As Sunderland fans prepare to find out for real…

They have been playing the hypothetical game of how they would have done in this season’s Championship.

The Mackems of course escaped last season due in part to the points Newcastle yet again gifted them.

Naturally this only delayed the inevitable as they have faced a season-long relegation struggle and their impending fate could be decided by 10 days time at the earliest.

So how do the Sunderland fans think they would have done his season in the second tier?

Comments via their top message board Ready To Go (to the Championship and then oblivion):

‘Theoretically, where would we now be in the Championship?

Where do ya reckon then, in the top 4, just outside the playoffs, around mid table or down the bottom?’


‘Under Moyes, bottom!!’

‘Hard to say depending on our business, which is obviously very important. I’ll go for about 10th right now.’

‘About where Ipswich are. Mind, with Defoe, I reckon any team in that division should be top 6.’

‘Mid-table like Villa.’

‘Depends on Defoe. He would be top scorer in Europe as long as someone didn’t cripple him.’

‘We’d have the best keeper, centre half and goal scorer in the division. Carrying the same amount of injuries I’d say 5-8th. Borini would be chipping in regular and Ndongndong would be a monster down there.’

‘Probably sitting on 6 points from the mags.’

‘Just underneath Burton Albion I reckon!’

‘With this team? Top on about 100 points.’

‘With our squad as it is… Top.

Maybe need a different manager like as moyes is a clown.’

‘We wouldn’t have had this squad of course, but if we did we’d have won the title a fortnight ago. Even with DM in charge.’

‘It’s about motivation, organisation and how the players we get in fit.

All three have been kittens under Moyes – I’ve no reason to expect we’d be doing much if any better in the Champo.’

‘6 points off relegation places.

If Moyes stays it will be the same for the next three years.

It’s called stability .Whoopi.’

‘Is this a trick question?

Theoretically we are currently one spot higher than Brighton.’

‘We’d be in the position Moyes already seems to be anticipating for next season based on the excuses he’s already supplying and that’s a relegation battle. If we had the Chelsea or Spurs squads, Moyes would still complain about us lacking ‘that wee bit of quality’ and organise them so effectively that they’d spend most of their time running around like headless chickens.

He’s got ‘Loser’ running through him so much he’s like a stick of Blackpool rock!’

‘If we have the same squad we have now in this theoretical situation, we’d be top. Defoe would be comfortably the top scorer and even likes of Januzaj and Borini would have chipped in with a fair few. Our backline would be one of the strongest in the league as well.’

‘We’d be top.

People are forgetting how poor the quality is in that league.’

‘It Championship) is competitive, that is without question but a well drilled, organised team with a game plan and 1 or 2 match winners in the side will do enough at that level to be challenging at the top of the league.

I think we will retain enough ‘match winners’ at championship level, however what concerns me most is the well drilled, organised and game plan elements as at the minute I just can’t see what Moyes is trying to do.

As ever who we retain and who we bring in will play a major part in how we are shaping up.

The other factor for me is the whole club is on a downer, we, (rightly), take the mick out of a number of your lot that ‘won relegation’ but ironically we need some of that bombast, that dare I say it, arrogance, to lift the club and have us in a positive mind set for the start of the long hard slog that awaits us.

Whatever anyone says being relegated is a rubbish feeling and there is no guarantee that we will come straight back up, unfortunately I think things are going to get worse before they get better.’

  • Doug Dacre

    I think they would be top 6 in what is a poor quality league, they need to keep the players who are up for a fight and dump the rest..

  • hetonmag

    Ha Ha 46 games to play they are in for one hell of a shock this league takes a lot of knowing as we and other teams are finding out. To say they would be top is pure fantasy, would Defoe be fit enough to see out all the rigours of this league I very much doubt it.

  • MadMag83

    Defoe will be off to help his England chances. The vultures will take their pick and Moyes will be left with a bare bones squad, presuming he isn’t sacked for the next half wit.


    I cannot wait to see them struggle. Get ready for another statement from Moyes stating they are in a relegation struggle (again).
    Good news for the rest of the championship fans, they will still be able to have their weekend away in Newcastle.

