It wasn’t a good day at the office for Newcastle United in their Saturday teatime clash at Hillsborough, with Jonjo Shelvey the only outfield payer to really do himself justice.

A number of second-half efforts were saved by the keeper before he finally scored when gambling and getting into the box, then finishing off the rebound from the Mitrovic shot that was saved.

Jonjo Shelvey of course also hit the bar with an outrageous from his own half on the stroke of half-time.

Another feature of the midfielder this season is that he comes out with some interesting quotes at times, not what you generally get from your average player.

Shelvey isn’t shy of saying the odd thing that isn’t the usual platitudes, rather than praising Sheffield Wednesday he preferred to say ‘I don’t think Sheffield Wednesday are a tremendous team to be honest with you’.

Obviously they aren’t a ‘tremendous team’ or else they wouldn’t be only sixth and facing a fight to even make the play-offs but they have now made Newcastle look very ordinary on two occasions this season.

Maybe Jonjo Shelvey earned the right to be a little outspoken, having been the one Newcastle player who showed he was better than those on the other side, otherwise it would have looked extremely lame if coming from a Diame, Perez or Gouffran, or a number of others.

Goals do win games and if that Shelvey effort had gone in then I have no doubt that we would have been talking about another Newcastle win but yet again, after going behind we never really looked likely to get anything out of yesterday’s match.

Jonjo Shelvey speaking to NUFC TV:

“I thought we had enough chances to win.

“In the first half they had a few chances as well but I thought we done enough throughout the game to get the three points.

“I don’t think Sheffield Wednesday are a tremendous team to be honest without you but it is what it is.”

‘It might not have been the best 45 minutes but if your audacious effort had gone in, you would have been one up at the break?’

“Yes, we were still comfortable, we started the game really well, passing the ball about.

“We then fell from that a little bit when they started having a few chances. 

“Then in the second half we should have gone a couple of goals up early doors.

“Two set-pieces have done us.

“I had been looking earlier in the game and saw the keeper off his line, so I just thought if I get a bit of space I’ll try it.

“I have tried a few times in my career and have scored before from halfway, I’m confident enough to do that.

“I was pleased with my shooting overall but only problem was my other shots were straight at the keeper.

“We are still 10 points clear and no need to panic.”

  • Polarboy

    It would be nice to finish as champions, but really how many people even care or remember who were the championship champions when they go up to the premier. Promotion either in second or first place and then a very busy summer of recruitment should be our only worries. Honestly, and I might get pilloried for this, after the way Hughton and Brighton missed out on goal difference last season, it would be nice to see them do it, if somebody has to finish ahead of us as champions.

    • SH.ER

      haha The championship league is not a trophy , we lost our trophy chance to a 10 men Hull side …
      but i think we have Benitez & we’ve been first almost the entire season ..
      This is what really surprise me :
      why when we lose people start to say ” it will be okay to finish 2nd , Promotion is more impotent ” ???
      Did anyone said that last time we were in the championship with Chris Hughton & we were a force at SJP ,,, 0 defeats

      • Polarboy

        I can only speak for myself, but I’ve always thought it was more important to get promoted than to walk the league. The fact is that the championship is much stronger than it was the last time we were down.

        • SH.ER

          respect your opinion but let me tell you ….
          in 2009 the summer after we got relegated
          we spent & invested £5m into the squad
          & we had such an amazing championship season afterwards

          This season ,,, Last summer we invested nearly £60M
          & we already kept few of the players from last season’s arrivals who cost the club £80m

          Don’t you think we have the right as fans to be demanding ?
          Don’t you think we have the right to watch good football + more goals & to watch this team be more effective at this level ?

          • Polarboy

            We had a very decent squad for the ’09,’10 season. Carroll, Nolan, B*tt, Gutierrez, Harper, Colo, Routledge, Enrique, Simpson, Smith. Our defence alone far outclassed anything else in the championship at that time. Our recruitment in the last few years, and for the most part for longer than that, has been pretty shocking. At least Rafa managed to get us into profit from all that outlay.

            You could argue that Rafa has been too cautious in the way he’s set up the team and that some players, like Perez for example, haven’t pulled their weight. I’d rather we set up cautious and guarantee promotion, than be caviller and miss out on the automatic promotion spots.

          • SH.ER

            I am just p*ssed the club is throwing money in the last 2 years without a vision , last summer nothing changed
            I am starting to doubt that Benitez had a say on signing players like Murphy , Lazaar , Diame & others
            we must not make the same mistakes in the upcoming summer , this is really really important
            don’t throw money on average players , sign the players that will really & truly improve our team ..

          • Polarboy

            We had to sign players for championship level, and that’s what we did. Murphy is a bad example if you are trying to say Rafa didn’t have a say. Murphy is the first player we’ve signed who was over 30 for a very long time. The M.O from the club and Ashley had been to buy players young enough to sell on for profit, no matter what. And to be fair to Murphy he has been very good whenever he’s got on. He’ll likely be sold on in the summer, but he’ll have done his job. Diame was signed because he’d been very good for Hull at this level, but he’s another one who hasn’t pulled his weight.

            The fact is that you are limited in who you can buy when you are in the championship. You can’t sign really sign for the long term in the championship, for the premier, unless you are buying a load of potential and kids, and you can’t get automatic promotion with potential and kids. This summer is the market that we need to build a decent squad for the long term.

