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Sheffield Wednesday supporters with surprising comments on Newcastle fans

5 years ago

Obviously it is always nicer to hear good things about yourself than the opposite – so interesting to hear a debate amongst Sheffield Wednesday supporters about Newcastle fans.

Reflecting on Saturday’s game at Hillsborough, some Sheff Wed fans started having a go.

Surprising, and pleasing, though to see the vast majority disagreeing and having a lot of positive things to say about the away support on Saturday and the Newcastle fanbase in general.

Sheffield Wednesday have had things worse than us and have to share a City with a relatively similar sized club, so it is a totally different scenario for them.

Over the years though the Owls have always been well supported when visiting St James Park and some of the away trips at Hillsborough in years gone by, especially in the early 80s, were some of the best that many NUFC fans will remember.

There is always one or two though and according to one, Newcastle were getting less than 10,000 before Kevin Keegan came on the scene.

Comments about Newcastle fans from Sheffield Wednesday supporters via their top OwlsTalk message board:

‘Those magnificent passionate Geordie fans’…

That they talk about on the telly.

 Quiet today.’

‘Tbf they have been like that for a couple of years. Sad state of the game nowadays.’

‘One of the unassailable myths of football. Along with Liverpool fans.

 The top clubs fans are all hugely passionate and I count ourselves in that. Geordies and Scoucers aren’t special. It’s just lazy journalism.’

‘I was sat below em. Believe me they weren’t quiet. Made some fantastic noise until the 2nd goal went in.

Best away support I have heard at Hillsborough this season. Depends where you were sat though I suppose.’

‘TBf, they travel.  Everywhere.  Considering the absolute dross support for other clubs in this div, I won’t knock ’em.’

‘For their numbers, very quiet.

 They didn’t have a lot to shout about though, to be fair!’

‘Fair enough it’s a one club city with virtually NO competition for fans, but they’ve always travelled well in big numbers and very vocal.

They live off past glories a bit like us ,but you cant knock 50oddK every week, just beggars belief why they barely seem to compete at the top end of english football.

Unlike the last time they were down here, they’ve not run away with this league and will need some solid investment to make sure they don’t return.They’ve not impressed in the games with us and we’ve been well below par on last season.

I do like the geordies, they are a decent bunch. I’ve had a few scrapes with their fans over the years, won a few lost a few as you do, but they are honest football fans.’

‘You havent met my first wife then, they are a set of looney half wits and thats been kind.’

‘Newcastle United are a huge football club.’

‘Work on turnstiles that’s why I was sat in West Stand today.  Was sat in North Stand West corner for Villa, Geordies sounded a lot noisier, but that maybe because I was sat directly below em..’

‘I like Newcastle and their fans. Always have.’

‘Proper football club, proper football fans.

 Thought their fans were very good today. A bit like ourselves, loud and proud without having to resort to organised YouTube support like Derby, Palace etc.

 I did however also think our home support was excellent today and perhaps that drowned the away following out for many.’

‘Massive club with proper fans. Today was a great atmosphere from both.’

‘We are similar clubs … although a bit smaller city than ours, they only have rugby union, the leek growing clubs and pidgeon fancying societies for competition.

I think that might explain the difference between average attendances.’

‘What u on about, they didn’t stop singing until 2nd goal, best support I’ve seen at hillsboro this season.’

‘Last time we played them at home (2-2) I think it was one of the best atmospheres I’d experienced In a while. The geordies are noisy and it brings out the best in our fans.’

‘I think Geordies are ok too. A bit like Yorkshiremen with their brains blown out.’

‘Geordies on the whole are great people. Always nice to meet and chat with them whether it be on holiday or at the match.

They love the banter and crack and know how to party.

As for yesterday as others have said they were totally drowned out as we had three sides of the ground stereo effect. One of the Sky guys unbiasedly commented to me that when Hillsborough is behind the team there is no better atmosphere in the country. And yesterday proved it.’

‘My sister was on the tram yesterday which was rammed with Geordies they were singing their songs and my sis and a couple of Wednesdayites were singing back at them . She said the atmosphere was brilliant between the 2 sets of fans.’

‘Spoke to a few of them when leaving the match. Seemed like a decent bunch.

 One of my best mates is a Geordie and he messaged me later to say we thoroughly deserved the victory.

 Generally a good set of fans imo.’

‘Have a soft spot for the Geordies as Newcastle is gorgeous and always a class away day.’

‘Any attempt to have a pop at Newcastle and their fans is completely tinpot. Massive club with top fans.’

‘Sometimes as a Wednesday supporter you have to take your hat off to another club with the following it has, it does seem rather desperate to try and find excuses for it. Clinging onto a couple of poor post war average attendances doesn’t do much to change the current here and now. Their support since St James’ was redeveloped has actually been quite remarkable.

Newcastle is a city (around half the size of Sheffield) which completely revolves around the football club, more so than any other one club city in the country. For me, only Rangers and Celtic top them for their huge fanatical fanbase in the UK.

It’s certainly true that Newcaslte have big reach, but this goes across the entire country. Since the Keegan management era they’ve been a very fashionable club. The trains from Kings Cross to Newcastle on matchday are always rammed with Newcastle fans and that’s a positive.’

‘You can’t knock Newcastle fans, they are fanatical about their team.

 Plus they would sell out Gambia away, always travel well.’

‘Pre Keegan they were getting less than 10,000 in the division we are now….they’ve had relative success since then (both recent relegations led to instant promotion)….They are probably the biggest city in the country with only 1 team so their support is nothing unexpected.’

‘Apart from one twonk after the match on Leppings Lane who’d had a bit too much pop, I thought Newcastle fans were a class above Villa, who thought they owned the place!’

‘I suppose my issue is less with them, and more the lazy journalism that seems to accompany any reporting on them.’

‘Think that’s the main point- it’s not their fault the press create this perception of them as ‘best fans in the world’.’


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