And relax…we are up!

We have made it back to the big cash league at the first attempt and with games to spare, despite a wobble of late. Well done Rafa, his staff and the entire playing squad.

The early goal set us up nicely – I haven’t checked the stats yet of the other teams in our league but surely if there was a Championship Corners League we would have been crowned champions yonks ago (16-1 v Preston, 19-0 v Leeds).

However, someone had forgotten to tell Preston they were here just to make the numbers up; they broke from what looked like a foul on Mitro in their box and unusually the dependable Clark lost his man and once the cross came in, despite both Anita and Lascelles being in attendance out wide, it was in the back of the net.

Cue thoughts of “here we go again”, another mediocre team playing out of their collective skins (Ipswich, Leeds etc) to spoil our party and make us wait for another game to clinch promotion.

We looked nervous / clueless in the first half – we tried far too many 50-50 forty yard diagonal balls played to chest or head height, often by Shelvey stood in his own half, five yards from one of our back four.

When we carry the ball through the centre and lay it off into the channels to feet with the receiving player facing goal we look dangerous, in fact we scored our second this way when we robbed Preston of possession around the halfway line.

Lately, we seem all too willing to surrender control of the centre of the pitch to the visitors, as if there’s some sort of imaginary roundabout there that we can’t go directly over, we have to go around via the touch line.

That is what makes a player who is prepared to run box to box with the ball so valuable, to the point where someone is daft enough to pay £30m plus for a Moussa Sissoko. We don’t need him but we certainly need a player like him who will do it consistently week in week out.

Even after we regained the lead just before half-time, Newcastle then nearly got caught a second time (on 55 mins), Anita and Lascelles again collectively failing to deal with one attacking player on the wing,  thankfully nobody was on the end of the cross this time.

Once we got a third we never looked back and against ten men it was never in any doubt, just a case of how many. Great penalty under pressure by Ritchie.

So the big question now is who stays and who goes?

Do we prepare ourselves for “Under Investment” The Sequel, or has the owner actually learnt something from relegation?

Do we get serious about competing for Europe or a cup win, be part of the mid-table pack, or aim for the top of the bottom third?

Does the question of who stays and who goes solely apply to playing staff?

Now that would be a hollow victory if Rafa votes with his feet, yet stranger things have happened – remember when KK threatened to walk shortly after joining due to broken promises over transfer funds?

Or maybe a serious investor now steps in to realise the true potential of this club and Ashley becomes part of our history.

I hope the players have a fun filled final home game against Barnsley, they enjoy the party atmosphere in the ground, followed by a wild night out in the city centre as chances are, and rightly so, this squad will have played its last game together.

I’m certain Rafa sees the same as what the rest of us can; a major squad overhaul is required to compete in the top league.

Rafa has called you out Mike, so time to show  us all your hand.

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  • Mark Kilmister

    Would like to see us go for someone like Marko Arnautović to give us that energy/power back into the side. He can create & score goals and would be a good player to fill the gap either on the left side of midfield or the No10 role as Premier League proven player. Rafa would make him even better..

  • Soldier

    i shake my head when i see Diame play & wonder how or why we signed him, he contributes nothing to a game & he must be on his way in the summer if we can get anybody daft enough to buy him

    • 1957

      That would be the thoughts of most, but by no means all, supporters. He can’t have been bought with the PL in mind his record there is poor, 5 seasons, 170 or so appearances, 12 goals and 14 assists. Last season with Hull was the only time he has had a good goalscoring record, prior to signing for Wigan his record in France and the lower leagues in Spain his record was really poor.

      A Championship gamble that didn’t come off and you have to questions how he made so many appearances.

      • MichaelMaximusMoose

        as the soldier says he needs to be offloaded in the summer

        • 1957

          He has his supporters. Believe it or not on Monday two guys behind me wanted him on at half time in place of Perez on the grounds SloMo gives more to the team structure…

  • Wor Lass

    “… unusually the dependable Clark lost his man …” I like Clark and he is a deserved candidate for player of the season (Ritchie will get my vote, though) but imagine the furore on here if that had been Lascelles who had lost his man?

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      Lucky jonmags only posts on the chron to keep his mates Harry Potter & toontillidie happy

      • Wor Lass

        Did you see toonie`s comment about Real Madrid – you and Carlo would be kneecapping him by now if you had!

        • MichaelMaximusMoose

          he hates Real Madrid, does he realise Rafa was born & bred in Madrid

  • 1957

    Having watched Moussa in action for Spurs last night, he’s actually playing worse than when he was with us, but bizarrely if Chelsea implode he could end up with a PL winners medal.