          • Damon Horner

            Agreed about the transfers. This season always has been just about getting out of this division. @sh_er:disqus good transfer example would be Steven Defour, he signed for Burnley last summer, would he have signed the previous year or if they didn’t get promoted? could he have signed for Villa instead? no chance on both counts. Premier League attracts not promises and all we can do is promise. Let’s see the business/activity this summer before we confirm the questionable vision of the club, I honestly don’t see Rafa staying at a club that has an ambition to just exist, he sees a chance to be a hero.

          • Scottpaige

            I agree but that side that came down last time were a lot better than the rabble this time around

    • Jezza

      I’ve seen Newcastle promoted three times and the celebrations that I remember most were from 83/84 when we went up in third place. Nevertheless with the calibre of manager and the supposed quality in our squad we should have been aiming for the title this time around. Still we’re not even assured of promotion yet so if we can finish in second place that will be good enough for me at this moment in time.

  • TheNutJob

    some fans say the championship has improved, i don`t think so put the last Toon promotion team in the current league & they`d stroll through it

    • Wor Monga

      Far harder to get out of now…more teams have better squads, and managers than back then…Chris Hughton is on record as saying that a while back, and he managed the team you’re talking about!!!

  • GToon

    JJ is right. They weren’t tremendous but they tried hard and probably deserved to win. The biggest problem for me is that it is becoming more obvious by the week that we have about four or five good players in this team and five or six who are pretty poor to say the least. When we went up last time we had a good team that needed a few improvements adding to it. This time round it will take major surgery and judging by the latest miserable club announcement from the money collector and his mates I very much doubt if enough funds will be forthcoming. Darlow/Elliott Clarke Richie Shelvey and a fit Gayle and the rest of them should be back up at best.

  • Wor Monga

    Mbemba gets a lot of fan mail on this site, but whenever he plays we are very suspect on crosses into the box…pairing him and Lascelles doesn’t work…they don’t have enough confidence in each other, and both lack experience, and any usual moderate run of the mill championship striker (Fletcher) will rub his hands together at the prospect…The experience to keep Lascelles in order is missing (Clark), and as we’ve seen Hanley can play the position, but lacks enough pace …

    …Ayoze is a decent footballer, but totally lacks the physicality for this league it was pitiful to see him just steamrollered out of yet another game, and I’m certain it will be more of the same against Leeds…that virtually left Gayle on his own, and with Ritchie struggling with a knock this game looked like it was going downhill from early on, when Dummett set them up with a pass across his own goal…

    …Jonjo really stepped up, and with the bunch of failures all around him he showed them how to make Wednesday look like what they are…just a set of ordinary journeymen players who were prepared to graft, hustle, tackle and bully us, to win the points!!!

    • TheNutJob

      Lascelles let a guy half his size out jump him & bang in it goes

      • Jezza

        Lascelles reminds me a lot of Titus Bramble with his ball watching when crosses come into our box, allowing opposition forwards to get in free headers at goal time and time again.

        • TheNutJob

          spot on Jezza

  • John Parker

    I’ve got a lot of time for the people of Newcastle. Really friendly, good people. You’re a fantastic club with unbelievable support. I do think Shelvey should have been a bit more humble on his verdict however. All the best for next season.

  • Guy Grundy

    What a complete tit, Shelvey is. That’s twice Wednesday have beaten Newcastle this season and neither were flukes but richly deserved.Sheffield’s problem has been consistency but I think they’ll make the play-offs and would not bet against them making it back (finally) to the Premiership.

    • Jezza

      Agreed, Sheffield have played us off the park twice this season.

  • F Gonial

    As a Newcastle supporter of 60 years, I think Shelvey should have given Sheffield a bit more credit. They totally wiped the floor with us over 180 minutes. We were never in the game and opposing fans suggesting we may not last a season if promoted is not so far fetched. I think most fans would prefer the style Chris Hughton plays at Brighton. They of all teams deserve to be champions.
    It was a definite red card and although I hate to see players waving imaginary cards at refs I thought there would have been more of a protest at a diobolical tackle.
    Gutless all of them, save Darlow.

    • Wor Monga

      If you’re talking about Bannon on Ritchie then you’re right, and if that had of been say Mitrovic against any team he would have been shown it for going in leading with both feet, and his studs up, but any mass protest can lead to cards being shown, and in the Toon’s case with these officials it’s best to avoid doing it…

      …Sheffield beat us fair and square, but they didn’t ‘wipe the floor’ with us, when most of their supporters were whistling for time well before the end…they put the pressure on our 2 x CD’s and it works because without Clark the back 4 is prone…(Mbemba 8 starts, 4 defeats), and without Yedlin we don’t have an outlet going forward to relieve the pressure… muscle out Ayoze, and there’s a big void left behind Gayle…

      …Shelvey stepped up, and was the best player out there, but he couldn’t be everywhere, and he’s entitled to his statement that Wednesday were nothing special, and will certainly come up against better teams than we could cobble together against them, on Saturday!!!

    • Polarboy

      If we went up with the exact same squad without any additions in the summer, then yes we’d likely struggle. But to say we’d struggle with no knowledge as to who we will buy is moronic.

  • Doug Dacre

    Best team won IMO, same as when we met them at our place….