much of the season sucking the fun out of football, losing is no fun and we’ve done some of that, not scoring is no fun; there’s been plenty of that, and over the last couple of months we’ve worked hard on finding ways to suck the fun out of winning too. Really, the only thing left was to suck the fun out of somebody else’s football; mission accomplished, sorry Brighton.’

‘We were undone today by the referee who must’ve been a Sunderland or Boro fan as he desperately wanted Brighton to win and become champions ahead of Newcastle.’

‘I left on 86 minutes so missed Jack’s equaliser. It was that kind of day for me. Couldn’t be bothered with a ‘lap of appreciation,’ and I wanted to beat the traffic and also avoid a ‘walk of shame’ past the Brighton supporters given how it was going.

Sorry, I can’t clap 13th… I went a bit high horse I’m afraid… the money they earn etc. I just can’t clap 13th after everything that’s gone on. We won nothing, we saved ourselves from nothing… the whole season fizzled out to a ‘meh.’

So, walking down Witton Lane towards the station, I walked by half a dozen ‘Brighton Champions’ scarf sellers. LOL, in the end.

I have no malice for Brighton and in truth, I would have loved it… just LOVED it, if they had beaten the barcodes to the glory. But Brighton as a side (not the supporters) deserved to not win that game against us. The referee contrivances and their ‘bullying, conniving’ nastiness on the pitch.

Justice was served… even on me, missing out on a Grealish goal at the Holte. I don’t want to hear about Villa now until mid-July.

Sod you.’

  • Andy Mac

    “Finishing 13th is an abomination!” You got that right ! How much did you lot spend ?

    • Jezza

      Well at least they’ll hold on to their self proclaimed title of “The biggest club in the Championship” for another season.

      • HappyToons

        Not according to the Mackems who are the biggest club in their tiny little minds. That said if they start next season with 37-40k then I’ll credit them with being in the top three biggest clubs after Leeds and Villa. If you are old enough to recall the 73 final when they beat Leeds, it was called a ‘Giant Killing’. Leeds on that basis alone must be a bigger club than Sunlan’ ;-)

        • Jezza

          Yes I remember the 73 cup final. That kind of result, second division beating first division wasn’t as a big an upset back then as it would be today. English football was a lot more competitive in the 70’s, there was no huge financial gulf between the top clubs and the rest and there wasn’t much difference in standard between the top two divisions.

  • Doug Dacre

    I know a few Villians and they are in winge overload, but do see the funny side and hope we can all be friends again…..

    • Leazes Ender

      It’ll be just like Auf Wiedersehen Pet…. I don’t mind the ‘Barrys’

  • Paul Busby

    You know, after the game I was thinking, “you’re finally forgiven Villa”. But after reading the comments it seems that, in the most part, they wanted Brighton to win just so we didn’t get the title.
    If that really is the case, I hope they stay down there and rot away into near insignificance.

    • Leazes Ender

      Read it again, you are mistaken… the only animosity was originally a wind-up between Lee Ryder and his opposite number on the Birmingham Echo, and one Mag writer who jumped on the bandwagon…. nowt to fill the pages in with.

      This is how Nazi-ism starts!

      • Derek

        No. That is not the reason we hate Villa!

        • Leazes Ender

          You hate Villa…. you moron!

      • Rich Lawson

        Did they all meet in the beer hall afterwards then ?

  • George

    I don’t Hate Villa, never did. Their fans have go at us, WHY? I don’t care we are the CHAMPIONS.

    • Tim Boddy

      It was those pre-prepared relegation banners that made me dislike them.

  • MadMag83

    To be honest I’ve never blamed Villa for our relegation, it was years of poor leadership that was to blame. But that said any lingering grudge needs putting to bed now, they’ve inadvertently helped us win the title. And you can see from some of the comments from Villa fans that Brighton are a poor team that have been aided massively by refs this season, yet another penalty!

  • Whickhamrobbie

    let it go ,let it go . I love Villa now and Grealish and Brucie,peaky blinders and even Nigel kennedy .

  • tbpierrot

    What? I thought they were the ones who hated us for no clear reason? They think we hate them? Oh dear, I love the game but f**ks sake, football rivalries are a load of bollocks (apart from tyne-wear, of course!). Who even started this animosity between us and villa?

  • Jimblag23

    “people that put their change in the charity box at McDonalds and hold doors for you” cringe worthy bell end.

  • Tim Boddy

    “Hope the ref crashes his car on the way home.”

    Wow. Just…wow.