Sheffield Wednesday fans were celebrating on Saturday night.

The Owls joining Blackburn and Fulham as the third club to do the double over the Magpies this season.

Interesting to hear what the home supporters made of the game and especially Newcastle United.

Jonjo Shelvey was by some distance the best player in black and white, so no surprise the Sheffield Wednesday fans had plenty to say about him, good and bad.

Read these comments from Sheffield Wednesday fans via their top message board OwlsTalk:

‘To be honest, I was more worried about playing Rotherham, I knew we would be up for the Toon although I was not convinced we would win.’

‘They were lucky to still be in the match by half time.

 We should have been at least two up, possibly three.’

‘They will go up this season but Rafa has not produced the promotion runaway train that most of us expected with the resources at his disposal. Be interesting to see how he fairs back in the PL.’

‘Nailed on to come straight back down unless they invest heavily of course.’

‘We deserved to win the game, simple as that! They were lucky to be 0-0 going into half time.

 I thought Shelvey was brilliant for them but the rest of the team looked lethargic and didn’t turn up.’

‘I think with Benitez they have a manager to take them back to the top half of the premier league. Like all premier league sides these days, they will spend money.’

‘Thing is I think they have some really good players.

 They’d need additions (everyone does), but I could see them just about stopping up next season.

 Will have to play better than that though. They were quite one dimensional imo.’

‘That team yesterday, Shelvey apart, will struggle in the Prem.’

‘They will bring a few in and be absolutely fine I would have thought. If any promoted club was ever in a good position to stay up it’s Newcastle.’

‘Audacious effort (Shelvey hitting bar from own half). Hard luck. Selfishly glad it didn’t go in.’

‘Nobody has mentioned the bit of skill that he used to give him the space to try it… wicked touch.’

‘Fantastic player, too good for this level.

 Why do most people call him an ‘idiot’ or worse?

I don’t understand where the criticism comes from. Would love a player like him in our team!’

‘The first touch was classs, absolutely did whoever it was for us. He knew exactly what he was going to do before the ball eve came to him.

 He’s a very good at this player at this level. Everything Newcastle do goes through him.’

‘Struck me how much they are lacking when Gayle went off.

 Brings Darryl Murphy on who is about as far away from Gayle as possible and then chucks on Mitrovic (who he doesn’t rate for some reason) when they were struggling to create anything.’

‘It (Bannan on Ritchie) was a red to be honest, although in real time I thought it wasnt that bad.

 Could have broken the guy’s leg and Bannan was not in control, he wasnt even looking and had his studs showing.’

‘Just pleased Newcastle players didn’t pile in to get him sent off.  Happens a lot, and it seems to work. 

Makes ref think he has to take stern action to settle things down.’

‘For me it just shows how realistic our dream of promotion is.

 We can beat anyone in this league.

We can win the play offs.’

‘We’ve made Newcastle look poor twice this season. If and it’s a big if, if that was the standard for the rest of the season we’d be promoted.’

‘The kind of fixture Carlos thrives on, underdog.

 But we have been helped massively in both games by Rafa and his refusal to change anything or to try and stop us playing.’

‘Newcastle play a very fluid and open game, they lead with their chin, sadly for them we managed to smack them right on it’s dimple.

I salute them for playing the same game both home and away, they will do just the same in the Premiership, good luck to them.’

‘I truly believe the bizarre lack of anger from the Newcastle players stopped a certain red card.

Red card all day long and we would have been going nuts on here if that had been a Newcastle player making that ‘tackle’.’

‘Just read that Shelvey does not think sheffield wednesday are a tremendous side. I think it is a bit of sour grapes.

He needs to look at the rest of his team mates as he was the only Newcastle player that caused us any trouble.’

‘Thanks for the six points Uncle Fester.’

‘We aren’t a tremendous side neither are Newcastle.’

‘Rate Shelvey’s skills, but his attitude is a BIG problem. Unless everything is about him, he goes missing.

Good Crossbar Challenge.’

‘He’s right we are not a tremendous side otherwise we would be higher than 6th. We are however a good side with some really handy players and thankfully none of them are major tools like he is.’

‘(Shelvey) Said they did enough to win. Not just get a point, win. So they could have scored 3 basically.

I’m struggling to think of another decent chance other than his speculative punt upfield. We battered em. We could have had 5 or 6 on another day.’

‘Love him or hate him…….if we had Shelvey we would be in the automatic places !!!  Exactly the type of player we are missing.’

‘I expected a lot more from Newcastle and didn’t think they were that great. In fact they played like we have played for the majority of this season.

Lots of possession at the back not much of a goal threat then a dominant 15 minutes towards the end of the game.’

‘You don’t really have to play tremendously well to beat a one man team like Newcastle (twice) .

 A defence like theirs will be slaughtered in the Premier League.’

  • Leazes Ender

    Can’t argue with the comments, we are a one man show….

    • Jezza

      We have got a poor team even by Championship standards. It’s only because of three outstanding players, Shelvey, Ritchie and Gayle that we are in our current position. Those three have been the difference between us challenging for promotion and languishing in the bottom half of the Championship.

      • nevfur

        Can’t argue with that although I suppose if you take the top 3 out of any team it would make a huge difference. Where would Leicester have been last season without Vardy, Mahrez and Kante for any significant period.For us I might add Clark and possibly Hayden and Yedlin just behind those three which gives a pretty good six. (For this level anyway) taking into account the number of games missed via injury mostly and suspensions for that top six and we are probably doing very well to be second. Could do with Hayden back asap.

        • bobbi fleckman

          That’s true, Yedlin is a good full back and Clark is excellent. There is nothing wrong with Darlow and when you then start to consider our ‘passengers’ are supposed to be Diame, Dummett, Gouffran, these would get into pretty much every starting xi in the division

  • Doug Dacre

    I think they are about right, we are 2nd in a league deviod of quality…..You just need to re watch Everton v Leicester from yesterday to realise the gulf in class, If, If?, If we go up, Ashley needs to spend a fortune just to stay in the league next year never mind compete.

    • bobbi fleckman

      Everton are pushing on for Europe and Leicester are the reigning champions. If you compare us to Watford, Palace, West Ham, Burnley etc, we probably will manage to stay up as we are. We will buy 3-4 players plus we potentially have Krul, De Jong, Saivet available.

  • GToon

    Well, they are right and pretty reasonable with their comments too. Lets hope Ashley reads the mag and sees what needs to be done.

  • Rich Lawson

    ”helped massively by Rafa”,ffs yes,do we not have a big enough squad to vary the game plan at some point or are they all mostly donkeys ?