The £30m Tottenham paid for Moussa Sissoko was one of the funniest things Newcastle fans have ever seen.

In fact the whole of the footballing world have come to understand just how amusing the punchline was, apart from Spurs and their supporters of course.

Just think, if they had invested that money in a decent player, it just might have bridged that gap from second to first…

Less than nine months on from that Daniel Levy blunder, an even bigger joke of a transfer fee may be paid this summer.

It looks a case of only when, not if, Jordan Pickford leaves Sunderland.

Their only player who looks capable of attracting a decent fee…however, both the media and the mackems seem to be getting very carried away with what he is likely to sell for.

Yes he has looked decent BUT what has he actually achieved?

For all of the obvious Moussa Sissoko faults Newcastle fans were so aware of, he had shown devastating form for NUFC very early on and in very isolated patches in the years that followed. At the time always in the French national squad and one of their success stories at the 2016 Euros in France.

In comparison, you have Jordan Pickford.

He has only started 30 Premier League matches.

In his entire career so far the 23 year old has only kept four clean sheets in the top tier and won five Premier League matches – drawing five and losing 20!

Conceding a massive 51 goals in those 30 games, is it just maybe a classic case of a goalkeeping playing for a shocking team, then getting loads of shots fired at him so when he makes X number of saves, people forget about the goals he does concede and don’t judge him properly.

The speculated figures go up and up, with £30m and even £40m claimed to be achievable.

If Sunderland and their fans are relying purely on Jordan Pickford to turn their club around and fund an instant return to the Premier League, surely they are going to be left disappointed.

With so little to go on so far, surely any significant transfer fee (over £15m in today’s market) is going to have to include a massive proportion of it to be paid in the future if he hits certain targets – appearances for new club, England caps, new club finishing wherever in the Premier League and so on.

Possible money in the future won’t be any use to Sunderland and their fans…and David Moyes, if he stays on to complete the job!

Newcastle got ever so lucky with Moussa Sissoko and to a lesser extent with Gini Wijnaldum – but both those players had far far better profiles than Jordan Pickford – a goalkeeper with still all to prove.

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  • Phil K

    They want HOW much ? PML – then the poor lad will be playing Championship football next season. Half that would be ridiculously overpriced. You’re right. Even Sissoko – which was highway robbery of poor Spuds – was a better deal that this !!!!

  • Porciestreet

    From where I’m standing, Pickford is absolute quality, and if it wasn’t for him, the”5hyte” would have been gone by Christmas. To deride such a quality player is bordering on insane and I for one would have him at “The Toon” 2morrow.

    • Paul Patterson

      He did say he would never play for Newcastle.

  • Himanshu Dhingra

    Pickford has actually been quite good. 30 million for an English keeper in this day and age would be a steal IMHO.

    Moussa will be a joke for an eternity.

  • Himanshu Dhingra

    And it is like saying Dele Alli looks good because Spurs play free flowing football.

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    He`s a good keeper no doubt about that, £15m not 30

  • Savio

    Think he is worth the amount..he has been good for them and whomever signs him gets the future England No.1…But i dont want him anywhere near our club….

  • Damon Horner

    Goalkeepers generally cost less than outfield players, some of today’s best goalkeepers were nearly half as much as this claimed amount, whether he is a good ‘keeper or not can be debated but the value needs some perspective. It would value him beyond some of the best in the world.

  • Pelican

    Pickford’s wages wouldn’t be incredibly high, which would give Sunderland a chance to get an inflated fee. I believe that is the reason we got so much for Carroll. A £35 million player, but certainly not on a £35 million player’s wages at Liverpool.

    • Anni Selby

      we just take the offer,as the season is coming to a close,Dave Moyes is on the blink stepping down as boss,which is about right for some Sunderland fans want him out in their own eyes as you did with Alan Pardew.But you have to look at the bigger picture,comes from the board room,how to run a club which they failed to do as you lot found that out.

  • Tino11

    I like that photo of Moussa, I like how the perspective makes his head appear bigger than the bus, which if you think about his own ego it isn’t far off!

  • GeordieZebra

    We all knew sissoko was terrible.
    The fact this article provokes debate shows we don’t all think Pickford is.

    Pickford is young, English, on lower wages, will likely play for his new team and will have a resale value.

    Shows your opinion article is based on a bobbins opinion.

  • Lord

    I guess with Spurs getting 86 PL points and finishing second by miles, they won’t care much about the £30m (alleged) down the drain.

  • Brian Standen

    Have to say he may be a very good goal keeper but last two or three games he has done nothing to warrant that sort of valuation , in fact quite the contrary!
    The fact is there are very few top class English goalkeepers hence his publicity.

  • Haitchdee

    Not for me 10 million is too much We have good keepers use them

  • Alreet

    A top 10 team will pick him up. Not for us though. Darlow is still very good and still learning. Elliott is still very good indeed. Krul could be expendible. Selz needs to go out on loan at least and woodman has been in the england squad. We dont need another.

  • Taz

    Elliott is better… why does the media still keep going on about the SMB… Fk him. Can’t say anything about sissoko as he is a waste of time

  • Rich Lawson

    £30 mil’ would make him the 2nd highest priced goalkeeper of all time !! Everton have supposedly had a £15mil’ offer knocked back and are looking at Joe Hart (Englands no1) for less than the quoted 30 instead ?

    • Paul Patterson

      I’d take Joe’s Hart

      • Whickhamrobbie

        for the right price

  • HappyToons

    Piggyford could yet prove to be top quality or not as good as first thought after another couple of years, but has done well this season. His distribution is good, but so is Woodman’s if you watch Armstrong’s goal for England. We also have Paul Woolston another England youth keeper who has done well in the hard league of knocks at Blyth Spartans. Woodman should be on the bench and probably would do a Pickford given a run of games. Goalkeeper is a position that doesn’t change whether you play for England or in the Premiership, it is about confidence and ability, if you have them both then you are ready. Pickford isn’t anywhere near as good as Jack Butland who at 24 will probably find his way to a bigger club than Stoke and play for England for the next 10 years.

    Also for those who like Joe Hart, you have to wonder why no top club fancies him. He tends to get beaten low down to his left if you watch the goals he concedes.

    Best keeper ever-Peter Shilton. In a midweek game against Leicester back in the 70’s he was brilliant and John Gibson gave him a deserved 10 in the Chronicle, never seen a better goalkeeping performance. Then Pat Jennings for natural ability, a full length dive and catching with one hand, or going one way and saving with his foot. Then Gordon Banks who was the text book Keeper. It would be good to see a British keeper like those three. Butland though IS TOP QUALITY!

    • Viru leckworth

      Agree about Butland,

  • Doug Dacre

    Don’t agree, if Pickford is as good as they say, and they know more than we, then why not £30m, if someone is willing to pay it…..Levy is now skint with WHL 2, so try Liverpool as they are always good for a few quid.