With only a handful of games for Newcastle United to play before the summer break and the rumours galore coming our way, I have to have my say on the players, manager and tactics of NUFC this season.

A couple of defeats early on, soon turned into a strong Toon side winning games and fighting with Brighton at the top of the table. That is the way it should be and Rafa has done well to keep us there or thereabouts, with the same tactics, all season…

While the players on the other hand have been getting worse of late and then spouting garbage at the media about how we need to stick together and give all for the cause.

Where the gaffer and tactics are, I don’t know. Surely the odd change at home to 4-4-2 would make other teams who come (knowing the system we play and being ready for it) to St James Park, make them think about it and maybe change theirs.

Rafa plays the same way home and away with no plan B, which worked earlier in the season but now teams know what we are about and stifle the attack.

When Murphy was joined by Mitro against Sheff Wed, albeit for a short time, we looked a lot better up front. There were two players I would have taken off earlier in Perez and Gouffran (both ineffective) so that Mitro could have come on earlier. What has that kid got to do to get some game time when the likes of the two I mentioned get more?

There is so much for Rafa to look at this summer with players in and out – Charnley and Ashley meetings are a must before the season ends so that he knows where he stands.

Believe me when I say, we will struggle in the Premier if we do not buy big, and I mean BIG.

I have watched a lot of Premier League games this season and even the likes of West Ham, `Ull, Watford and Bournemouth will give us headaches because they will spend money to be better than this season.

You can forget the likes of the top 10 in the division. OK we won’t play as many games as this season and the players will be a little fresher but it is still going to be hard.

Apart from maybe four or five players we have at the moment, Newcastle won’t be strong enough, the deadwood has to float off and new players will have to be a lot better than we have brought in over the last four transfer windows.

I believe that Rafa is the man to take us forward but only if Ashley and Penfold give him 100% backing, I know that the fans do.

Her’es hoping for a good summer and promotion to the best league on the planet.

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  • We need better service, as only Shelvey and Ritchie can provide any.
    With better service our strikers will score more. I believe Murphy, Gayle and Mitro to be as good as any other bottom 10 Prem Striker! If you look at the table Liverpool actually have no real striker, nor do West Brom, Southampton, Leicester or even Chelsea! What sets the top 5 apart are much better midfield and defending players. Actually the only really potent PREM strikers are Aguero(who’s mostly injured) Lukaku and Kane, so I don’t see your point.

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      Vardy, Costa

      • OK 5 strikers, the other teams don’t have better strikers than us.

        • Geordiegiants

          Costa is not that good, top strikers like Aguero, Kane and Lukaku are consistent. Costa is a slightly better Mitro but still not a world class striker. Vardy has only done it for one season top level.

          • Toon Wolf

            Costa only “slightly better “than Mitro!!! What do you drink before the games?

          • Geordiegiants

            He is as poor a striker as Mitro. How many goals has he scored this season and he is in a top side? How many did Mitro score last season in a poor team? Is he even better?

          • Albert Stubbins

            One of the key reasons we were so poor is that we had a plank up front who couldnt find the back of the net with a big map!!

          • Geordiegiants

            Exactly, and all of this rubbish about him being to young is nonsense. Shearer, Rooney, Owen, Fowler etc were all younger than him and scoring constantly.

          • Jezza

            Somehow I don’t think Oxford United’s back four would have Costa in their back pockets for 90 minutes the way they did Mitrovic.

          • Albert Stubbins

            lol- spot on- or any other defence Mitro has faced this season for that matter if we’re being analytical about it.

        • Mal

          I’ve heard that bloke at Man U is quite good

          • WoW, 35 years old Ibrahimovich is done after this season. I see your point people, still 6 teams have proper strikers, some of the rest have at worse than us, yet are still in the top 12 in EPL.

    • SH.ER

      Finally someone who understand that we are struggling to offer good football because of our broken Midfield

      • Jezza

        I’m sure Benitez was able to convince Townsend to come back in January, he just couldn’t convince Ashley to sanction the deal.

        • SH.ER

          Yeah indeed but we will never know what did Palace actually asked for him ??

        • bobbi fleckman

          Townsend did not want to come permanently and Palace did not want to lend, what gives?

      • We need ball-playing and ball-wanting midfielders!
        On top of that we need proper fullbacks(only Yedlin actually can cut it) and one really good CB to sit besides Clark/Lascelles.
        Ritchie, Shelvey and Gayle are good as gold, we need few more players like that and we can compete again.

      • Albert Stubbins

        until we went down and he’d be off again- been there done that let’s move on please.

  • Leicester Mag

    Some quotes that Rafa felt we lost control once Mitro came on! ffs what control? Cannot understand this blind spot and the continued reliance on the same under performers week in week out.

    • Geordiegiants

      Under performers ???? Is that the under performers that have had us in the top 2 all season?
      We really are starting to sound like Man Shity fans.

  • Geordiegiants

    In two words to answer the header question. “SCORE GOALS”.
    It’s as simple as that, not fist pump, not scream like Stuart Pearce, not try cage fighting. “SCORE GOALS”. That is al that is required.

  • 1957

    Short of a change of manager Mitrovic won’t get more game time at NUFC. Benitez comments reported today when asked about Mitrovic’s impact on Saturday (insinuating we started playing with our hearts and not our ‘brains’ and subsequently lost control) makes it clear the Serb is not his sort of player.

    Benitez must clearly have been watching a different game, we had no control before Mitrovic appeared.

  • nevfur

    It’s pretty obvious that any promoted team needs to strengthen but can we actually get promoted and enjoy it before we worry and whinge about what may or may not happen in the summer.

  • Rich Lawson

    I agree about Murphy and Mitro on the pitch at the same time,loved it,more please Rafa !

  • toon 70 year old

    Saturdays game was a shambles, we need a change of formation, my team for Friday if all players are fit Darlow, Yedin Hanley Clark Dumett,Richie Hanley Shelve Atsu, Murphy Mitotic, will scare Leeds to death.

    • Geordiegiants

      We have heard all of this before, particularly when we played Fulham and played a more attacking team and formation. Everyone was moaning like a biatch when we got beat.

  • Tim Boddy

    “What has this kid got to do to get game time at Newcastle United?”

    Score? That normally helps.

  • Albert Stubbins

    If Mitro cannot game in front of Perez it just shows how bad things have become in the striking dep. at Newcastle United- I would fully expect my teenage son to get in in front of perez- a gust of wind no higher than 2 on the richter scale would blow him clean over!! for me the biggest dissopointment of the season- lots of talent but lacks desire in my opinion. If he plays I will still get behind him 100% though.