The move to Tottenham could have gone a little better for Moussa Sissoko….

L’Equipe recently reported that their information was that the midfielder’s representatives were due to meet Tottenham officials, to discuss the best way for Sissoko to leave in the summer.

A massive disaster for Spurs has seen £30m wasted on a player hardly used, whilst the final straw for Moussa Sissoko was surely Didier Deschamps dropping him from the French squad last month.

A fee of around £15m is being talked about and Crystal Palace were named as one of the clubs allegedly interested in the former Newcastle player.

Tottenham fans have followed up these reports in an amusing way.

A crowdfunding appeal has been set up to help the move along, the Just Giving page (see here) reading:

‘We’re raising £200 for a taxi to drive Moussa Sissoko to Crystal Palace Football Club.’

Newcastle accepted a remarkable £30m offer for Moussa Sissoko on deadline day last summer but Tottenham fans were quickly left wondering about their big summer transfer, wondering if just maybe Newcastle fans had been right about the waster.

For most of his time on Tyneside, the former Toulouse player had irritated Newcastle fans with repeated French interviews where he said he would have to move, so that he could fulfil his own personal ambitions and guarantee his international space, compete for honours and in particular, play regular Champions League football.

The European dream became a nightmare as despite Spurs struggling to qualify from the group stage, they ignored the talents of the former Newcastle player, only giving him one start and he was abysmal, as Tottenham crashed 1-0 at home in a vital game against Bayer Leverkusen.

When it comes to the Premier League it has arguably proved even worse for Moussa Sissoko, with Mauricio Pochettino giving him only six starts, the last of them being four months ago, back in December.

In this calendar year and without a league start, the Sissoko involvement has been as follows:

4 January 2017 Tottenham 2 Chelsea o (4 minutes for Sissoko)

21 January 2017 Manchester City 2 Tottenham 2 (12 minutes)

31 January 2017 Sunderland 0 Tottenham 0 (17 minutes)

4 February 2017 Tottenham 1 Middlesbrough 0 (9 minutes)

11 February 2017 Liverpool 2 Tottenham 0 (13 minutes)

5 March 2017 Tottenham 3 Everton 2 (3 minutes)

2 April 2017 Burnley 0 Tottenham 2 (45 minutes)

Yesterday he got a surprise full half on the pitch, as Harry Winks was stretchered off just before the break.

That almost doubled his time on the pitch since December. As Moussa Sissoko had only had 58 minutes in a number of brief sub appearances since the turn of the year.

Difficult as a Newcastle fan not to take some satisfaction/enjoyment from his plight, Moussa Sissoko having given so little in his time at St James Park and being a major factor in the eventual relegation, scoring only one goal all season.

  • Spursfan

    Sissoko is absolutely horrific but we didn’t pay anywhere near the reported 30m for him.

    • Albert Stubbins

      AYE big Mike gave him to his big pal Levy for two bob we know. Listen mate Ashley doesnt do bad deals or favours when it comes to cash- he’s had Levy over 100%- youve been had- accept it. If you think Ashley was taking payments over 6 years you’re deluded. Check out the accounts your club will soon be releasing!!! lol lol Thanks by the way.

      • Willothfc

        OK OK don’t rub it in. Remember we get to get our own back next season. Well done by the way. Coys!

        • Albert Stubbins

          youve had some of our best ever players so its about time the boot was on the other foot- Waddle , Gascoine (Kevin Scott????) NUFC

          • Willothfc

            Your right and don’t forget Ginola. Sissoko is really bad and I remember reading the comments from you fans regarding him and I couldn’t take in just how bad he is. As you say we have had some proper players from you that have gone down in our clubs history. So yeah, you got us with him. We have to take it on the chin. I can see Ashley really belly laughing on this one and even calling levy just to laugh and hang up. I just hope we can offload him to Everton. On a free even.

    • Hughie_Gallacher

      You’re almost certainly right. Some Newcastle fans got excited at the story as if the cash were going into their pockets.

