Ipswich 3 Newcastle 1  – Monday 17 April 3pm

Darlow – 2

Looked like he had never kicked a ball. How a professional footballer can’t put on the right studs before a game is beyond belief.

Yedlin – 4

Shambolic defensively. Although he tried to offer something going forward it was to no avail.

Lascelles – 0

Absolutely, well…truly terrible.

Just as well I took 10 minutes after the game to write this, otherwise it would have been a -10 and there would have been some bad words.

The captain walked straight off at the end of the game.

Hanley – 2

Equally as bad a performance than Lascelles. Not quite sure why he got the nod over Mbemba.

It seemed Rafa was rotating for the sake of it if you ask me. Not as if Ipswich had a big man up front that Hanley was specifically put in for.

Dummett – 7

Newcastle’s best performer on the day. Didn’t do anything wrong defensively and was the reason we scored our only goal with a world class pass to Atsu.

Shelvey – 6

Tried his best but it wasn’t good enough today. Didn’t see a lot of the ball and had no space on a tiny compact pitch.

Hayden – 5

Tired from Friday night perhaps?

Given he hasn’t played at all recently it was a surprise to me that he got the nod over Colback. It showed, as he was ineffective and played poorly.

Ritchie – 4

Another one who looked tired. Gave the ball away for the first goal after missing a great chance. Another poor performance.

Atsu – 5

I feel like five is too generous but he was our most dangerous player and the only way we were going to score a goal today.

An assist for the goal but ineffectual and all round not good enough.

Diame – 2

A sorry excuse for a footballer since he joined Newcastle.

He has coasted through this season.

No movement, no creativity. Definitely not a no.10.

Murphy – 6

Had nothing to feed off all day but still popped up in the right place with a goal. He was often isolated by two giant centre halves.


Gouffran – Too late to mark.

Why was he brought on? I’m not so sure. Offers nothing.

Gamez – Too late to mark.

Another pointless substitution. My apologies if Yedlin was injured but he didn’t look it…

Mitrovic – Too late to mark.

Brought on with 10 minutes to go. What’s the point? Too little too late.

It was obvious at half-time that things had to change, he should have been brought on then.

I’m Rafa’s biggest fan, and he is the sole reason we are where we are this season, but let’s get out of Walter Mitty-land for a second.

If we continue to think that he can’t be criticised then that can only be a bad thing for Newcastle United.

Huddersfield are 1-0 up as I write this. I’ve said for a while now that promotion is not guaranteed and many have laughed at me.

We must step up now and the leaders in the team need to step out of the shadows or this will go down in Newcastle history as one of the biggest capitulations of all time.

Pressure is on BIG time. Let’s react.

Stats from BBC Sport:

Ipswich 3 Newcastle 1


Newcastle: Murphy 62

Ipswich: Sears 42, McGoldrick 69, Huws 90+3

Possession was Ipswich 45% Newcastle 55%

Total shots were  Ipswich 9 Newcastle 12

Shots on target were Ipswich  3 Newcastle 4

Corners were  Ipswich 2 Newcastle 7

Referee: Tim Robinson

Newcastle United:

Darlow, Yedlin (Gamez 78), Lascelles, Hanley, Dummett, Ritchie (Mitrovic 82),  Hayden (Gouffran 61), Shelvey, Atsu, Diame, Murphy

Unused Subs:

Elliot, Perez, Mbemba, Colback

Crowd: 25,684 (Newcastle 2,000)

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(Ipswich 3 Newcastle 1 – Latest example of Fergie Time disaster)

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  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Managers rating, O, Zero, he was taking the p1 $$ dropping 5 players .& i`m not having any of this they were tired shyte. they are fit young men & highly paid footballers
    send the [email protected]@kas to bed for a week

    • Jimblag23

      Too true, if fatigue becomes an actual problem then drop the tried players for the next match but chances are they would have been fine to play all 3. Ffs.

    • Peter Graham

      Agree completely. Anita Mbemba and IMO Mitro all performed well against Leeds. The latter 2 have hardly played and therefore not tired, yet they are left out and our useless Captain who plays like he’s shagged out plays? Go figure.

    • 1957

      Dropping Mitrovic and Mbemba has nothing to do with them being tired, ask them and I’m sure they would have wanted to play. The manager simply doesn’t rate/like them and prefers Captain Calamity and SloMo, one a player who keeps his place because he was made captain and the other who is one of the worst players to wear the shirt.

  • Peter Graham

    Prior to today Lascelles was responsible for 3 of the last 4 goals we’ve conceded yet Mbemba is dropped. You’re right about Rafa he can be criticised. What puzzles me is why our local journalists never ask him to explain decisions like that?

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      that lot at the chron are in the pockets of the Fat One

    • Guilttripjunkie

      Too many of our fans are star struck because this guy won the champions league over a decade ago. He has over complicated team selection and tactics all season.

  • Jimblag23

    Side note…Zola resigning with a 9% win ratio.
    It could be worse for us I guess.
    Cmon Rowett, show Birmingham what a mistake they made!!!!!!

  • Paul Patterson

    Slight overreaction. We were poor, but the manager is to blame for today.

  • Guilttripjunkie

    Look on the bright side. The team has lost eleven times (gasp) yet is still second! It shows what a poor league this actually is. For 50m spent in the close season, NUFC look woefully short of quality in key areas.

  • tony brotherton

    i really can’t understand the defensive changes as big Vern did a magnificent job v leeds and is one of the fittest we have . why play Hanley ? Yedlin is all over the place as a defender. he was lucky to stay on the pitch today. a real shambles after Friday. we need some serious application from the whole team if we are not to slip up and end up in the lottery that is the play offs

  • Toon Wolf

    That was a very poor TEAM performance but some of your marks are OTT, particularly Darlow.

