No prizes for guessing Newcastle United are top of the tree when it comes to average Championship attendances this past season.

At St James Park, a total of 1,175,484 Newcastle fans (and visitors) have attended the 23 Championship games, at an average of 51,108.

So just how big a gap was there between Newcastle and the rest? have published the following table showing all 24 clubs and their total number of home match crowds, as well as the average:

average championship attendancesAs the figures show (they have Newcastle’s total wrong by 42 and the average by 2 – this was due to an NUFC attendance wrongly quoted by some media earlier in the season), Newcastle had an average that was nineteen thousand more than the next club (Villa).

Over the course of the 23 home matches, St James Park saw an astonishing 437,000 more fans attending than Villa Park.

Looking at the numbers, you have Newcastle out on their own and then half a dozen clubs that were separated from highest to lowest only by six thousand on average, then it jumps another five thousand before you get to eighth placed Wolves with a twenty one thousand average.

Top of the crowds Newcastle and fourth placed Brighton were the clubs automatically promoted but only one play-off team features in the top eight average Championship attendances.

The four play-off clubs are Sheff Wed, Huddersfield, Fulham and Reading – they feature in 6th, 9th, 12th and 14th when it comes to crowds.

As for the three relegated clubs (Blackburn, Rotherham and Wigan), they were all in the bottom six when it came to average crowds.

Interesting to see Leeds United only fifth, considering what a high opinion their supporters appear to have of themselves and the fact they were promotion contenders for much of the season.Villa and Derby comfortably higher despite never troubling the top end of the table.

Championship matches at St James Park 2016/17:

52,079 Newcastle v Huddersfield

48,209 Newcastle v Reading

49,196 Newcastle v Brighton

52,117 Newcastle v Wolves

48,236 Newcastle v Norwich

51,885 Newcastle v Brentford

51,963 Newcastle v Ipswich

51,257 Newcastle v Cardiff

52,092 Newcastle v Blackburn

52,145 Newcastle v Birmingham

52,179 Newcastle v Sheffield Wednesday

52,228 Newcastle v Nottingham Forest

52,208 Newcastle v Rotherham

47,909 Newcastle v QPR

52,271 Newcastle v Derby

50,024 Newcastle v Aston Villa

52,131 Newcastle v Bristol City

51,903 Newcastle v Fulham

51,849 Newcastle v Wigan

48,814 Newcastle v Burton

52,301 Newcastle v Leeds

50,212 Newcastle v Preston

52,276 Newcastle v Barnsley

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  • Steve Smith

    Love how when crowd sizes are mentioned we always get the “Newcastle is a one team city”

    The population of Newcastle is about 300k.

    The population of just Croydon and Bromley is approx 900k. You wouldn’t get Crystal Palace with a packed 52k after half a century of winning nothing and a decade of Mike Ashley.

    • Leazes Ender

      The population of the Tyneside conurbation and beyond is where United’s fans come from…. its a regional club not a city club!

      • Steve Smith

        It’s the same with any other club though…

        Taking the Palace example, they almost have a monopoly on the surrounding Kent and Surrey.

        • Leazes Ender

          So the sums don’t mean a thing.

        • Nut

          No they don’t, in the premier league maybe but palace are a London club as are Charlton, outside of it there are clubs like Gillingham (who would arguably be the biggest) I can remember going to playoff final against Wigan at Wembley when the Gills had around 50,000 supporters.

          Now that’s a club that has the pottential to draw on Kent and surrounding areas should it ever manage to get somewhere. However with Paul Scally at the helm not gonna happen. Count yourselves lucky he makes Ashley seem like an angel!

  • Grahame Johnson

    A city that wins nowt and even that wtf moment on Sunday people are trying to dilute alas we turn up lose 2 games get written off and over 48000 turn up, some of our detractors are not even 1 continent teams never mind one city

  • HappyToons

    I think when we went up from the old second the average was around 30k and it was the third highest in the country! So Football has moved on with increased attendances every where, but our support is phenomenal in quantity, just needs the quality of the 70’s-mid 90’s!

  • Leazes Ender

    Are you going to do this table next season Jim?

  • TG

    Would be interesting to see what them average attendances are in a percentage of stadium filled. we are not far off 100% every home match then there is villa at a poor 75ish%.

    • Leazes Ender

      Well this is as good as it will ever get once Ashley’s student accommodation block starts to go up…. if ever there is ambition the club will need to move out of the City Centre with its transport links and pre and post match hospitality venues…. he’s killed the club off.