      Levy’s no mug though, and more than a match for Fat Boy.

      • Jimblag23

        We’d of only accepted the Everton bid if Tottenhams had such ridiculous clauses.

  • Steve Hughes

    Nothing too see here…..move on.

  • matt88008

    I think most Spurs fans, who read the Newcastle fan websites at the time of the transfer, were left in no doubt as to Sissoko’s shortcomings. I think we can all respect Geordie fans as some of the most knowledgeable and passionate in football and to a man they were 100% critical of both Sissoko’s attitude and his technical limitations.

    I was strongly against the transfer and everything Geordie fans commented on has proven to be correct. The ‘me first’ attitude problem, the poor first touch, lack of close control/dribbling ability in tight spaces, wayward/wasteful shooting, all of which were in evidence in his typically unimpressive cameo against Burnley yesterday.

    The only thing you didn’t get right was the 30 million quid! Daniel Levy is not that stupid and the full amount will never see the light of Mike Ashley’s coffers! We understand that 17 million quid (still daylight robbery!) is the actual guaranteed amount and the balance, that would have been due over the period of a 5 year contract, will become null and void as soon as Spurs sell him (surely likely to occur this Summer!). As an aside, welcome back to the EPL next year!

    • Albert Stubbins

      apparently Levy is considering a 20 million pound bid for Diame? Would be a good signing for you- he’s even better than Sissoko, honestly :)

    • Wor Monga

      You got the first part correct…but the rest completely wrong…especially the bit about somebody taking the ‘plank’ off your hands…he’s won the ‘lottery’, and now he’ll sit back and enjoy the proceeds courtesy of THFC!!!

  • Billy Ellwood

    £200 for a taxi across London. Are you hiring a taxi from Newcastle for that job?
    I see the Spurs fans are donating the cash. Not.

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    £30m is nought to the Cockneys they have loadsa money

  • Wor Lass

    I don`t usually like the idea of slagging off individuals – especially when they`re playing for us – but I was happy to make an exception for Moussa! He is THE most conceited, deluded and self-centred person I`ve ever come across. He makes Pardew seem self-effacing and humble. I`ve never agreed with booing one of our own players but when he went off in that Bournemouth game last season I`d never heard anything quite like it and had to admit that it was well-deserved. It`s testament to Rafa that the guy actually turned out again and played his best string of league games – before or since!

  • Wor Monga

    I really love seeing the Spurs fans coming on here telling us about how they’ve got inside information that Sissoko was bought by their club on some spurious kind of ‘HP’ style agreement where they only need pay for him while he remains at their club…

    …that might make them feel better, but the staged payment deal for the £30m is covered by a legally binding agreement between both clubs, and will be fully redeemed over the length of the agreement, by the Tottenham Football Club…If they wish to remain as a viable PL club…it’s harsh maybe, but that’s the reality when you buy and sell players…

    …You’ve got the lad for the 5 years of his contract…because nobody else will give him a 5 yr contract on the fantastic money that he’s on now…you may get some mugs like Palace to pay his wages for a season or so, on loan, but let’s face it nobody is going to buy him for even half of what Levi paid…

    …nobody else is that stupid, are they?!!!

  • Toon Army AZ

    Ronald Koeman should pitch in to help. Spurs took a £30M bullet for Everton on deadline day.

  • Kev-82

    Saying as we robbed them on Sissoko maybe we could let them have Diame in the summer for a cut price £25m

  • Peter London

    I don’t think that Sissoko will leave Spurs this summer. I don’t believe anyone has put up money to buy him a taxi-ride anywhere. This is the web where all sorts of empty gesture and exaggeration is par for the course. I’ll be surprised if Janssen departs Spurs this summer, and nor do I believe that Lamela will leave Spurs. Oh by the way, all those ‘Pochettino to Barcelona’ stories — how are they coming along? These stories were on all the websites, and on some of them day after day, so don’t tell me it was all stuff and nonsense.

  • HappyToons

    I’ll give 20p to get Pardew in a taxi to manage the mackems