We see so many articles where the writer talks about Sunderland, only for the comments section to say stuff like ‘nothing to do with us, should not be on this website’

Well forgive me and feel free to skip this but the first few paragraphs of this will speak about them and their loyal long suffering followers!

Hands up if you remember about 11 months ago when about 40,000 of them partied to oblivion as a clearly flip flop wearing Everton team were beaten 3-0 and we were condemned to the Championship, oh how they laughed, oh how they mocked.

They like many others were convinced that their future was bright, while we would lose Rafa  and be confined to a future of absolute mediocrity.

They extolled the TV riches of the Premier League and how they would march on to challenge the top 10, meanwhile the poverty stricken Championship would prove too good for us and SJP would soon become home to nothingness.

Hands up if you remember the same party they had back in 2009 when again they stayed up at our expense, the parties and celebrations they had lasted as long as the supermarkets stocked Ace Lager!

Now I’m not for one moment suggesting the job is done from our point of view, but it surely will be soon, first or second I care not, let’s get up and give Rafa the tools to succeed!

Oh yeah, back to them down the road, we can show we are better people by just taking smug satisfaction at their demise (defeat to Leicester last night means one point from last 18, no goals scored, now eight points from safety with eight games left) or we can party like there is no tomorrow, either way it’s going to be so good to just have that choice!

One noticeable difference between us and them is they have very little in tangible assets to pass off to the likes of Spurs, Liverpool etc, except maybe the goalkeeper who is very good I hear, practice does indeed make perfect.

Sticking with them and now their manager, in my eyes ( and I’m waiting for the comments) this spat with the BBC reporter is being massively over-dramatised, clearly it can be heard that it was said tongue in cheek, indeed even the reporter is heard to laugh. Yes it was stupid but the reaction has been ridiculous, shall we all just stand blank faced with mouths shut so we don’t risk offending somebody.

It was a silly thing to say, he has apologised so let’s just move on and get over it.

Back to matters in hand of importance and tonight it is little Burton Albion who will next grace the SJP turf, again another potential banana skin as they proved against Huddersfield last Saturday. I don’t care if we win 1-0 or 10-0, the three points is all that matters and I am confident we will get them.

Jumping ahead to next Saturday and it’s Sheffield Wednesday, a ground where traditionally Newcastle have taken huge followings, one of my first away games back in about 1980 showed me what following Newcastle is all about as over 10,000 made the trip to Hillsborough.

A few times since then the away support as even topped that, but this time South Yorkshire Police have got involved and limited us to a fraction of what we could take, a ground that holds just short of 40,000 will have a full house of about 34,000 there, again ridiculous, not even going to mention the astronomical ticket price SWFC have charged us as well, criminal!

All that matters is get the points, the games are running out fast, and I reckon about three more wins will nearly be enough, good times may be coming our way in the not too distant future.

More hats off to the excellent work that is continuing to be done by the Gallowgate Flags group, the efforts should be applauded and I am looking forward to seeing the surfer flags planned for the Gallowgate corners.

Enjoy tonight…hopefully

(All contributions from Newcastle fans welcome, send articles (as well as ideas/suggestions) to [email protected])

  • Wor Lass

    For the mindless minority, such as the ones that chartered the plane, it will be well-deserved pain and I wouldn`t hesitate to rub their noses in it. For the ordinary fans it will be a good source of mickey-taking and a season of being top dog. But at the end of the day, it will be a special fixture (and a chance to make amends for a disastrous series of results) gone from the schedule for at least a season but quite possibly more. We all take the mick and call the mackems worse than muck but remember when the chips were down how they chipped in for the Mh17 appeal – the ordinary majority, that is. The situation they`re in is ridiculous – they should be in the top flight …. somewhere below us!

    • Jezza

      Agreed. There is no need for animosity. I’m not going to hate someone for supporting their team. As for the idiots who chartered the plane, well they will be feeling bad enough anyway without any interference from us. SAFC are in this mess for exactly the same reason we went down last season. Long term under investment on the playing side by an owner happy to pocket the television money season after season while glibly assuming that there would always be three worse teams in the Premiership.

      • Scottpaige

        For God’s sake stop feeling sorry them

        • Porciestreet

          Exactly, give em as much grief as we know how.
          Howaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay the Lads.

  • Paul Patterson

    I love the smell of relegation in the morning. Smells like . . victory!

    • Jezza

      Let’s not lower ourselves to their level. The biggest celebrations Sunderland fans have enjoyed over the last 40 years have all involved Newcastle’s misfortunes. There is no need for us to revel in their demise. We are better than that. Winning promotion this season, if we succeed in that aim, will be all the victory I need.

      • Scottpaige

        Each to their own. !!!!. They have had it coming for years. Why shouldn’t we enjoy it

        • Jimblag23

          Cos we don’t have the small town mentality.
          We’re not the jack Russell nipping at the heels like they are.

        • Porciestreet

          Dead right. Work it right into em.

        • Jezza

          Don’t get me wrong. I will most certainly enjoy a quiet chuckle at the expense of the plane hiring, banner hanging clowns but for us to openly celebrate their relegation would show a lack of class in my book.

          • Scottpaige

            Yea I agree. Just i am still going to have a bloody good laugh when that big R is next to their name in the league

      • Porciestreet

        Jez mate , we couldn’t get that low if we tried.

  • hetonmag

    It sure did hurt like hell at the very sight of Hippo Heed going around the ground all smug and I for one can’t wait to feel the same smugness at the end of the season.

  • Alex

    As ever, a good article, Brian.

