The cameras have loved Newcastle United this season, 18 of the first 45 matches  (the last day of the season’s live TV games are decided last minute) have been scheduled for live broadcast, six at home and 12 away, as Sky Sports hope for the odd upset.

In the 14 that have been played so far, Newcastle have won eight, drawn two and lost four, so the broadcaster has had its pound of black and white flesh already.

Apart from the official live TV games, only a small handful of Newcastle’s Championship matches have been able to be accessed by fans who aren’t at the actual game.

Heading hopefully back into the Premier League, many thousands of Newcastle fans will be looking forward to the potential of once again being able to watch pretty much every league game without stepping inside St James Park.

However, with falling TV viewing figures, the Premier League has been forced into its biggest ever crackdown on illegal streaming of games.

The prevalence of the use of ‘Kodi boxes’ is an ever growing threat, especially with most Premier League clubs relying for most of their income from TV rights.

For the first time the High Court has decided to allow ISPs – including the UK’s four biggest providers BT, Sky, Talk Talk and Virgin Media – the right to prevent access not just to individual streams but to the servers that host them.

In the past, when one stream or a single site had been blocked, pirates have simply reposted the content on another server.

This last weekend’s round of Premier League fixtures was the second one in which the ruling has had a chance to be applied.

There is a perception by many that the Premier League will continue to receive ever higher amounts of money from the TV deals but if the use of the ‘Kodi boxes’ continues to grow at the rate it currently is, there could well be a big black hole in the revenue streams for the likes of BT and Sky.

The next TV deal (to start with the 2019/20 season) is set for negotiations as early as next year, so time is running out for the Premier League to reassure the broadcasters that they are successfully dealing with the piracy issue.

The technological age has had the upper hand so far but have the Premier League now found the right formula at last to be fighting back?

  • Samuel Brown

    Stop charging so much, Football is the most followed sport in the world, don’t price people out of it. Arsenal and spurs fans are getting shafted every week to see their team live, its a joke, sky and BT just keep raising their prices, Plus fans all over the world wanna see every game, if your gonna charge £40 per month or £480 per year, give PL fans access to every game like the US do.

    • Toonrobbybobson

      They dont do enough for fans with the pricing and packages. Why not just offer a season ticket to the games full stop at a reasonable price so it makes it pointless to use streaming. In this day and age a fan should be able to watch everyone of their clubs games. There is the ability to do it. It ridiculous. They just want money money money. Fans are getting close to being fed up with it and Streaming should be the warning signs to the broadcasters but they will bury their heads.

  • Jimblag23

    Complete a$$holes. Why can’t they just crack down on the games shown on Sky or BT, then you can go to the pub and still watch it.
    Otherwise all that happens is you watch less football.
    As if they’re not rich enough anyway.
    It’s pretty much the biggest reason I want promotion, to see EVERY match again. This is annoying.

  • Paul Patterson

    Lower the prices for households to get sky/bt in and lower the (quite frankly) astronomical price that pubs have to pay for a business contract with sky/bt.

    Until that happens and with some people not being able/willing to fork out £27 for the cheapest (home) ticket, then sky/bt can do one.

    And can’t you go abroad and watch every Premier League game for next to nowt? Grossly unfair that you can’t watch your own teams football matches, in your own country without paying a fortune. Slowly but surely the tv companies have screwed the game.

    Still, while some people are keeping sky/bt in their homes, nowt will change. I get to as many games as possible, but if the ones I cant get to become unavailable then it’ll be back to the old fashioned radio for me. Sky and Bt can keep their coverage and I’ll keep my money.

    • 1957

      My son works in the middle east and bought a subscription to a legitimate foreign sports channel that allows him to watch games, including most championship ones live on his pc…the cost £123 per year. I used to use his login but it was blocked around Xmas time for UK based users

      • Gallowgate1982

        simply buy a decent VPN for £30 quid a year and you can circumvent the area restrictions put in place by the ISP’s
        easy peasy

        • Hughie_Gallacher

          That’s exactly what I thought when I read this. I can’t see how the Premier League can defeat people going through VPNs.

    • bobbi fleckman

      We have a choice, we don’t have to buy the sky / bt package. We can choose whatever package we like, we can go budget an go for the highlight package for £160 a year or deluxe with sky

  • Steve Smith

    It’s not just the premier league, it’s UEFA and Fifa as well. The normal fan has been priced out everywhere.

    For example, just speculatively looking at Champions League final tickets for Cardiff this year and on the official site (not a reseller) I saw some match tickets going for upwards of £200k. Yes, £200,000 for a match and a few drinks and food thrown in.

  • bobbi fleckman

    Hmmm, cake and eat it time. We want the club to go out and buy the best players, to do so, they need the income and that has to come from somewhere. United charge pretty reasonable prices for the tickets and season tickets but get a lot of money from TV revenue, if the TV companies are not getting value, the clubs will not be getting such sweet deals in future.

    • Jimblag23

      It really isn’t cake and eat it time. I certainly don’t want fees in football to be as astronomical as they are.
      Players don’t need to cost £80m, it’s obscene. Especially is we can’t watch the matches without paying £80 a month for the privilege. And even then you just watch what sky decides to show you.

      • bobbi fleckman

        It’s a world market, if we’re not paying these fees, the players will go elsewhere.

        Like it or not, we’re stealing when we watch pirate streams, Sky / bt have paid for the rights and they are theirs to sell. It’s the punter’s choice whether they buy.

        • Jimblag23

          But we’re showing them the product we want, to watch your own team play.
          As someone says above, I also would happily pay good money to stream out matchs in HD.
          But I don’t want to pay extortionate prices to see 1 in every 8 or 9 toon matches and have to put up with watching Swansea V Stoke.

          • bobbi fleckman

            BUt that’s not an option Sky / BT actually own AFAIK.

  • Gallowgate1982

    if sky offer me a deal to watch all home and away games for Newcastle ill buy it without hesitation but i’m not paying to watch stoke play WBA noooo way

    • Toonbadger

      They have the technology to do it so why don’t they implement it and give us what we want. It`s not Sky who are stopping it it`s the Premier League prats. I would gladly pay £10/per Toon game

  • Toonbadger

    “This last weekend’s round of Premier League fixtures was the second one in which the ruling has had a chance to be applied.” Maybe so but I watched them all via streaming so that didn`t work BTW I don`t use a vpn

  • Andy Mac

    The more money the PL earns the more it wants to protect its “income”. Well why not try selling it to companies who dont use the web to broadcast their programmes ? Oh but then the PL wouldnt have as much business nor money 🤔

    So Scudamore either get your snout out of the trough and take less money for this vastly overrated product (did you see the Manc derby ????) or accept the fact that some viewers will watch for free !