Before they decided on Manchester City, the club’s owners were widely reported to have first looked at buying Newcastle United.

Despite the incredible amounts of cash they have poured into the club, especially when it comes to putting top quality players on the pitch, the Manchester City owners have seen the supporters repeatedly fail to respond in kind.

Pretty much every Premier League match you can see thousands of empty seats at the Etihad, as no matter how much money is spent, the City fans don’t fill the ground.

With the latest news on Thursday, the Manchester City owners will definitely have been wishing they’d tried a bit harder to buy Newcastle United instead.

Sky Sports have revealed that astonishingly, Manchester City have failed to sell all of their FA Cup semi-final allocation.

The glamour game sees them up against Arsenal at Wembley and with one day of sales remaining, the club have confirmed to Sky Sports that just under two thousand tickets haven’t been sold yet.

Considering this is the only competition that Man City could still win this season, it is incredible that the tickets weren’t snapped up straight away and over-subscribed.

Sky Sports say that reasons/excuses put forward on behalf of the Manchester City supporters is that a 3pm kick-off on Sunday means fans would get back to Manchester late that night.

There are allegedly also fears amongst their supporters of extra traffic congestion because the London Marathon is also on that day.

Chelsea meet Spurs in the other semi-final on Saturday afternoon.

The reality of course though is that these excuses are just embarrassing and not being able to sell out this Wembley allocation surely indicates once and for all, that no matter how much money the owners pour into the club, Manchester City fans are never going to truly appreciate it.

Now surely they must be able to get Mike Ashley’s phone number from someone…

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  • Albert Stubbins

    a bit unfair to city- they have good support- averaged nearly 30,000 in old third division after putting up with sh*** for a long time like us. They have the most successful team in the land to compete with as well so we shouldnt knock them- they always used to bring good support up here and have had dark days like us- smacks of petty jealousy to be honest- they as much as anyone have seen all the glory hunters come out of the woodwork and deny the real fans the opportunity to buy tickets and getting priced out with ticket prices exploiting there new found success on the pitch. The same would probably happen to us if ever we won anything- in fact even when we nearly won stuff in the 90-‘s all the woodwork crawlers and middle class oiks came out – maybe the old city lads are sick of all the sh*** that comes with success and pick and choose there games now? Understandably so in some cases with how real fans are ripped off these days!!

    • Anni Selby

      Grow up you geordies,people who beliving what the media said are plain stupid,We mackems are just as bad you lot,come on smell the coffee,people are stuggling to keep a roof over their heads.internet is becoming a problem and ego goes with it.Football is a state becasue of the money and sky.Greedy players is the reason why you mags got relegated.The same goes for us,we deserve to go down this term,like you did last season.bad management is the factor again from the top.

  • Ping99

    Pleased they haven’t sold out,,,, hopefully shows the FA that only London clubs think having semi-finals at Wembley is good!
    Would Arsenal sell 30,000 if it were held at Old Trafford?

    • 84569

      Quite right Ping. The Semis should not be held at Wembley. It’s so unfair on northern fans to expect us to drag our backsides, and our wallets, down South at every opportunity. I hope there are thousands of unsold seats at every Wembley Semi Final, regardless of teams. It’s not even that great a stadium. Soulless, expensive, and dominated by corporate seats that are mostly empty cos the occupants are finishing their champagne & caviar.

      • Leazes Ender

        You’re not Northern ….you are from Manchester…. North Midlands….. now s0d off….

      • TubbyMunky

        Soulless..expensive..dominated by corporate seats…champagne and caviar…you could also be described old trafford or the emirates…

    • Leazes Ender

      They are holding the semis in London to pay for the stadium which cost three times what they budgeted for.

    • steelwheelsandflattyres

      I think the last semi at the swamp before the new Wembley opened was between Blackburn and Chelsea. Apparently Chelsea returned 8,000 tickets from their 33,000 allocation.

      City played Chelsea at Villa Park in the Community Shield a couple of seasons back because gridiron was being played at Wembley, we sold our allocation but the Cockneys didn’t fancy the arduous journey north of Potters Bar.

  • Geordiegiants

    I wouldn’t want them dirty stinkas owning us!

    • Jezza

      Some kind of racist comment or is that just me? Dwight Gayle or Aguero hmmmm yeah I think I’m right because there’s no way you wouldn’t want them to own you other than for that reason.

      • Geordiegiants

        You should be a politician, I don’t like Ashley he is fat stinking cockney, am I racist there? Go and do one you Manc mug, sorry is that racist?

        • Leazes Ender

          Ashley was born in Derbyshire so yes you are being racist.

          • Geordiegiants

            He is still a fat sweaty stinka 😳

          • Leazes Ender

            His dad was a manager of Kingfisher fish supplies and his mum was from Grimsby…. they got together through their mutual love of fish… I guess fat sweaty stinkers isn’t at all slanderous…. this is actually true..

