Sheffield Wednesday fans are looking forward to Saturday’s match.

Live on TV on Saturday teatime, the Owls are looking to make sure of a play-off spot, whilst the Magpies are going for automatic promotion after making sure of a minimum of a play-off place on Wednesday night.

The Sheff Wed supporters have had plenty to say ahead of the game at Hillsborough.

Amongst the topics covered below are the game on Boxing Day when they won 1-0, how much Newcastle supporters can drink, Keith Stroud’s performance on Wednesday, how many tickets Newcastle fans should have got, whether a draw would be a good result for them, and the ongoing problem they are having with a reduced capacity due to South Yorkshire Police’s intervention.

Comments from Sheffield Wednesday fans via their top message board OwlsTalk:

‘Really not looking forward to Gayle , diving , cheating and moaning to the Ref  all through the game , cant be doing with him, and it will take a massive personal effort not to pass my thoughts onto him.

Hope he’s not playing hes going to spoil it for me, he’s not my idea of a sportsman to put it mildly .’

‘Newcastle are one of the best teams in the league and looking like getting promoted, I personally wouldn’t be disappointed with a point but we obviously need all the points we can get at the moment.

I guess one advantage is that we are playing later because we know how all our rivals have got on. Might ease the pressure if some results go our way.’

‘Has to be 3 points for me. We did them at their place, a repeat performance would be welcome.’

‘Newcastle have picked up more points away than we have at home. On that basis a point would be a good result.’

‘Honestly I wouldn’t be annoyed if we only get 1 point.

 I will be royally p….d off if we get any less than 1 though.’

‘Royally p….d if we lose to the best team in the league?

Who’re 18 points ahead of us?

Who’ve scored 22 goals more than us?

Who’ve spent more on players this season than we spent assembling our entire squad?

Managed by a guy who’s won the Champions Legaue, UEFA cup and La Liga (twice!)’

‘Newcastle are as good as it gets in this league, however not unbeatable and depending if we turn up more than their equal.

If we set up to counter their strengths, anticipate a tight game and a draw….if we actually go out to try and win, have a good chance.’

Newcastle have the best all-round players in the division, so defeat is always likely against them, whoever you are.

Yet they play the type of football which Carlos understands, so we have some hope. We’ll always have a chance against teams which play open, attacking football; teams who believe they can beat us without making special provision for us.’

‘A win tomorrow would be amazing, however a draw against the top of the table team would be a very good result.’

‘Newcastle have kicked on since we beat them, we haven’t really.

 Carlos will say hes playing to win but honestly I expect lots of passing across the half way line.

 A point will be good but Newcastle away form is too good to ignore.’

‘I’m hoping Brighton win tonight (they are away to QPR). That should make Newcastle more open as they will want to attack us for the win and hopefully suit our play better.’

‘I hate losing, even more so against fat bellied Jimmy Nail lovin inbreds like that lot!’

‘Shock horror it was Newcastle (with referee Keith Sytroud) though, any other club and nothing would have been said and everything goes back to normal…’

‘How is that owt to do with Newcastle? Total mess up with the ref.’

‘Even a 5 year old kid will know the penalty rule

 Why none of his assistants or the 4th official didn’t say anything just shows how bad the standards are

 Technology can’t come in soon enough.’

‘Can you imagine the 4th official tryin’ to explain it all to the fat Spanish waiter? Must have been hilarious…..

“I’m sure Mr Stroud had a good reason for doing whatever he has just done Mr Benitez ….could you now bring me the Tapas”.’

‘Everybody’s talking about a sell out v Newcastle – but what would constitute a sell out?

With their allocation reduced and areas in the home ends not permitted for sale how many tickets can physically be sold?’

Amazes me to see Prem games where rival fans are separated by two rows of stewards and a couple of empty rows but we have to have complete blocks cordoned off in a different stand?!’

‘I reckon if all tickets sell out there will be about 32,000.’

‘I was told last night It’s South Yorkshire police who restricted Newcastle allocation, we was giving them 4,500 but police didn’t want to police that many Geordies with it being a 5.30 kick off and with Newcastle fans well known for drinking far too much before games.’

‘There is still plenty of seats available just now (Wednesday morning).

 I can’t see a sell out at those prices.’

‘If we had  given the Geordies all the Leppings Lane end, I think we would have a full house on Saturday, but can’t see it with us in lower tier, hope to be proved wrong though.’

‘Last time they came here was Boxing Day 2009 and they had the entire Lep (minus ‘normal’ segregation).

