Newcastle away matches, best days of your football lives.

We don’t always win but what a laugh.

Great times away with your mates and some stand out more than others, usually because of the atmosphere rather than the results.

Friday night saw Rafa Benitez’ team beat Cardiff 2-0 and give them an outside chance of still finishing ahead of Brighton.

As well as the result the support was excellent from the 4,300 Newcastle fans who had made the trick trip on a Friday night.

Various fans have posted videos of the support (such as this one – HERE) and some Newcastle supporters claimed it was the best ever atmosphere, which has led to a discussion – must of it dependent on age, of what have been the top atmospheres down the years.

Here is my Top 10 atmospheres at Newcastle away matches, feel free to comment on my choices down below and give your own.

From number 10 to Number 1 – here we go:

Chelsea 2 Newcastle 1 – 9 April 2000

FA Cup Semi-final that we lost after winning the previous two seasons (though losing in the finals). The Sheffield United and Spurs wins were at Old Trafford but this was Wembley and when that Rob Lee goal went in, the noise…

Leeds 3 Newcastle 4 – 22 December 2001

Newcastle go 3-1 down and win 4-3, brilliant Nobby Solano goal in final seconds seals it, fans were class that day and result meant NUFC top of Premier League at Christmas.

Liverpool 4 Newcastle 0 – 6 January 1984

Kevin Keegan return to Anfield with NUFC in FA Cup. I have never been so buzzing after a four goal defeat!

Leicester 1 Newcastle 2 – 2 May 1992

The tension/emotion this day was just the worst. Final match of the season and Newcastle could be going down to the third tier. The backing for the players was superb and the eventual 2-1 win after pitch invasions, twists and turns…never have I felt so drained after a match.

Sunderland 1 Newcastle 1 – 14 October 1978

First ever away derby match and I was only a kid – Newcastle had half of the old Roker End and I have never been as squashed since, as I was that day. Terrifying and exhilarating in equal measures.

Feyenoord 2 Newcastle 3 – 13 November 2002

These things just don’t happen to Newcastle, lose the first three group matches and score last minute winner to progress in Champions League. Incredible scenes and support.

Sheffield Wednesday 4 Newcastle 2 – 19 November 1983

This end up being promotion year with Kevin Keegan but this match was incredible – Peter Beardsley was on fire! The support though was even better, with some 13,000 or so at Hillsborough creating a brilliant atmosphere in the away end.

Manchester United 5 Newcastle United 0 – 8 September 1984

Arthur Cox and Kevin Keegan had returned Newcastle to the top division, only for the club to spectacularly get it wrong and drive Cox away from St James Park. The shocking appointment of Jack Charlton was made but despite this, Waddle and Beardsley inspired Newcastle to wins in the first three matches, a midweek loss to Arsenal had been a setback but that wasn’t going to stop Newcastle fans as they had a chance to be at Old Trafford after years in the second tier.

This was an era where you just turned up and paid at the turnstile and is reported to be the biggest ever away following ever seen by Manchester United supporters. Newcastle had one end of the ground and as thousands more arrived, the Police were forced to also give NUFC fans part of the paddock, with that ever increasing until it spread halfway down the pitch.Predictably we lost by five but the support that day was simply mental – estimates of up to 15,000 having travelled.

Derby 4 Newcastle 1 – 20 April 1992

A match that Newcastle had to win as they fought relegation with Kevin Keegan rousing the troops on and off the pitch. The fans were class this day as one of the worst ever refereeing displays saw United get nothing and have three players sent off, as well as Terry Mac from the dugout!

The defiance of the Newcastle fans just got louder and louder with each goal/decision and on the pitch, Gavin Peacock and David Kelly were immense, even/especially when down to only eight players on the pitch.

Inter Milan 2 Newcastle 2 – 11 March 2003

Champions League at its best and the best ever away match atmosphere! Have you ever seen a Mackem in Milan?

(All contributions from Newcastle fans welcome, send articles (as well as ideas/suggestions) to [email protected])

  • Tony Mann

    Hillsborough 1983 – was that the match where Varadi scored for Wednesday and didn’t celebrate? I was spat at by a Wednesday fan, his mate was outraged, [email protected] him and apologised to me ! Really good atmosphere in the pubs.