    • Gaz Smith

      That’s the problem with you guys you are never happy. Mike Ashley buys your club pays off a huge debt, gives you Kevin Keegan and you are still not happy.

      The attitude of your average Newcastle fan won’t have gone unnoticed by other potential buyers

      • Leazes Ender

        The point is we’ve got Ashley and you have ambition…. the club wasn’t in debt. It had modernised its stadium through a mortgage which was supposedly unknown to fatso….. and payable upon purchase of the club….. you were given a stadium and an owner who invested into the club.

        Tell you what…. you can have Ashley…. lets do a swap!

        • Geordiegiants

          I would rather have Ashley than those muppets, and I detest Ashley with every fibre of my body.

  • disqus_GFJ5SSXQ7o

    Click bait, silly article

  • Jezza

    What a moron seriously I like Newcastle but it’s people like you that give your clubs a bad name, I’m a season ticket holder there isn’t always thousands of empty seats as you say either so stop making up fake facts, as far as they should of bought Newcastle, the decision to buy isn’t wasn’t anything to do with fans or infrastructure it was clearly a business decision and we were a better buy at the time.

    I would challenge you to find another club in the third tier of English football that got the attendances we got, your lot were walking out when you were in the premier league.

    Anyway you wouldn’t even know where Wembley is!

    • Jezza

      “Anyway you wouldn’t even know where Wembley is!”

      That is exactly the kind of nonsense Manchester FC glory seekers used to taunt Man City fans with a few years ago. You must be one of the new breed of Man City bandwagon jumpers because a long time Man City fan would know that supporting your team is not about trophies or glory or taunting other fans about their club’s lack of success.

    • Andynufc

      According to ticket sales jezza, Man City fans don’t even know where Wembley is lol

    • Porciestreet

      Its never moved since we last won the cup……..Tw4t.

  • Mario Maggiore

    A sunday game with no public transport back to Manchester and FA imposed rules that we can only sell to people who have a long purchase history…with only a thousand tickets left to sell is hardly an embarrasment…by the way i go to every city home game and there arent thousands of empty seats….stop believing what you read in The Sun… If we werent selling out games then why would we be adding another 10,000 seats…our owners aren’t idiots.

    • Leazes Ender

      You could walk….

    • Whickhamrobbie

      spot on ,Me and my lad both Toon fans did a stadium tour and it is simply fantastic what has been done compared to the old Maine road stadium.
      So i suppose i do wish they had bought the toon .
      As for your support its as good as any others , Numbers mean f*&K all its fervour ,passion and loyalty that matters not loads of plastics filling away day seats like the other Manc club.
      I like Citeh and their fans (except that tw^t Gallagher )

      • Christopher Rannigan

        So there’s no plastic city fans? Yeah right

        • Bruno Marques (UltimateInferno

          ManU is even worse, half of their fanbase is China and they probably still think ManU are Champions League winners

  • East Durham Mag

    Somebody explain why we are talking about Manchester City on here? They haven’t sold an allocation of tickets …….. should this bother me? With respect to City and good luck to them i couldn’t give a toss about this subject its none of our business.

  • Steve Smith

    There will be a reason. City fans are a lot like us in that they spent years supporting their team while it was winning nothing. They wouldn’t decide to just not show up to a semi final cup game without good reason.

    Don’t know why an article on city was even needed either.

  • SH.ER

    What a pointless pointless article
    You really just wrote this because Man City didn’t sell out an allocation ?

    & to answer your question?? why would anyone buy Newcastle?
    too far in the north, cold most of the time, no commercial attraction at all
    no competition in the same city with another club
    You want fans who will worship you, you don’t want a demanding fans like us

    so yeah that’s why Man City was more suitable option for them
    the fact that their owner can say his team beaten Man United to titles & now they are the 1st club in the city make you have them regrets at all about buying that club

  • Wor Lass

    I`m surprised you didn`t manage to bring the dastardly Villa into this.

  • Niz

    Envious/ jealous Newcastle fan presumably, how’s the championship treating you by the way???

    • Andynufc

      Not too bad. On course for promotion. So kind of you to ask

    • Anni Selby

      This idoit needs how to support a thick and thin just you lot from up the road.most of the Newcastle fans do.most of you do not trust Ashley it will never change,does not matter who is the manager of NUFC anyway.Eilis Short does not care about Sunderland.We both need new owners.

  • Mark

    It’s articles like this that gives the London press and other fans their ammunition

  • Thefootballerwhocouldfly

    For a pointless article it has created debate….. would swap Ashley for citeh owners in an instant!

  • Porciestreet

    It never stops Toon fans travelling to Bournmouth or Brighton on ticket allocations which were never enough, and getting home in the wee hours for work in 3 hours time. The diference my friends is “true loyal support” and not the plastic fans that suddenly appeared once the Sheik got his hand down