Always nailing his colours to the Newcastle (and Liverpool) mast, Mick Quinn was straight on the offensive after Newcastle United secured promotion at the first time of asking.

The former United number nine pointing out that Newcastle United may have come down with some Premier League players and heavily invested (by Championship standards) in the squad – but that was still no guarantee of success this season.

Fellow relegated sides Norwich and Aston Villa are 22 and 27 points behind Newcastle respectively and nowhere near going back up.

Whilst money has been spent, Newcastle United have made a £40m profit on transfers at the same time under Rafa Benitez, a remarkable statistic that may well never be beaten for  relegated team that goes straight back up.

Both Norwich and Villa have sacked their managers this season and Mick Quinn is keen to point out the Rafa factor.

The former Newcastle striker declaring that the United boss is a ‘World class Manager’ who has made the difference.

Going back 11 months when Rafa Benitez revealed he was staying to try and rebuild our mess of a club, Quinny points out that the Spaniard made clear then that he had to ‘buy a team for the Championship to get out’, then ‘a team for the Premier League to stay in’.

That is a reality that all other Newcastle fans have come to accept, especially as the season has drawn on and it has become ever more transparent how few of the current players look sure to be able to handle the step up.

The likes of Middlesbrough spent £50m last summer and are still going down without a murmur and that sums up what is needed as just a starting point if you hope to compete for something better than just trying to scrape survival.

Mick Quinn says that Mike Ashley has got to give assurances to his Manager that the club are going to ‘invest and  build for that Newcastle United future’.

Ashley has already missed any number of great opportunities in his Newcastle United ownership: failing to invest on top of that fifth place finish, choosing to undermine Kevin Keegan with Dennis Wise, plus even getting rid of Chris Hughton because he wasn’t a yes man – despite delivering 102 points promotion as champions with no investment AND mid-table security the following year in the Premier League.

To mess Rafa Benitez about now, would arguably be even more crazy than everything that has gone before, surely even Mike Ashley won’t do that…

Mick Quinn speaking on Talksport:

“People say Newcastle have had the best squad and they probably have – but you still have to put a team together.

Aston Villa spent a lot of money, Norwich spent a lot of money – and they are not going back (to the Premier League) at the first attempt.

“So this is a World class Manager, Rafa Benitez.

“He said, when he took the job after being relegated:

‘I’m going to have to buy a team for the Championship to get out.

‘Then a team for the Premier League to stay in’.

“That is what he is going to do.

“He has got to get assurances off Mike Ashley, that he is going to get his hand in his pocket.

“They have got to invest and build for that Newcastle United future.”

  • Steve Smith

    Let’s hope we get the cash from December that wasn’t spent as well as a sizeable amount for the summer.

    Ashley NEEDS to see that even if we don’t surge up the table or win anything, an investment in overhauling this squad now means less needs to be spent when player prices and Premier League prize money inevitably increases again over the next couple seasons. He’ll only be temporarily out of pocket.

  • Leicester Mag

    It could be argued that not spending at the right time has cost both the club and Cashley himself, dear. Indeed it could nearly have done so again with the refusal to spend in January. Another thing is who spends the money and how. Someone needs to confiscate Carr’s passort!

  • Michael Baker

    They played the wrong Quo song at the end last night it should have been “Whatever you want” or it will be “Down Down” again

  • magpiefifer

    It’s a no-brainer for Ashley – but we are talking about the owner who doesn’t like spending,unless it’s in the casinos.
    The worrying factor is Ashley not allowing Rafa to spend in January – it could have cost us promotion,but gambler Ashley was lucky this time.
    I’m not sure what Rafa thinks of Ashley after that episode,but I’m sure he’ll want cast iron guarantees from Ashley about available funds.I just hope that Ashley is not a total leopard and we see some sensible decisions.

  • bobbi fleckman

    Article on Mike Ashley – comments section Bingo

    He only spends money in casinos – tick
    Call him ‘Cashley’ – tick
    Call him Fat –
    Call him a cockney –

    Just two more for Bingo, come on lads