  • Big Al 1967

    The side have switched off since taking 7 points from 9 against Brighton, Huddersfield and Reading. For me the arrogance throughout the side is palpable and they seem to think that because they are NUFC they just have to turn up to win and that they are already promoted (Rafas team selection today would suggest that he also falls into this category)
    Well think again boys because all the other teams are fighting and we are the only ones that are not. Preston is now a huge huge game. Defeat is unthinkable

  • Leicester Mag

    I’m sorry I for one are not buying the myth we are only where we are because of Rafa. He deserves a lot of credit but to suggest we have seen the football equivalent to 5 loaves and 3 fishes this season is far fetched, he is paid a fortune to get it right and today and too many times since the turn of the year he hasn’t

    • 1957

      He’s a one trick pony

  • Albert Stubbins

    Gutless- Ive said all season- Take Clarke and Gayle out of this team and bang ordinary. Too many changes- everytime he’s done this we’ve been well beaten. Ritchie I can excuse a bad game but DIAME? He’s never been a footballer- good performance from Dummy today it has to be said. Haydon- needs time and is good player and just coming back from injury. Shelvey will look ordinary in premier league (if we get there)- don’t mention Mitro- for goodness sakes he wins a few headers the other night and he thinks he’s Sir Les. The rest can go- big squad and we all know now with no quality whatsoever apart from 3 possibly four players. Membemba had a decent game the other night and didnt even start? Wow.the kids confidence will be shot to bits. Most fans cannot understand what the tactics are or the reasons behind so many constant changes. Rafa did this at Liverpool and suffered some unexpected defeats as a result. Great tactician but has missed a trick this afternoon surely. too many ordinary teams have spanked us this season for it to be a coincidence. In the words of a certain center forward- Not Good Enough!!

    • Davey drape

      exactly & disrespectful to all who paid a fortune to go

    • Damon Horner

      frankly mate it shouldn’t really matter to the detail if we go up. The harder it is the more of a case there is to shout for investment,

      • Albert Stubbins

        the detail is important- why? because the detail gives you the specific problems not the general ones. Yes generally we were poor but specifically there are several key players who havent performed more or less all season- I give you- Diame, Perez, Mitrovic, Colback- four players who have continually flattered to deceive and shouldnt get even close to wearing the famous black and white again. This is why we need 4/5 quality players next season, if we go up, to even have a chance of staying in the league. We;ve been poor for large parts of this season- anyone who says different hasnt been to most of the games or knows nothing about the game. Organisation and brilliant tactics by the manager have by and large won us the points especially away from home where we have had unprecedented success. Remember next season the players will be better and so by in large will be the managers- we need a large clear out on a scale never seen before for a promoted team. I am hopeful that Rafa knows this and that his squad was for a specific purpose- to get promotion.

  • hetonmag

    This post just might cheer a few people up on awful day in our illustrious history win our next game and Huddersfield draw against Fulham and we are promoted simples.

    • 1957

      Or of course we could lose and Huddersfield could win…some had us promoted when we beat Ipswich today and Huddersfield lost/drew, didn’t quite work out

  • steve

    Totally agree that Rafa is the reason we are where we are, by which I mean the reason we haven’t cruised to the title with a squad far stronger than anyone else in a poor league.

    • Guilttripjunkie

      100%correct. I wonder if Ashley is thinking the same?

  • nevfur

    Harsh on some but the emotion understandable after that rank poor display.
    Can understand Yedlin getting a game he needed after being out for a while but should have been subbed earlier. Getting a bit lucky not to be sent off and the way refs have been for us this season surprised he wasn’t.
    Gouff contributed to our goal and at least was in the box challenging and causing problems which is how Murphy was unmarked.
    Agree Rafa has to take a lot of the blame for this one. Support him overall but think he got this wrong. Baffled what he had against Mbemba. He played really well Friday. Maybe Rafa seeing something we are not but not like Lashelles or Hanley are impressing in there.
    Like to see Clark back but if opposition has a big man not sure he goes well with Mbemba.
    Atsu continues to not really impress but finally got some crosses in today and linked ok with the impressive Dummett who also put one on a plate for Ritchie who was ok but not good today and had a nightmare 30 seconds missing a sitter and getting caught napping for their opening goal.
    Lack of a no. ten makes me think Gouff as good a bet there as anyone but as usual our choice of team unlikely to be Rafas.
    Going to be a Fulham and Forest fan on Saturday.

  • John D Williams

    We will win promotion. However it will be because other teams are not good enough, rather than us being a much better side.
    Rafa has made some really strange decisions this season, and does appear to have his favourites. This summer will be huge for him and us, we need quality and a minimum of 5 players(starting) not squad additions.Once again its over to the owner, and there is our biggest single problem,

  • Hughie

    Rafa has done well this season— but not as well as Hughton!! Changing 5 players from the Leeds line up was ludicrous, and dropping Anita and Mbemba particularly bizarre. He did this a lot with other clubs and a lot of Liverpool fans didn’t like it. What this also shows is the hopeless inadequacy of this squad if we do go up. Play Elliot, Mbemba, Clark and Anita for a start against Preston–yes its further rotation but they are all more capable than Darlow, Lascelles, Yedlin and Hanley

  • Mark Radvanyi

    They need to pick themselves up and drag NUFC over the line. Performances have been dreadful since the Fulham match. Given most of them think they are Prem players they should take a good hard look in the mirror and man up FFS.