As Newcastle took a massive step up the ladder towards a place in the Premier League next season, Sunderland were sliding down another snake.

It wasn’t pretty at St James Park but a gritty 2-1 win over Wigan combined with defeat for Huddersfield, opened up a 10 point gap between the two clubs, with United having only seven matches left to play.

Meanwhile, Daryl Janmatt came off the bench to help Watford record a 1-0 victory over Sunderland, leaving David Moyes in desperate trouble.

The Mackems have now failed to score in their last five games and have won only one of their last 14 games (all competitions).

When Moyes and his Championship-bound players reached the dressing room, it got even better…sorry, worse, for Sunderland.

As Keith Downie, Sky Sports man who covers north east including the Mackems, put it: ‘Worst case scenario of an afternoon for Sunderland’.

Watford were obviously allowed to pull further away and are now 14 points clear of the Wearsiders.

However, it got a whole lot worse with Crystal Palace shocking Chelsea fans by going to Stamford bridge and getting a 2-1 win, this puts them 11 points clear of bottom club Sunderland.

Elsewhere, Hull came from a goal down to beat West Ham 2-1 and are now seven points ahead of the Mackems in 18th place.

Leicester beat Stoke 2-0 to pull 13 points clear of bottom.

Then finally, second bottom Middlesbrough meet fourth bottom Swansea tomorrow, a game that can have no good result for Sunderland.

Premier League bottom five now looks:

31 Crystal Palace (Played 29)

27 Swansea (Played 29)

27 Hull (Played 30)

22 Middlesbrough (Played 28)

20 Sunderland (Played 29)

Sky Sports man in the north east covering Sunderland, Keith Downie:

“Worst case scenario of an afternoon for Sunderland.

“Just can’t see how they’re going to pull it off this time.”

  • Leicester Mag

    Been coming for a while even die hard chicken dippers have given up this time. Dodged a bullet with Mr Motivator Moyes.

  • Albert Stubbins

    In Moyes we trust!!! NUFC/SMB

    • GToon


  • nufcslf

    Mr. Moyes should have stayed in his comfort zone at Everton. The mackems could very well be playing Villa in the second tier for a few years to come.

  • Son of Wilt

    Oh well never mind, I’ll get over their demise quite quickly…..there, over it already.

  • Taz

    I can’t stop laughing…….. and that photo just cracks me up, what a great day :-)

    • Gary McCarron

      me too I love it

  • GToon

    Is this going to be like that amazing day back in 1997 with Boro crying on the pitch and our sad friends from down the road back where they belong as we get promoted. Wonder what the light aircraft will be doing come the start of may this year.

    • Scottpaige

      Was thinking that very same thing this morning

      • GToon

        Scott that was one of the best days of my life. I was driving back from a duathlon race I’d just won to clinch the series near Liverpool in a great mood and listened to it all unfold on the radio as I drove south down the m6. I just couldn’t believe it. When I got home I just sat in the car thinking life couldn’t get that good. What a day!

        • Scottpaige

          I was in leicster in a mates flat while away on the drink. When the results started coming through just topped the weekend off ?

  • Bigg dogg

    we should look at the cost of flying a plane over the ground to gloat and then step back, with dignity and hand the cash it would take to the food bank. Better people need help. Rant done.

    • gallowgate26

      Why not do both and give an equal amount to charity?

  • gallowgate26

    It’s just a shame they managed to get Fat Sham last season, say what you like about the bloke, he keeps teams up! Ain’t that right Ashley?

  • Glen Williams

    Moyes is clueless so is Ellis Short ..the club is upside dwn and i have no confidence in either …weve been down for months but some of the performances have been terrible …Borini Larsson O Shea Gibson Oviedo Jones Denayer are useless but Moyes keep playin them ..What does Kahzri have to do to get a game ffs our most creative player has been given 4-5-6 mins at end of games is hilarious ..MOYES OUT ..AND TAXI FOR SHORT then man wants a police escort out of Sunderland .

    • Nick

      I bet the club wishes it was upside down, it would be top of the league. haha

  • Glen Williams

    Could be worse – Could be a DIRTY SCRUFFY GEORDIE .

    • TheTradge

      Look in the mirror before saying that ?

  • TheTradge

    Sunderland have been living on borrowed time for years now, and this time I just don’t see how they can get out of the hole they’ve dug themselves. For me their fate was sealed when they sold Van Aanholt, he was by far their best player and most creative attacker, and he’s a bloody left back! They’ve been relying far too heavily on Defoe up front, goals need to come from everywhere on the pitch, Sunderland keep trying the same tactic of lugging the ball up to Defoe and hoping he can score. The club needs a total overhaul, new manager, new coaching staff, new squad, cos I reckon in their current state they’d struggle in the championship. I’m not complaining though, I’m laughing my head off!

  • East Durham Mag

    Dear me to think we could even consider stooping to their level by talking about hiring a light aircraft with a banner. Shame on us!! Sod it where do i send my money? Ha ha ha.

  • Guilttripjunkie

    As much as I dislike the Ashley regime, I have to admit Ellis Short is even worse. The bloke paid 22m for the club and has received Sky TV money for ten years. Yet he has got the club into 140m debt. Something is seriously wrong at S.A.F.C.