    I, also, would like to add my support to those down the road in whatever they’re doing to support Moyes in the ‘slap’ incident. It’s a sad day when stuff like that can’t be taken in jest and in the spirit that it was intended. A bandwagon has been created that the do-gooders are simply jumping on, and causing something out of nothing.

    • Hughie_Gallacher

      Nick Barnes made it clear on Total Sport last night that this incident, which he witnessed in person, was emphatically not a joke. It was Moyes being a bully, pure and simple.

      • Brian Standen

        The same Nick Barnes who is too scared to ask Moyes the right questions, he pussyfoots around him as he is pussyfooting around his employers! Whether he witnessed it or not the audio is very clear, it was simply a stupid comment that everyone else made more of. Nick Barnes is just towing the BBC heirarchy line – simple as!

        • Hughie_Gallacher

          If Barnes was as sycophantic toward Moyes as you suggest, he certainly wouldn’t have said what he did last night. He would be as mealy mouthed as other pundits are being about Moyes, eg by trying to excuse the bullying by labelling it as ‘banter’.
          Sunderland, on the other hand, clearly take this seriously, as will the F.A.

          • Brian Standen

            Interesting word sycophantic, but not sure it applies to Nick Barnes, my understanding is that it means ‘praising people in authority in an insincere way’, I’m not suggesting that in any way shape or form. I’m simply saying he asks mundane run of the mill questions when interviewing.
            I repeat the audio is clearly tongue in cheek ( just why I’m spending so much time defending the manager of Sunderland is beyond me) and nobody made anything of it until the recording became public in a mischievous way!
            Anyway it’s beer time as it’s match night, so here’s to three points

      • Alex

        That’s only Barnes’ opinion. I’ve seen it, heard it, and heard the reaction of the reporter, too. And my opinion, being equally as valid as that of Barnes, is that this isn’t worth a thing.

  • MadMag83

    If Sunderland go down and Newcastle and Brighton go up, then I can’t see the Championship being too hard for them. Villa will probably be challenging for the title next season, the rest will be probably be no better than the Mackems.

    • Himanshu Dhingra

      Doubt if Sunderland would even make playoffs.

      Derby will be a big contender. Norwich Fulham etc….

      • MadMag83

        Can’t see many of Sunderland’s players being desired by Premier League clubs, they will doubtless lose a couple like Defoe and Pickford but the bulk of the squad will remain giving them a settled team with a couple of additions paid for by the parachute payments.

        I’d love to see them drop through the divisions but its unlikely (unfortunately)

  • Jimblag23

    Quiet celebration. But my god don’t spend a penny of your hard earned money on planes etc. Leave that sadness to them, it’s pathetic!
    Have an extra pint and cheer on the toon as way of celebration.


    Will love it if their relegation is confirmed the same weekend we get promoted. One thing is for sure my family will be celebrating and along with thousands of others will not care one bit if other people think it is sad.

  • joakimt

    Do what you want, but as a foreign Sunderland supporter (who follows the rivalry only from a distance) I must say that only an extreme minority thought that S’land would be able to challenge the top 10 this year.

    The SAFC supporters I speak is a depressed bunch, and has been for years, and the slight optimism before the season started was soon crushed by the departure of Allardyce.

    Funny, being overly optimistic is something SAFC supporters always accuse Newcastle supporters of. Isn’t that correct either?

    Good luck to you all (I guess I’m allowed to say that since I’m Norwegian and doesn’t really hate Newcastle and generally love the North East).

    • Leazesl Ender

      I think you’re rIght…. neither club has anything to celebrate and both are perpetual strugglers without a goal in life….

      • Wor Monga

        …a bit like yourself then Kermit!!!

        • Leazesl Ender

          I’ll slap you in a minute

          • Andy Mac

            “even if you are a woman ?”

    • Brian Standen

      Nice to know you love the north east, but I bet you spend more time in Newcastle than Sunderland when you visit.
      As for your comment about Sunderland fans not being overly optimistic, check out the threads on your fans websites from about 11 months ago – ok I accept it may have been alcohol induced but enough forecast that with big Sam in charge you were destined for better things!

      Every dog has his day is a well used cliche, well the dog is about to bite your lot on its collective backsides.

  • Wor Monga

    Funny that…it’s the same bloggers telling us Toon supporters, that it’s unseemly to have a laugh at the Mackem’s impending relegation…yet last year those same ‘negative nellies’ were enjoying putting the boot in about how the Toon would struggle, in the Championship…after losing players cheaply, being stuck without Rafa, and even said “we told you so” when we lost the first 2 games…

    …So why not have a good old laugh at the mackem’s demise, and them now…then we can really enjoy seeing the Black & Whites get stuck right into Burton tonight…3 – 0 HWL!!!

  • Andy Mac

    Many on social media are openly criticising the idea of a Magpie flypast, suggesting the money would be better spent on local charities, foodbanks etc.

    Personally I like the idea of the makems hurtling headlong towards the lower leagues and would love to see them there for a long time but flying banners over their stadium just shows we’re as mindless as they are !

    • Brian Standen

      Agree of course

    • Paul Patterson

      Agreed. I’ll openly take the mick but fly-pasts and the like are tacky and a waste of money anyway. Leave those to S********D. ?

  • Guilttripjunkie

    Let’s be honest, both clubs are massive underachievers with poor owners. Ashley and Short have run up millions of debt despite receiving hundreds of millions in TV money. Both struggle in the top flight despite having large fan bases. Ashley will use the latest financial results as an excuse not to spend big and Rafa will walk.