Reports on Sunday that Newcastle are looking to sign former Real Madrid striker Willian Jose.

The striker is only 25 but has already had an interesting career.

The Brazilian forward played for a number of clubs in his own country, including Pele’s former club Santos.

In January 2014 he was signed up by Real Madrid on a six month contract so they could have a look at him and after impressing in the reserve side, he made one first team appearance in La Liga as a substitute in a 2-0 defeat at Celta Vigo.

That then got him noticed in Spanish football and when Real Madrid didn’t offer Willian Jose a new contract, he was signed up by Real Zaragoza on a one year deal and scored 10 goals in the Spanish second tier.

Despite Zaragoza missing out on promotion in the play-offs, the Brazilian striker did go up to La Liga as he agreed a one year deal with newly promoted Las Palmas and scored another nine goals in 19 La Liga starts (plus 11 as a sub).

This then leading to a five year deal with current club Real Sociedad, another nine goals in 21 league starts (plus 1 as sub) have helped the Spanish club into eighth in La Liga and suggest that Willian Jose is capable of moving on to a higher level again.

However, claims today by the Sunday People that he would carry a £25m price tag seem well over the top.

Little doubt that Spain will be somewhere that Rafa Benitez will be targeting this summer when strengthening his squad but with so much Premier League money floating about it will make it very unlikely that real bargains can be had.

However, so long as Rafa is backed to a decent degree by Mike Ashley, no reason to believe that the United boss can’t deliver when it comes to bringing in the right players, from home or abroad.

First things first though and let’s get this promotion out of the way as soon as possible.

  • TheNutJob

    No way Jose

  • I’m happy with our strikers, if Gayle is injury-free and Mitro can step up we don’t need more. Don’t forget we still have Perez who is still more a striker than a number 10 and much rather have him than any other name. I would definitely vote for keeping Murphy for one more year, the man’s a real professional and top notch striker. We are in dire need of proper central midfield and wide players, and that is where we need to look first and then to a more decent CB, since having Clark and Lascelles probably won’t be good enough for the EPL. We need rid off a lot of deadwood!

    • Jezza

      You say you are happy with our strikers. How can you be serious? Do you really think, providing we go up, that Perez, Murphy and Mitrovic are capable of being regular goal scorers in the Premiership? Dear God, none of those three have exactly set the Championship alight have they. Murhpy is a half decent middling Championship striker, Perez has looked poor at Championship level while Mitrovic was even out of his depth against third division Oxford in the FA Cup.

      • All of them don’t get proper service because we only have Shelvey and Ritchie as capable deliverers(our fullbacks are horrible at passing and crossing). With a few more players capable of delivering a quality ball in the box and spotting a run I think Gayle and Mitro can definitely score 30+ Goals in the Premiership. That is just my opinion.

        • Jezza

          Oh come on. Gayle and Mitrovic haven’t managed 30 goals between them in the Championship even with Gayle getting 22 or 23 and more games having been played than in a Premiership season. To be truthfully blunt, our current strike force isn’t even good enough for the Championship never mind the Premiership. We have only got one top striker even at this level. To put it into perspective, a midfielder, Matt Ritchie has scored more goals for us in the Championship this season than three strikers, Murphy, Mitrovic and Perez put together.

          • Keeganontherebound

            ‘If’ Gayle can stay injury free and Mitrovic can step up…Those are pretty big ifs! Gayle has been injured on an off since the the turn of the year and Mitro has been mostly disappointing – I don’t want him sold but that’s mainly on the basis that he is young and can improve not on the back of what he’s done so far. Think we need at least one other striker who’s at the same level as Gayle now. Then Mitro as a young player with potential/impact sub. I’d be happy enough with Murphy as a fourth-choice striker…

          • Gareth Marshall

            I’ve got to agree with that.

            Whether or not Mitro can make it at the highest level isn’t something Newcastle should be experimenting with next season, besides, I personally see both Perez and Armstrong having more potential and a brighter future with the club.

            Murphy should be kept on for one more year as he offers experience and plays the lone striker role very well, much much better than Mitro ever will (imo).

            I’d suggest that we need to break the bank for one quality striker and bring back Armstrong – he has been cutting his teeth for long enough and if he doesn’t get a chance next season, he never will.

            A new striker, Gayle, Murphy, Perez and Armstrong should be enough for us, but it all depends on the striker we sign.

            As things stand in the striking department, we’d be lucky to avoid a season long relegation scrap with what we have currently.

          • Jezza

            If we went up with our current strike force, at best Dwight Gayle would be to us what Defoe has been to Sunderland this season. We’d be relegated before Easter.

          • I see your point, however Perez has been playing at n.10 role whole season and Murphy/Mitro have not featured enough games.
            We’ll definitely see if Rafa is happy with our attacking lineup if we get the promotion, and if Ashley will back him with a good 50mln to spend.

          • bobbi fleckman

            Perez is a forward not a striker, big difference

          • Jezza

            Try reading the whole discussion. My comments were in response to an original posting in which the guy stated:

            “I’m happy with our strikers…..Don’t forget we still have Perez who is still more a striker than a number 10”.

  • 1957

    Benitez will definitely want to buy a striker, there is a telling quote in the Chronicle which to me at least explains his problem with Mitrovic…and my problem with Benitez.

    “…he[Mitrovic] did make an impact and he could…with the way he played, but I didn’t like the way we played because it was without control.”

    “We were playing with our hearts and not our brains – and when you do that, you don’t know what could happen”…to true you might score!!

    Maybe Benitez needs to take the blinkers off, it has to be a balance, I for one would rather have players showing heart and desire, rather than the controlled ineptitude of the likes of Diame.

  • wayne