These last two home games haven’t been pretty but those ever so valuable six points have put Newcastle United on the brink of promotion.

This is where we are now at…

A win for Newcastle at Sheffield Wednesday would ensure that nobody outside the top four could catch Rafa’s team (well Leeds technically could but they would need to win their last six matches, Newcastle lose their last five, and Monk’s men close a 27 goal inferior goal difference).

Brighton are vying with Newcastle for top spot and so that leaves only Huddersfield and Reading who could then interfere with the top two.

Newcastle are (see below) currently 10 points ahead of Huddersfield and 11 points ahead of Reading.

If Reading fail to win at Norwich then the most points they could end up with would be 89. Which means that if Newcastle beat Sheff Wed and Leeds they would be on 90 points with four games remaining.

So that just leaves Huddersfield.

They play twice before Newcastle meet Leeds on Friday night (see fixtures below) and need more than one point from the games against Forest and Preston, or else the most points they could get would be 90, the same as NUFC (assuming Newcastle beat Sheff Wed and Leeds), so with a 34 goal advantage in terms of goal difference that would be Newcastle effectively promoted.

The Newcastle v Leeds match was sold out a couple of weeks ago and already promises to be a cracker, just how much better would it be if Rafa Benitez and his team could be promoted that night?

The current Championship table on afternoon of Friday 7 April:


Upcoming Championship fixtures:

Saturday 8 April

Forest v Huddersfield (3pm)

Norwich v Reading (3pm)

Sheffield Wednesday v Newcastle (5.30pm)

Friday 14 April

Huddersfield v Preston (3pm)

Newcastle v Leeds (7.45pm)

Saturday 15 April

Aston Villa v Reading (3pm)

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  • Kev1664

    Was running some scenarios before. In every 6 match period 1-6, 2-7, 3-9,…,35-40 the lowest we’ve got this season is 9 points on 2 occasions. So if we were to pick up 9 and Huddersfield 21 we’d lose by 2 points 95 to 93 . However if Huddersfield lose or draw 1 game we win by 1 point or goal difference providing we don’t lose the other 3 by landslides and Huddersfield smash every team.

    51% of the time we’ve got between 11(21%) & 12(30%)points so even if Huddersfield won every game, unless they were landslides we’d win by either goal difference on 95 each or 96 to 95 points.

    I think something like 75-85% of the time we’ve had 11 or above points. So basically unless Huddersfield win every game, or we go completely off course were up.

  • gallowgate26

    Time to forget about promotion, Huddersfield and Reading aren’t good enough to win 6/7 straight matches on the bounce and time is running oot for both. We’ve got that in the bag already. Brighton winning away at QPR means we need to win the next two games to assert our dominance as title winners! As you can bet your bottom dollar that Brighton will win at home. ;) Hughton lifting the title and us 2nd would be a let down for me. Where’s peoples pride?