Interesting table below, with it showing the last 36 Newcastle seasons and the average of points per game throughout each of the campaigns.

Predictably, the three worst seasons were the relegation ones with only 0.82 average points per game in 1988/89, then 0.89 in 2008/09, with 0.97 in 2015/16 (Rafa averaged 1.3 points per game in the final 10 matches at Newcastle when he arrived last season).

As for the best averages…

Apart from the so close 1995/96 Premier League season with a 2.05 average, the other top ones are all when getting promotion.

With 1.90 in the Arthur Cox 1983/84 promotion, 2.09 in Keegan’s 1992/93, then 2.22 under Chris Hughton.

At the minute we have an impressive 1.98 under Rafa Benitez, another seven points from the last three games would see an exact 2.00 points per game average, the highest possible being 2.04 if winning all three.

If not getting another point the very lowest possible would be 1.85 points per match average.


points per game

Thanks to   @bigchrisholt for the season by season table above.

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  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Fulham leading 3-1 ha ha

  • ToonTom

    Try 4-1
    And Forest 3-0 up at home to Reading!

  • Steve Smith

    A 3 points from our remaining 3 games would guarantee promotion now I believe.

  • ToonTom

    3 points would have ‘guaranteed’ promotion anyway (due to our massive goal difference). After today, assuming Huddersfield and Reading don’t make miraculous recoveries (it’s possible!), we would need only two draws from three games.

  • ToonTom

    Okay – spoke too soon. Forest 3, Reading 2. A Reading draw changes nothing major – but a win for Reading would mean we’d be back to needing 3 points again.

  • ToonTom

    And breathe again!
    Only Huddersfield can now catch us and only three wins from three games could achieve that.
    Two draws in three games for us and we are promoted. Surely this will relax us sufficiently to nick a one goal win on Monday night and finally put this one to bed????
    And yes, before anyone says it, if we’d just held on to our lead at home to Leeds, we’d now be non-mathematically up!