    • Jezza

      Yes Tony Cunningham terrorised our defence that day too. Pity he was never able to recapture that same form when we signed him a couple of years later.

      • Tony Mann

        Remember it now – Varadi scored twice as him and Cunningham tore us apart. On the way out, I was spat at by a Wednesday ‘fan’. before I could do anything, his outraged mate apologised to me and [email protected] him. That aside, brilliant atmosphere in the pubs afterwards

  • Rich Lawson

    Hillsborough again for me,2-0 win over Burnley in the F.A.cup semi,we took the town over,brilliant and joyous day out for a loan teenager,atmosphere in the ground was mental !

  • Brian Standen

    Was at all of them so like me your old school! For me the Derby away game was about the best, the Baseball Ground ( Osmaston End) nearly crumbled under the occasion.
    Also one not mentioned FA cup semi v Spurs where in Extra time the fans lifted lifted things to a new level and Spurs visibly wilted.
    Great article, great memories !

    • nevfur

      lol I remember the stand at old Trafford actually bouncing up and down. Scary but amazing atmosphere

  • GeordieZebra

    Logged in to mention Chelsea semi at Wembley. When bobby lee scored, thought we’d cracked the trophy hoodoo! Amazing amazing few mins – then the ref & poyet killed us.

  • Mrkgw

    That performance from our away supporters last night really does take some beating. Credit to them all, an unbelievable bunch. Brilliant.

  • faraway_shores

    Some good matches in the article. 4-0 away at Liverpool was amazing. My personal favorite was away to Leicester 1984, first day back in the old first division when we won 3-2. Can’t beat the old days standing behind the goal.

    • Grahame Johnson

      Steve Carney scored, man u away was good that season

      • Big Al 1967

        Was a young un for that game at Old Trafford in 1984. Had to sneek out the house that day as had a temperature of 102 the previous two days. Told me Mum and Dad I was fine (Boy was I not!) but wasn’t going to miss it for the world

    • Jezza

      Ah yes standing behind the goals at away games back in the day. There was nothing like it. You couldn’t see a bleeding thing most of the time with a 15 foot steel mesh fence between you and the pitch as well as pillars and floodlight pylons not to mention poor ground design and construction causing large parts of the playing area to be obscured. You’d also invariably be packed in like sardines with home fans hoying all sorts of stuff at you from above as well as being constantly harrassed by the coppers. Still there was just something magical about it all.

  • 1957

    Grimsby 4th May 1993

  • Leazes Ender

    West Brom FA Cup 1974 the Howay the lads chant….

    • Grahame Johnson

      Two blokes I go to the match with 57 and 61 still talk about it, I watched it on you tube the roar when super Mac scored was loud, they both say over 10000 were there, plus our away top was class also they talk about a cup replay v Bolton in the 70s at Leeds they reckon about 20000 mags were there, I looked at the attendance and 43000 were there. I know how hard the 70s were for working class fans and that crowd was amazing

      • Simon Ritter

        That trip to Leeds and the slightly more civilised journey to Milan 27 years later are joint-top of my list. Added bonus of sharing the airport bus with Sven, then finding not only Ant but also Dec at the Heathrow luggage carousel. Fame at last!

    • HappyToons

      Spot on! Still remembered by Adrian Chiles who must have been young.

      Sheff U away Fa Cup late 70’s 0-0 but 10k tickets and an astounding noise from a covered shed end.

      Great atmospheres in most away cup games like Bolton; Liverpool ’84 and Spurs ’87 back in the day.

      The 5-0 defeat at Man U.

      Everton away ’88

      Home games

      League cup home semi v Spurs 76

      Fa Cup home V Forest 74

      Keegan’s debut v QPR (imagine a stadium with a roof on that day!)

    • jarra lad

      Agree. I was at university in Birmingham at the time and took my mates along – one a Leeds fan, one a Spurs fan and one a Forest fan – and they couldn’t believe the number of Geordies in the ground and the noise level generated by them. The performance was also first-class with Jinky Jimmy Smith, in particular, turning in a magnificent performance!