 Home attendance was pretty good too, despite our team being dreadful. It was on Sky as well.’

‘There’s quite a lot of tickets still on sale (Friday afternoon) – BUT they’re not on sale on Saturday.

 No chance to pay at gate either.’

  • Dennis Tate

    Newcastle are favourits for promotion and if we do get promoted the entertainment and ground capacities NUFC have given to away venues will definatly be missed by all in this difficult 46 game league.

  • Dennis Tate

    Refs like Stroud could be the difference for a team being relagated or promoted.
    As for the 2 assistant referees and fourth official have got to be desired.
    Stroud later addmiting he made a big mistake.
    Should be sent on a refresher course and banned for rest of season.
    Having said the refereeing in this league is a disgrace.

  • Steve Smith

    So when the inevitable “fat Spanish waiter” chants start tomorrow, are the FA going to act on it?

    Precedent has been set with Shelvey alledgely referring to a Moroccan player’s nationality and apparently the behaviour is unacceptable.

    Highly doubt any action though!

    • Dellashio


      • Martin

        Why is he a moron?

        • alex carr

          tbh i hate all this political correctness stuff its aweful but that is a fair point.

          • Phil K

            The only point Damon has is his head

    • Damon Horner

      Come on man, Shelvey would not have used that terminology for any other reason but to offend Saiss so on that basis he was rightly punished.

      “Fat Spanish Waiter” is just banter and where both can be twisted to form parallels, they just aren’t the same though, that chant will be said for many a game and it’s a sad day when fans have to take away the fun element of being a football fan for a distorted political accuracy and petty point scoring.

      • Phil K

        You sound so full on convenient double standards you could be what the yanks call an SJW.

  • HappyToons

    ‘fat bellied Jimmy Nail lovin inbreds like that lot!’

    Dear me, that picture above looks like the original yorkshire puddin’. I am sure he isn’t wearing any pants either…inbred Tango Man?

    • Jezza

      Well that well worn stereotype doesn’t really apply to me I can tell you. I’m 6 foot tall with a 28 inch waist and haven’t drunk any alcohol since my student days in the early to mid 80’s. I do like Jimmy Nail though but so at least he got that right!

      • Dellashio

        You’re obviously inbred though.

        • Jezza

          “You’re” spelt correctly, I’m impressed. You’ve obviously been paying some attention at school.

      • Mark Davies

        Howay, and you call yourself a fan. Get some ale and pies in you mate haha. Kidding of course, each to their own.

        Just wondering though given your very passive comments about our wearside neighbours and your comments above… are Mike, Rick and Vyvyan these days.

        • Jezza

          Good one, I had to think about that a bit and I’d just re-watched the Young Ones on the DVD box set at the end of last year too. I’d like to think I’m a bit more of a cheerful character than old Neil.

          • Mark Davies

            Well replied sir and taken in the light hearted way it was meant. Shame about today but sheffields a decent place and the beers canny. Ill have a water for you in the morning mate

  • bobbi fleckman

    Do any of them understand the use of tenses

  • fenhammag

    the very first comment about gayle not being a professional sportsman etc …short memories by Sheffield Wednesday remember forestieri trying to force a move and going on strike before realising nobody wanted him?

  • Wor Lass

    Those Sheff Wed fans expecting open attacking football could be in for a bit of a shock this evening. Looking at the league table, if Forest hadn`t been gifted those three points against us by the ref they would be in the relegation zone now. The only good thing about that is that, because of it, Blackburn are down there instead.

  • Phil K

    Whats got an IQ of 200, and is from Sheffield ?
    Ans: The combined support of Sheff Wed & Sheff U – going by the moronic tripe from their fansite

    • David Williams

      JUST THE PIG’S FANSITE. Personally I love Jimmy nail.

  • Phil K

    I notice their fanzine is refusing to let us comment. Need to be “approved” first…..typical Yorkshiremen

  • Doug Dacre

    Take it in the banter it’s meant….Remember we have some of these keyboard warriors too….Those of us who travel away know most home fan are welcoming and enjoy our company both before and after the game, even if we do drink too much ;-).

  • Wor Lass

    Well, I`m not very fat and my dad and my sister reckon I`m not inbred but I`m definitely not a Jimmy Nail lover. I remember him from the Fairways Estate and the Newton Park and he was a complete yob – he went about with a bag of McCains on his shoulder. I love it when opposition supporters forget all about their own shortcomings and their team`s. To be fair, though, most geordies do like a pre-match booze-up!