  • wheyayeman

    The Championship is a tough league, sure most of the teams are a mixed bag of talents and we have been consistently that much better than most hence our occupancy of No 1 or 2 for the majority of the season but you have many players who are just a step below the Prem and on their day would be able to command a regular Prem team and even a regular start – we have had a season long slog where many of those players are turning it on against us. I think Sunderland are in for a tough season and expect a mid table finish that is of course a big IF – if they can hold a half decent squad together. One things for sure they won’t be able to pull as good a squad or manager together in a few months than we did. We may have been poor at times but we have won enough to put us where we need to be – now we just need to cross the line. EYES OFF THE BEACH LADS YOU’RE NOT THERE YET!

  • Scottpaige


  • Jimblag23

    I think they have the quality of player for the top 6 but as Borini exposed they are not a unified squad. Therefore they’d be around where Villa are with their current squad.
    If they keep the fighters and sign some decent championship players then they could finish relatively high.

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Sad [email protected]@ka`s at least they have the Pennywell Chippy, a bottle of Meths & limited broadband

    • Albert Stubbins

      shouldnt that be Limited Intelligence?

  • Burt Humperdink

    Got to laugh at the idea of Defoe being top scorer in Europe if it wasn’t for injuries. I don’t think Messi on 45 goals this season is quaking in his boots.

    The bit that the sand dancers don’t seem to be grasping is that even if you technically have better players not only will most of them move on, but most European technical style players don’t want to go to unfashionable clubs like Burton, Rotheram on a rainy Saturday evening.

    • Phil K

      Better players ? I’m a big critic of many of our players but they would have done no worse and probably a little better than Sunderland in the Prem

  • Vodkamagpie

    They might do well. Most of their players will stay, besides defoe and pickford, so a foundation will be there, average players, playing average football, in an average league. So I think they could be like Brighton, but hoping more like a Wigan

    • Jezza

      Without Defoe and Pickford they are nothing. Those two players are the main reason why they’ve managed to even get to 20 points this season.

      • Vodkamagpie

        They got alot of young kids, Watmore, mcnair, love, etc, they got experience in cattermole, oshea, larseen, anchiebie, Gibson, oviedo etc. If pickford, defoe go, plenty of replacements, Danny ward, tammy Abraham etc. If anything, I would look at replacing moyes, need a new start, with new ideas, maybe look at Wagner, karanka, Fulham manager etc. It wouldn’t surprise me if they finish top, with the best record ever, and yet, they could do everything wrong, and fight relegation, it’s anyone’s guess

        • Geordiegiants

          They can’t afford to sack Moyes now, that’s the (their) problem ha ha.

    • Damon Horner

      Me and my brother were discussing this last night, he is a Man Utd fan so has a curious interest in Moyes.

      Looking at it, they have 3 loans and 7 players out of contract. Not including Defoe who has that rumoured clause. They will need an uplift in personnel regardless.

  • Jezza

    Well we’ll all find out soon enough exactly how Sunderland will do in the Championship.

  • Whickhamrobbie

    will Defoe and Pickford still be there Janujiz is on loan isn,t he (and he,s sh76e) and who is this top centre back . They might do well or they might not but one thing Villa and Norwich can vouch for its harder than you think .

    • Phil K

      Jan-whatsits the Albanian or whatever has been a 100th of the player the media (and he) thought. He’ll be no loss

  • HappyToons

    They don’t score enough goals and they concede too many. Relegation won’t change that unless they buy the right championship suited players. I guess they will sell and buy some decent championship players, but like Villa there is no guarantee they will come straight back up. Like it or not they need to remember when they beat Leeds in the 73 Fa Cup final it was seen as more of a giant killing than Hereford beating us. They have the appeal of a Stoke City or Sheffield United. I just hope we aren’t playing them in the same championship

  • Albert Stubbins

    shouldn’t the question not be- where will the smb finish NEXT season? Bottom half comfortably would be my guess. No defoe= no goals!!! lots of empty pink seats as well- thousands upon thousands of them!!

  • Phil K

    All hypothetical. My guess is with their team, around where Villa are. With the rats leaving the sinking ship (the players not the fans) they’ll be in trouble next year. A chance to give some of their youngsters a chance.
    Maybe Moyes will be better in Championship. Personally I think he’s sh*te

  • Mrkgw

    I will enjoy watching their relegation and struggle in the Championship next season. But please, no tacky stunts such as planes flying over their ground. Rise above it – we needn’t stoop to their level.

  • Paul Busby

    I don’t think they are underestimating how “challenging” the championship is, but they are certainly overestimating their squad.
    Their team right now is basically the same as Villa’s IMO, they would be just below the playoffs in the championship at best.