      • Grahame Johnson

        Muddy pitch and jinkys top stayed clean ha ha

      • Leazes Ender

        I was one of those keeping the chant going and going.

  • wowski13

    I’ve not got much crossover with the games listed above but one I’d include would be beating Man U in 2013. Not a soul left the away section for a good 30 minutes while we sang Cabaye’s name, we’d never won there in my lifetime. It was that solid a performance even Sissoko and Gouffran were excellent. with regards to the list above I’m still getting over Chelsea at Wembley!

  • Peter

    My first away match…Sheffield United in the FA Cup 3rd round, January 1977…at least 10 000 Newcastle fans there…excellent!

  • Geordiegiants

    I can’t believe Grimsby 93 isn’t in this list we took over the full ground, or Old Trafford v Spuds 1999 semi final, the full stand was moving up and down. It looked like it was gonna collapse.

  • Albert Stubbins

    was at the derby county easter game and a few others you mention but that day at derby was special (I witnessed it all from the derby section in them days I didnt care, lol) and you are right about the defiance of Newcastle fans that day. Im sure Ned threw his shirt into the Newcastle end at the end of the match as well- coppers helmets all over the place, lol. I would say pompey at home last few mins in 91/2 was as good as anything. Also cup game against Man utd in 89/90 has to be up there- boxing day man utd 86/7 season was better than anything – 2-1- goddard game- it was jam packed that day- god knows how many were in but it was above the 36,000 recorded. also mackems at home in jan 85. Beardsley hat trick game of an evening was very special. Elland in early 80’s with Newcastle was meant to be fantastic but wanst there so cant comment personally. The semi finals agaisnt sheff utd and especially spurs would take some beating- the stand I was in was literally rocking!!! All great times that no one can take from me- love Nufc.

  • Grahame Johnson

    May I just say I’ve enjoyed reading the comments it’s nice to hear other mags tale’s, on Friday many a young mag had one of those goose bump proud to be a mag moment that older mags have listed. Hope more follow for them and us. Many a mag including my mam and dad went to some of those games and are not with us but I know how proud they would have been of Newcastle United football fans last night,well done lads and lasses

  • Whickhamrobbie

    The Liverpool 4-0 defeat stands in my mind what a trip (was in not a friday night ?)

    • Grahame Johnson

      Bolton in Keegan’s first season was mental,mags in all parts of the ground as so many turned out we lost 3-1

    • Jezza

      Liverpool in 84 was a special night and another one that has always lingered in my memory was Anfield again in 88 when we won there for the first time in 34 years. A good half hour after the final whistle the Newcastle fans were all still in the ground celebrating.

  • Jezza

    Thought somebody would have mentioned Man City in 84.

    • Whickhamrobbie

      was that the 1-0 defeat ?

      • Grahame Johnson

        Think he meant promotion season we won 2-0

      • Jezza

        No we won, 2-0 I think or maybe 2-1. It was during the promotion season and City were our main rivals for the third promotion spot.

        • Albert Stubbins

          it was maine rd- beardsley and Keegan scored I think. 10,000 in the kippax and hell on afterwards!!

  • Whickhamrobbie

    At last a proper discussion not just talking about Villa, Pardew etc .
    More of this please .

  • Grahame Johnson

    Well said, it brings out what’s good in fans

  • Another Heaton Mag

    Grimsby 0-2 Toon. Blundell Pk. May 1993.
    San Siro..March 2003
    Arsenal 1-3 Toon, Highbury, December 2001

    • Andy Mac

      I flew back on a BA flight from Heathrow after that game at Highbury and the Captain made a reference to the fact he welcomed on board fans of the “best team in the land” !

  • Scarytymes

    There are some great memories from games there and I’m privileged to have been to most of them. I have a Man U supporting colleague who says that 5-0 game is the one where the most visiting fans of any team turned up to Old Trafford, not only filling the East Stand but moving into the Paddock up to the half way line. Big games were ticketed shortly after that and no one has been able to take anything like those numbers again.

    • Grahame Johnson

      Newcastle fans opened gates and climbed fences thankfully manc police let it happen, I was in the opposite corner, watching thousands of mags filling parts of the ground and Leaving hardly any segregation