Referees in the second tier are always keen to get their names better known but Keith Stroud will be regretting Wednesday 5 April for some time.

One of the most basic rules passing both the referee, the fourth official and the two linesmen by, as Matt Ritchie wasn’t allowed to retake a penalty after Dwight Gayle was adjudged to have encroached into the penalty area.

Instead Keith Stroud awarded a free-kick to Burton despite some five minutes or more of arguments, including match officials refusing to listen to the Newcastle players and management explaining the laws of the game to them.

The authorities have made no public statement but all four officials were dropped from their games on the weekend following the Burton fiasco and then not awarded matches this current weekend.

However, former referees chief Keith Hackett has thrown some light on the subject.

You assume he is well informed and on his personal blog he has stated that Keith Stroud has been given a 28 day ban and the other three officials 14 day ones.

Which would mean the trio could be officiating after this upcoming midweek and then Keith Stroud back for the final weekend of the Championship season.

Keith Hackett, to no great surprise, thinks Keith Stroud has been badly done to.

Interesting as well that he says that it was one of the linesmen (assistant referees) who was the key person behind the incorrect decision.

Keith Hackett:

“In the heat of the battle top referee Keith Stroud recently awarded an indirect free-kick when encroachment at the taking of a penalty kick took place and the goa having been scored was disallowed.

“The law is clear that in this situation the penalty kick should be retaken. However, after discussion with his colleagues, the referee went with the advice offered by one of his assistant referees and awarded an indirect free-kick.

“The error hit the headlines and whilst it impacted on the score it did not impact on the result. I have no doubt that a suspension was appropriate and for me three games should be sufficient.

“However at such an important part of the season Keith Stroud has apparently been served with a 28-day suspension and his colleagues 14 days.

“This frankly is draconian and means that Keith might be punished by a loss of five or more games. When I look at the recent punishments that are handed out to managers it appears to me that match officials are soft targets who will not say anything.

“So I will suggest to the Football Association that they need to look again at how they treat officials fairly for all please.”

  • Billco

    Draconian my backside….. the incompetent little wretch could have potentially cost Newcastle promotion.

  • Jezza

    He should be banned for life and if he had done it to the likes of Chelsea, Manchester or Liverpool he would have been.

  • Simon Ritter

    Incompetent, arrogant, ill-informed referee is supported by one of his own. What a surprise. And I see another of our favourite refs, Bobbysocks Madley, has boobed again in a big match, this time at Gold Trafford this afternoon. Thank goodness video checks will soon stop some of the madness.

  • Kneebotherm8

    So why,oh why did he listen to his linesman? His linesmans total and unprecedented misinterpretation of the rules should have been dismissed immediately. Any competent ref would have known immediately that a free kick to Burton was never an option. It beggars belief that he actually didn’t order the penalty to be retaken. This isn’t a dodgy offside call, it’s a plain as day an incorrect call.

  • Scottpaige

    Keith Hackett is he for real?????. Reckons Stroud hard done by !!!!!!. Jesus he spent 5 mins taking about the decision !!!!. And still couldn’t swallow his pride and admit he was wrong.

    He has behind his bosses statement !!!!!. Be a man and say you were wrong in public