Brendan Foster and Steve Cram are united by the world of athletics.

The pair of them representing the north east and Great Britain to great effect in the Olympic Games and other top end competitions.

Now they work together as co-commentators covering athletics, though Brendan Foster earlier this week announced he would be giving it up after the World Championships later this summer.

When it comes to football though, there is of course the Tyne and Wear divide.

Brendan Foster a massive Newcastle fan, whilst Steve Cram is of the red and white persuasion.

Sunday morning saw the pair of them covering the 2017 London Marathon on the BBC and Brendan Foster revealed how he had been tortured by his mackem mate, Steve Cram having sent him directions on how to get to Burton after Newcastle’s relegation last season.

Revenge of course is a dish best served cold and one year on, Brendan says that he is now preparing to send directions to Fleetwood and various other destinations, as Sunderland are now heading for certain relegation.

As well as the potential exotic destination of Fleetwood, Sunderland could also be facing the likes of Scunthorpe, Rochdale and Southend, who are also aiming for promotion to the Championship.

Whilst Brendan Foster may also have to return those Burton directions to Steve Cram, as Nigel Clough has done a remarkable job and the minnows are all but mathematically sure of staying up, being six points clear of relegation with only two games to go.

Steve Cram speaking to The Mirror earlier this week after Brendan Foster announced he would retire from commentating after August’s World Championships:

“Brendan Foster has been a big part of my athletics career, first when I was running and then when I was broadcasting.

“So it will be a strange and sad feeling not to have him beside me anymore.

“We have the most fun during the London Marathon and the Great North Run, over the years we have always enjoyed the banter on those days.

“Like a commentator on any sport what should shine through is their love for the sport and Brendan has never lost that, particularly with the distance events.

“I don’t think Brendan will shed a tear when he finishes, he is not the most emotional person.

“It will be tinged with sadness and he might be misty eyed, but you will also get his big smile and laughter and then we will all have a beer afterwards, which is how he likes to do things.”

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  • Leazes Ender

    How has Brendan only got a CBE he should be nominated for a Sir-hood….

  • Wor Monga

    Nice one Bren…actually seeing this reminds me that this season for us has been like Brendan Foster running the 10,000m…starting against some strong competition, he’d take the lead after 2,000m, and build a good size gap up ‘til the last 2,000m…then use a lot of pure true-grit in the end to get the job done, and hold off the challenges…which is more or less exactly what the Toon have done for us…

    …pity about Crammie though his sorry lot will most likely fall flat coming off the starting blocks!!!

  • GlasgowMag

    Brendan Foster legend remember watching him when I was a kid beating the competition by laps up their with super mac in my eyes and yes should be knighted but then again he comes from the wrong part of the country in our so called leaders eyes so might never happen!!!

  • hetonmag

    I remember Brendan running around Wembley before the 1974 cup final the noise was deafening Brendan, Brendan, that unfortunately was the highlight after getting tanked off the bin dippers.

    • Peter

      Why use a phrase like ‘bin dippers’? just wondering….

      • hetonmag

        Just wondering how old are you ??

  • Rich Lawson

    Tuppa of the track !