Newcastle United winger Christian Atsu, says the team ‘just have to blame ourselves’ after the debacle at Ipswich.

The on-loan Chelsea player made only his 12th Championship start of the season and is rapidly running out of opportunities to convince Rafa Benitez to make the deal permanent.

Atsu admits ‘we have to give more, fight, and just give everything in our next game’ – but sadly at Portman Road there was very little of any of that on display.

No Newcastle player enhanced their reputation and the only consolation for Christian Atsu was that he was involved in one of the few quality pieces of football for Newcastle, when an excellent Dummett ball down the line was turned across the box by the Ghanaian winger for Murphy to equalise.

I think the Newcastle players were as stunned as the travelling supporters, as that move was so out of keeping with everything else we had to watch yesterday.

Like many of his team-mates you have to question how Atsu and others can be relied on to do it in the Premier League when they have struggled so pitifully in so many games, especially since mid-December.

The promotion run-in has seen Brighton step up to the mark and their players want to own this and show Chris Hughton they are the ones who can deal with the step up.

As for Newcastle’s players, you do have to worry about the character of the side and the failure of so many to want to show Rafa Benitez what they can do.

Christian Atsu speaking to official club website:

“It’s frustrating because before today we’d played really well against Leeds before we conceded that last-minute goal.

“But we cannot blame anyone, we just have to blame ourselves, correct our mistakes and continue working hard for the future.

“We’re really disappointed we lost this game but we have three more games to play, we are still in a good position and we have to keep fighting until the end.

“We didn’t start well and we gave them confidence. We were not compact but we have three more games to play and something to fight for, so we have to keep on doing that.

No one is happy with today. Everyone is down but we cannot keep on like this – we have to make sure we change everything with our next game.

“We have to give more, fight, and just give everything in our next game, which is more important now.

“It’s always great to play at home but in football, playing home or away, is not necessarily an advantage, you just need to keep fighting and concentrate on our game plan. I hope and I believe that at the end of the season we will make our fans happy.

“We know the kind of position we are in now and we know we cannot lose any games. We just have to keep working hard.

“We will have some rest and then the lads who have played a lot of games will have a good recovery, and we will come back strongly again.”

  • Paul Patterson

    Football team score when they attack – Shock!

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      It`s a real shocker that

    • 1957

      Do you think Benitez knows ?

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    The tactics were found wanting from the turn of the year, other managers twigged on & adapted Rafa didn`t, he plays 4-2-3-1 every game only the faces change & come next Monday it`ll be the same 4-2-3-1
    There is no plan B

    • 1957

      With Captain Calamity and SloMo first names on the team sheet ?

  • SH.ER

    It was not nice , not a good game , almost smashed the TV at the end every time Atsu was giving the ball away …
    The commentator said . “Ipswich are looking more composed with the ball.”
    Felt really sad , he was true , we were nervous shockingly
    We didn’t keep up with the Ipswich hunger to get the ball back
    we couldn’t live up with their pressing & physicality
    so so disappointing on every level , You don’t expect to see that kind of level from us & it’s just against a proper mid table championship club !! this is ( scary )
    Ipswich were unchanged from their Friday game , so If they can run & press like
    that ???? why the “fresh” legs we had , had a shocker of a game ?

  • toonterrier

    I blame his barber.

  • TheNutJob

    Sack the board Rafa oot

  • Desree

    When the team really needs the support, the snides turn up.